Money related Wrongdoing and AML in the Balkans

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cash now goes where the rate of return is most astounding: frequently that is ... moving cash from delicate coin economy to hard money territory not laundering but rather ...

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´╗┐Budgetary Crime and AML in the Balkans The real issues that should be countered

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Money Laundering is a misnomer Organized wrongdoing is money substantial wrong to accept it needs to legitimize sick gotten picks up cash now goes where the rate of return is most elevated: regularly that is into unlawful business moving cash from delicate coin economy to hard cash range not laundering but rather solidifying

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Soft money issues Roubles don't purchase BMWs. Dollars do. Drugs purchase dollars sex purchases dollars: in every one of its assortments straight, bowed, pedophilia, photographs, recordings slaves purchase dollars peons purchase dollars

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First arrangement of issues Illegal transnational organizations War on fear Tax shirking Proximity to the EU Proximity to previous USSR and its wrongdoing bunches Smuggling and Trafficking in Human Beings and weapons Sanctions evasion Corruption

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Drugs coercion auto burglary prostitution outsider sneaking "movement in individuals" contract kill Bank extortion charge misrepresentation stock misrepresentation and control metals/minerals pirating unlawful arms managing Illegal Transnational Businesses

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War on Terror Many associations now restricted by US and EU Obligation to grab their assets Picture exceptionally complex Long-surviving gatherings imitate and communicate with sorted out wrongdoing

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How have they survived? By sorting out subsidizing streams for: Training Weaponry Food, protect Prisoner and detainee family bolster Publicity Overground care groups and political gatherings

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Armed Robbery Extortion abduct deliver Voluntary commitments Overseas diaspora outside state bolster offer of writing Fraud Drugs Clubs Gambling fake items honest to goodness organizations securities exchange control diversifying Old and New wellsprings of financing

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Terrorism needs a monetary base and additionally weapons fruitful psychological oppressor bunches make a beneficial business fear monger assembles that survive turn their hands to wrongdoing: mafia, sets of three brutality is itself a business, or possibly an administration that can be purchased and sold As Howard Marks said to Jim McCann: "in case you're carrying firearms, you can sneak medications. You're in the carrying business"

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5 standard wellsprings of al Qaeda subsidizing [Senator Bayh] Own cash Wealthy people in the Gulf Front organizations keep running at a benefit Illegal exercises eg sneaking, IRS evasion Charities, both specifically and by "skimming"

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In the Sudan El-Hijrah Construction and Development Wadi al-Aqiq send out import Taba venture [global stock markets] part-proprietor el-Shamal Islamic Bank ranches [peanuts, sunflowers cows breeding] Laden International fare import Bakery, Furniture International al-Ikhlar Co. [honey]

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Elsewhere at same time Sanctions-busting for Sudan: to camouflage item root, utilized Cyprus and different nations Kenya: ostrich ranches and shrimp pontoons Turkey: woods Africa [Sierra Leone?] jewel mines Tajikistan: agribusiness minor undertakings as cover for fear based oppressor operations.

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Second Afghan period Al Barakat and al Taqwa Al Barakat is Somalia's biggest organization and part claims the Somali Internet Company. It gives cash exchange administrations to the Somali diaspora Al Taqwa additionally gives cash exchange. Has workplaces in Lugano, Switzerland

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Charities US has assigned 7 outside philanthropies as having connections to al Q And shut two US-based ones as having connections to receptacle Laden and the Taliban Holy Land Foundation, biggest US-based Islamic establishment has had resources solidified on account of connections to Hamas

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Al-Qaida Bin Laden figured he lost $200-300 million on tasks in the Sudan 91-96 Bankrolled Taliban to tune of $100 million 1996-2001 We have no clue what he spent in Chechnya, Somalia, Bosnia or somewhere else

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Since 9/11 and military activity in Afghanistan Evidence proposes singular operations subsidized in Indonesia and somewhere else Members of Steering Committee have exchanged finances by hand to neighborhood agents. Weapons as well. Need to recognize Afghan/Pakistan operation, S.E.Asian operation and Iraq operation As number of operations expands oversights will be made. There must be new front organizations that havent yet been recognized. Its not simply hawala managing an account.

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Tax Avoidance Often suggested that US and EU genuine enthusiasm for assaulting government evasion and other monetary wrongdoing is to break bank mystery To take after resources and cash moved to another country by possess subjects To keep away from tax assessment Same with Russia!

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Proximity to the EU Warehousing for medications Warehousing for fake items Cigarettes Other high obligation wares People carrying

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Who needs individuals? Sex industry clearly residential administration lodgings and providing food places disregarding wellbeing directions regular: organic product picking and so forth. Loathsome spots: Siberia, Brazilian wilderness dodgy clinics [for organs]

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Three points Recruitment transportation focusing on potential bosses

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Arranger/financial specialist spotter transporter degenerate open authorities aides and team individuals Information gatherer master bolster obligation gatherer cash mover Players in the venture

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Corruption Most unlawful organizations require access to government authorities Documents, particularly for travel But for merchandise And government Contracts As well as remote guide But banks can be degenerate and in addition open area authorities And transnational organizations are frequently corruptors

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Krysha framework Means "rooftop": arrangement of support and organized defilement "assurance" Requires association with bank Deep entrance of government structures sends outfitted constrain, either illicit, "private security" or a neighborhood or national government unit of militsiya [30% of work force involved] or armed force

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Money-laundering Why do it, in case you're a bank? Keep away from expenses cheat abroad guide givers bended thought of nature of free enterprise don't trust the playing field is level

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Areas requiring study KGB techniques for subsidizing operators and operations: shell organizations? Non hard coin exchange with creating nations: Asian brokers as go betweens; hawala and chitty style? Trade of whores for merchandise. Standard measure of trade? Sedates as coin

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But does it make a difference? Chicago gathering would state "it's simply the market discovering routes around exorbitant tax collection and draconian hostile to business enactment" West stressed over potential flimsiness and conceivable military clash West profiting by capital flight

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Problems Inhibiting development of common society Impoverishing workers openly part can't have a market economy without a money economy Rule of law a terrible joke Undermining shot of majority rules system Increasing probability of come back to tyranny