Money related Capability inside of the NI Curriculum

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Monetary Capability (FC) inside the NI Curriculum Mrs Jill Black CCEA – Education Manager Financial Capability JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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Learning Outcomes To build up a reasonable comprehension of: The meaning of FC. The basis for FC. FC inside the NI Curriculum Available assets/sites JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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What is Financial Cap? On a very basic level: It's about having the capacity to deal with your accounts now and later on! JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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What is Financial Cap? Making a decent living Keeping track of funds Planning ahead for monetary needs Choosing budgetary items Staying educated of monetary pointers Managing Money, 2005: Survey led by the NICC & FSA JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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What is Financial Cap? Budgetary capacity is more than the capacity to include/subtract cash and to comprehend what your change ought to be when shopping. It is about settling on educated decisions in light of :- Needs Wants Budget Best Value JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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What is Financial Cap-Interrelated Themes? Monetary Knowledge and Understanding Understanding the idea of cash Where does it originate from? Where does it go? Monetary Skills and Competence Knowing what to look like after and oversee cash How do we plan to take care of our spending? In what capacity would we be able to assess essential hazard and return? Monetary duty Making individual life decisions, and contemplating the morals of cash Do the decisions we have effect on others – and provided that this is true, how? JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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Financial Cap. Method of reasoning Almost 900 individuals in Northern Ireland went bankrupt in 2005-2006' (subjects guidance department) More than a quarter(27%) utilized no data at all when settling on budgetary choices. ( NI Consumer Council/FSA, 2005) 1 in 3 individuals in Northern Ireland did not feel they could oversee for over a month if their pay fell.' (NI Consumer Council/FSA, 2005) JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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Financial Cap. Justification - Money in the 21 st century Changes in shopping propensities mean kids may now be encountering altogether different circumstances: paying with "plastic" or a check 'money back' or money containers Pocket cash Direct charge , standing requests and e-keeping money. " JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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Why instruct Financial Cap. ? To build up an era of monetarily fit subjects Entrepreneurial abilities don't really prompt to FC. Openness to obligation We should set up the future era with: - the learning and aptitudes to spending plan/handle cash carefully - the capacity to make educated and sound judgements JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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Financial Cap. Notices? It is imperative to perceive that a few kids' experience of cash is still particularly inside a money economy Some youngsters may live in a fiscally prohibited society which does not have admittance to legitimate monetary administrations Cultural assorted qualities can give kids shifting and diverse encounters of fund/budgetary administrations JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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Just Some Resources! Talk Money, Talk arrangements Money Week On the Money Making feeling of cash Pfeg: JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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Reasons for not educating Financial Capability:- Not having enough time Other needs Not suitable for offspring of this age Lack of staff time Lack of attention to the point Parental duty Source: FSA(2002) Personal Finance Teaching in Schools JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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Schools would be aided by:- More materials More preparing and more guidance More data from monetary organizations Exemplar lessons and cases of good practice Information of how to coordinate budgetary capacity into the educational programs (PFEG) JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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Just Some Resources!* JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)

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Contact Details Jill Black – Education Manager Tel: 028 9026 1200 Ext 2616 Mob: 077 8652 8830 E-mail: JBlack - Financial Capability (APO)