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Moderator Disclosure Information William Hawkins Chairman and CEO, Medtronic Inc. Monetary DISCLOSURE: Chairman and CEO, Medtronic Inc. UNLABELED/UNAPPROVED USES DISCLOSURE: N/A

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Collaboration, Innovation and Restoring the Public Trust Bill Hawkins Chairman and CEO, Medtronic November 16, 2009

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Medical innovation has empowered surprising advances in the treatment of incessant infections 60% decrease! Outside pacemaker DEATHS PER 100,000 Implantable cardiovascular pacemaker Heart valves Insulin pumps Balloon angioplasty Transvenous drives Implantable defibrillator Perfusion frameworks Cardiac resynchronization MRI & propelled imaging CAT check Coronary stents Beating heart surgery YEAR

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Collaboration is crucial to the medicinal innovation "development biological system" Clinical Community Regulators Policymakers Hospitals Academia Industry Advocacy Medical Associations

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Invention and New Ideas Clinical Insights Product Improvement Selection Criteria and Indications Clinical Trials and Regulatory Support Physician cooperation Implantation Techniques and Technologies Long-term Performance Assessment Training and Education Physician-industry joint effort assumes a basic part

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Many of today's most critical restorative gadgets are the aftereffect of shared advancement with doctors

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Different from pharmaceuticals "Bedside to seat to bedside" Therapies are modern and methodology based Expert preparing streamlines treatment adequacy Demanded for patient wellbeing This is especially valid in the ranges of instruction and preparing and key to the prosperity of patients

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TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2009 Senator Asks About Doctor Who Army Says Falsified G.I. Examine By Barry Meier and Duff Wilson TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 2009 Probing Doctors' Ties to Industry By Ibby Caputo JAN. 27, 2009 Lawmakers Reintroduce Bill on Industry-Physician Gifts April 29, 2009 Senator Chuck Grassley News Release Report discredits medication creators' advantages for MDs; Providers of care are encouraged to disregard money related advantages By Matthew Perrone JAN. 22, 2009 Grassley attempts to reveal money related ties between medication organizations and specialists Trust in this model has been disintegrated as an aftereffect of exceedingly exposed irreconcilable situations JUNE 21, 2009 Side Effects Are Doctors' Loyalties Divided? Staff reveal outside installments Some UW specialists get 6-figure wholes from medication, therapeutic firms By John Fauber

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Medtronic has dependably been a pioneer here Aligned with our central goal Defines our way of life and qualities Cornerstone of our morals and consistence program Provides clear arrangements and direction for business works on, including our client connections Required for all representatives overall Early champion: AdvaMed Code of Ethics

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As an industry we have gained ground… Edwards Lifesciences to Disclose Financial Relationships with U.S. Doctors Medtronic to Voluntarily Disclose Payments to U.S. Doctors Eli Lilly to Launch Physician Payment Database Physician Payment Sunshine: Merck Joins the Act … however we can and MUST improve

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An essential initial move towards straightforwardness Key segment of human services change Levels the playing field Provides a uniform standard Proprietary data must be secured The Physician Payments Sunshine Act

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Our advancing methodology will keep on reinforcing the advantages of coordinated effort while reestablishing people in general trust [ REINFORCE 12

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We will keep on leading steady with an arrangement of rule that will direct our way ahead

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It's not just about "Open" trust, it's about THEIR trust Angelina Henderson U.S. Cardiovascular Resynchronization Therapy to treat congestive heart disappointment Chima Miyaori Japan Microdebrider to evacuate tonsils creating rest apnea Renan Altendorff Brazil Insulin pump to control diabetes David Mangram U.S. Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy to treat manifestations of stroke Lina Tedesco Italy InterStim Therapy to treat voiding dysfunctions Irene Chettiar India Activa DBS Therapy to treat Dystonia