Misusing Product Life-Cycle Support PLCS

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Misusing Product Life-Cycle Support (PLCS) Commander Tor Arne Irgens Chief Data Model & Information Management Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization

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Pilot 1(NDLO/MI): Mapping of IZAR information to PLCS IZAR PDB Quality Check Pilot 2 (NDLO/SEA): Receipt and testing of information from IZAR Mapping GOLF Logistics pilot – receipt of Life Cycle data. Interpreter SAP ver. 4.6 Functional contrast Information content distinction PDTF PLCS Translator improvement of PLCS DEXs DEX Staging range Pilot 3 (GOLF): Analysis of putting away of frigate information in SAP in view of the PLCS standard Additional applications NDLO Pilots

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NDLO Policy explanation on PLCS, June 2004 ISO 10303-239 (PLCS) is to be utilized for all outer data trade for the territories secured by the standard Applies to every new venture from July 2004 On-going undertakings to be considered on a case-by-case premise taking data quality, time and cost into thought PLCS is a plan parameter for the new ERP framework gave by the GOLF program

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ROI Case PLCS New Frigates programmed import of information from PC to ERP Mapping from PC Legacy to PLCS 400+ information substances in 30+ tables Exchange of P21 documents from the PC to a PLCS vault Express based full IS variant of PLCS Data volume; 11000+ Configuration Items 20000+ Maintenance Tasks 15000+ Spare Parts 25000+ reference information Quality Verify data respectability by applying rules Speed First report in under 1 hour Full report inside 4 hours Summary The procedure of iterative checks gives us understanding and impact on the information scope and the quality The blame rate has dropped from 20 % to 4,3 % in the last information set and we are seeking after under 2% blunders in the information set. This implies we can redress mistake or if nothing else stamp the flawed information preceding bringing in it to the ERP framework utilized for as a part of administration support installed and shorewards. The objective i.e. the IMS has changed 3 times since the frigate contract was granted in 2000.

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DEXs utilized for the Frigates are as of now being executed on a rocket program. After 4 DEXs there are 3 issues, all actualized. NFC to JSF JSF4I Joint Strike Fighter International Information Interoperability Initiative Information Resource Management - utilizing PLCS and S1000D DNV, KDA, CORENA, EPM Awaiting subsidizing for a 4 year venture to grow more DEXs and connection PLCS to different norms, including: S1000D, SCORM, 2000M, Pick up a greater amount of the 112 venture that will convey data to the NDLO IMS throughout the following 4-5 years

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Data Browser Reference Data System (RDS) Report layer 3 7 2 4 5 6 1 STEP P21 File Import Validate import Convert to PLCS Validate PLCS/DEX Merge/separate model Validate result Queries Rules Mapping Rules Mapping Rules information send out ISO15926 RDL DB Populated PLCS DB Translator PDB DB EXPRESS based PLCS/DEX DB PDB criticism 8 move confirmed information to reflect PDTF NAVANTIA/Ferrol Appl DB ... DB STEP P21 File Populated reflect PLCS DB Translator Product Data Test Facility - connected to NDLO frigate program Product Data Test Facility User get to control, framework organization Data Exchange Definition Manager (DXManager) DXDeditor (Schema Manager, Process Editor) DXDexecuter

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Product information, tech bar and preparing PLCS, S1000D and SCORM Current Mil M 38784C (SGML) and S1000D (XML) are approximately coupled to the PLCS vault Plans fleeting - 2006 Mil M 38784C and S1000D nearer coupled to PLCS Build "connect" amongst S1000D and PLCS Plans medium term - 2007 Build "connect" between S1000D, PLCS and SCORM Plans long haul 2007+ One regular ILS storehouse covering all angles all through the item life

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Norwegian Defense PLCS inclusion ISO/SC4 OASIS CDIP Cooperation on Defense Implementations of PLCS Sweden, United Kingdom and Norway Ensure standard DEXs in the guard space Share the workload SIMBASE Cooperation NDLO – LOGSA GEIA-927-1, Logistics Product Data National and universal industry collaboration through different undertakings

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Where to get more data www.oasis-open.org Several PLCS TC part organizations offer preparing Business review 1-2 days Technical walkthrough 2-3 days Email tai@sfk.mil.no Reports accessible upon demand include: NDLO necessities Evaluation of NPDM and PLCS Pilot 1 mapping from NAVANTIA legacy to PLCS Pilot 2 PLCS archive Pilot 3 Gap examination PLCS - SAP 4.6