Mission Assurance Ron Kolecki Senior Systems Assurance Manager August 16-17, 2005

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Mission Assurance Requirement Summary. GSFC ResponsibleGSFC PI. Russia ResponsibleUoMD PI. MIT ResponsibleBoston U PI. GSFC Responsible. Mission Assurance Requirements are steady crosswise over task with autonomous oversight of every component. . . . LRO Level 1RequirementsESMD-RLEP-0010. RLEP Mission AssuranceRequirements430-RQMT-000006.

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Mission Assurance Ron Kolecki Senior Systems Assurance Manager August 16-17, 2005

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Mission Assurance Requirement Summary LRO Level 1 Requirements ESMD-RLEP-0010 RLEP Mission Assurance Requirements 430-RQMT-000006 Mission Assurance Guidelines 300-PG-7120.2.2 LRO Spacecraft PAIP LOLA Instrument PAIP LEND Instrument PAIP LROC Instrument PAIP LAMP Instrument PAIP CRaTER Instrument PAIP Diviner Instrument PAIP Mini RF Tech Demo DoD Responsible GSFC Responsible GSFC PI Russia Responsible UoMD PI MIT Responsible Boston U PI MSSS Responsible Northwestern Univ PI SwRI Responsible NW PI JPL Responsible UCLA PI GSFC Responsible Mission Assurance Requirements are predictable crosswise over venture with autonomous oversight of every component

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Systems Assurance Manager Ron Kolecki Safety Manager Dave Bogart EEE Parts Rich Williams Materials Pilar Joy Reliability NinoIngegne Lydia Lee Hardware QA Willie Jones Alton Lacks Software QA Cindy Taylor Manufacturing Nick Virmani Mission Assurance Organization Office of System Safety and Mission Assurance Director LRO Project Manager Craig Tooley LRO Experienced Personnel give oversight and specialized support over all components of LRO Project

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Quality System/Configuration Control System Safety Reliability/Risk Software Assurance Design Verification/Technical Reviews Requirements Applicable to all Mission Concepts 300-PG-7120.2.2 (MAG) RLEP MAR 430-RQMT-000006 LRO Spacecraft/Orbiter PAIP 431-PLAN-000131 LOLA PAIP LOLA-PLAN-0003 LEND PAIP LROC PAIP CRaTER PAIP DWG 32-01204 Diviner PAIP LAMP PAIP-05-15-11239 QMS: ISO 9001:2000 Nonconformance Control (NCR or PFR) MRB/FRB Requirements Hardware, S/W or Design Reuse Configuration Mgt. Reqts. Flowdown Contractor Surveillance Safety Program per NPD 8700.1 System Safety Plan Hazard Analyses MSPSP Ground & Hazardous Ops. Orbital Debris Launch Site Support Mishap Reporting Probabilistic Risk Assessment FMEA/FTA Part Stress & WCA Trend Analysis Limited Life Risk List Documented Program (PAIP) Software Safety per NASA-STD-8719.13 Verification & Validation, IV&V Configuration Mgt. Formal Reviews Problem Reporting/Corrective Action Surveillance Independent Design Reviews Verification Plans/Specs (GEVS-SE) Test Matrix/Verification Reports Component/Subsystem Reviews Verification Reports

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Workmanship/Design/ESD Requirements EEE Parts Materials & Processes Contamination Control GIDEP Alerts & Problem Advisories Requirements Applicable to all Mission Phases 300-PG-7120.2.2 (MAG) RLEP MAR 430-RQMT-000006 LRO PAIP 431-PLAN-000131 NASA-STD-8739 Series PWB Design for every IPC 2221-2223, D-275 PWB Mfg. Per ICP A600-6018 W/GSFC Supplement PWB Coupons Training/Certification ESD – ANSI/ESD S20-20 Level 2 sections for every EEE-INST-002 Parts Control Board Derating Radiation Effects– TID, ELDR, SEE Value Added Tests (PIND, and so forth.) Alerts Test Data & EIDP Photos Compliant Materials & MSFC-STD-3029 Outgassing Limits (TML/CVCM) Shelf Life Controls Materials & Process Lists for LRO MAE Review & Approval Fastener Integrity (541-PG-8072.1.2) Raw Material Certs. Pollution Verification Process Contamination Control Plan Outgassing T/V Bakeouts of all Hardware Handling & Cleanroom Standards. React to GIDEP and NASA Advisories (GPG 5340.3)

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RLEP/LRO MAR – PAIP Relationship The RLEP Mission Assurance Requirements (MAR) report was composed to characterize the general mission necessities for equipment, programming and related basic ground bolster hardware. The Spacecraft/Orbiter and Instrument groups reacted with their Performance Assurance Implementation Plans (PAIP) which layout how the individual foundations and their temporary workers would meet the prerequisites called out as CDRLs in the MAR. After the venture has investigated the underlying PAIPs and remarked back to the groups, amendments in the PAIPs might be required. Those prerequisites which the engineers can't meet will be reported on a waiver ask.

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Problem Failure Reporting Both the rocket/orbiter and instrument groups are required to record disappointments (at the principal utilization of force toward the begin of end thing acknowledgment testing or the main operation of a component) or nonconformances with got item. The LRO extend office must be informed of issue/disappointments inside 24 hours of event. A disappointment audit board might be required to attitude the activities identified with the issue. A shut circle nonconformance framework is additionally required by the MAR. It should incorporate guaranteeing the restorative activity is actualized to avert repeat. A Material Review Board is required to aura other than preparatory audits. The groups QA lead might be an individual from the MRB. The MRB administrator should advise the LRO venture of all MRB activities and suggestions.

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Surveillance and Audits The LRO Project has an observation arrange (430-PLAN-0003) which characterizes how the venture will screen equipment and programming improvement exercises from every one of the contractual workers. Affirmation surveys and reviews give an understanding into how the temporary workers are working. Interest by SMA in sheets, for example, CCB, PCB, MRB, FRB and others gives knowledge into different periods of the plan and workmanship. The LRO SMA group will utilize two techniques for item check. Coordinate examination: assessment of equipment and related documentation Indirect examination: comparable equipment manufactured by a similar faculty and gear, part acknowledgment tests and material examinations that may occur at GSFC.

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Mission Assurance Summary Mission Assurance Requirements are very much characterized and far reaching . These are customary necessities for GSFC Missions and they are caught on. Frameworks with experienced staff are set up and working. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission Assurance group is prepared to bolster PDR