Mind and Behavior

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Mind and Behavior

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Prepare to Learn: Community/Relationship Building Brain Gym Brain and Behavior Agenda What's My Plan? One Minute for Myself Why? What if? Investigation of Activity Self-Evaluation of Critical Components "The Big Picture" "Ants" Activity Key Points Nutrition Water Oxygen Exercise Environment Optimism How can it function? What?

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Think ?'s to ask Is it: Personal Pervasive Permanent Emotion first Brain Stem Optimism Change Your State Stomp Out the Ants Automatic Negative Thoughts Deal Delete TNT

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99 % of Learning Is Unconscious 4,000 Thoughts Per Day I'm the Boss of My Brain Needs Water, Glucose, Movement and Oxygen Treasure Hunter or Trash Collector

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Treasure Hunter Trash Collector

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Ways to Develop Nature Smart  Take care of a creature, plants or whatever other life form or actually developing things.  Join a club that has ventures for watching over the earth.  Participate in reusing ventures.  Keep an accumulation of normal items assembled in nature.  Take learning field contemplate trips in your group.  Participate in perception exercises, for example, winged animal viewing, topographical investigation and keeping nature diaries.  Learn about order frameworks and comprehend qualities of characteristic articles.  Study climate designs in your general vicinity.  Take care of your yard.  Study how the indigenous habitat influences societies.

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ANT 1: Always/never thinking ANT 2: Focusing on the adverse ANT 3: Fortune-telling ANT 4: Mind Reading ANT 5: Thinking with your emotions

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ANT 6: Guilt beating (ought to, must, should, need to) ANT 7: Labeling ANT 8: Personalizing ANT 9: Blaming (The most noxious red subterranean insect.)