Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager DPM 2010, Part 1: Technical Introduction

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Welcome to DPM 2010 Week!. BEFORE YOU ASK

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SESSION CODE: MGT202 Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010, Part 1: Technical Introduction Jason Buffington Senior Technical Product Manager Microsoft System Center Twitter @JBUFF

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1993 - 2005 If we construct it … another person will back it up another person will make it exceedingly accessible another person take it off-webpage … in any case, who will bolster it?

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Legacy Backup Limitations No Problem Active Directory ® System State Standalone OK Not CCR/SCR Standalone ?? Not DAG record administrations

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Legacy Backup confinements No Problem Active Directory ® System State Not YET Not certain when document administrations

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I need the new abilities But my reinforcement doesn't work with it yet So, I will hold up to send

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VENDOR 2 Disk-based insurance Active Directory ® System State VENDOR 3 Disaster Recovery VENDOR 1 Tape-based Backup record administrations … be that as it may, who will bolster it?

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… at the same time, who will bolster it? Seller 2 Disk-based insurance ? Merchant 3 Disaster Recovery VENDOR 1 Tape-based Backup

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Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) VENDOR 2 Disk-based security VENDOR 3 Disaster Recovery VENDOR 1 Tape-based Backup

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Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) VSS Requester VSS Writer

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Disk-based Recovery Online Snapshots (up to 512) Active Directory ® System State Disaster Recovery Tape-based Backup document administrations

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Disk-based Recovery Online Snapshots (up to 512) Active Directory ® System State Up to Every 15 minutes Data Protection Manager Data Protection Manager Tape-based Backup Disaster Recovery with offsite replication & tape record administrations

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DPM 2010 System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 conveys brought together information insurance for Windows servers and customers as a best-of-breed reinforcement & recuperation arrangement from Microsoft, for Windows situations. DPM 2010 gives the best assurance and most supportable reestablish situations from circle, tape and cloud - in a versatile, dependable, reasonable and practical way.

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DPM 2010 Windows Application and File servers Microsoft Virtualization Windows Clients Disaster Recovery Enterprise-Ready Scalability & Reliability

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DPM 2010 – Windows Platforms Windows Server ® 2008 R2 Windows Server ® 2008 Windows Storage Server 2008 Windows Server ® 2003 R2 Windows Server ® 2003 Service Pack 1 Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 Windows Unified Data Storage Server Windows ® 7 Windows Vista ® Business or higher Windows ® XP Professional - Service Pack 2

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DPM 2010 – Application Platforms Microsoft ® SQL Server™ 2008 Microsoft ® SQL Server™ 2005 Microsoft ® SQL Server™ 2000 Service Pack 4 SAP ® running on Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft ® Exchange Server 2010 – including DAG Microsoft ® Exchange Server 2007 – including LCR, CCR , and SCR Microsoft ® Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 Microsoft ® Office SharePoint ® Server 2010 Microsoft ® Office SharePoint ® Server 2007 Microsoft ® Office SharePoint ® Portal Server 2003 Windows ® SharePoint ® Foundation Services 4.0 Windows ® SharePoint ® Services adaptation 3.0 Windows ® SharePoint ® Services variant 2.0 Microsoft ® Dynamics ® AX 2009 Windows ® Essential Business Server 2008 Windows ® Small Business Server 2008 new in DPM 2010

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DPM 2010 – File and Application Servers

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DPM 2010 – Virtualization Hosts

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DPM 2010 – SETUP DPM Server Disk & Tape Agent Install demo

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DPM 2010 – Roaming Laptops Best in class tablet assurance for Windows Clients Support for XP, Vista, and W7 Backup over VPN Scale to 1000 customers for every DPM server "Interesting client information" just Not the entire machine, so that the OS is not more than once moved down Integration with nearby Shadow Copies for Vista & W7 Centrally arranged from DPM administrator UI End User empowered reestablish from neighborhood duplicates disconnected and on the web, and additionally DPM duplicates Admin empowered reestablish from DPM duplicates

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DPM 2010 – Protection Windows File Services Application Servers Windows Virtualization Hosts demo

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DPM 2010 – Disaster Recovery One-tick DPM DR failover and failback Separate calendars per DPM server Chaining bolster Offsite tapes without dispatch administrations Restore servers specifically from offsite DPM FS1 \ information ( share) AccountingdB ( SQLdb ) Mailboxes ( Exch ) FS2 E:\team (index) DPM FS1_data (share) SQL25\ AccountingdB ( sql ) EX23\SG1\Mailboxes (trade) FS2_E:\team\ (registry ) DPM DR FS1_data (share) SQL25\ AccountingdB ( sql ) EX23\SG1\Mailboxes (trade) FS2_E:\team\ (catalog )

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DPM 2010 – Recovery Disaster Recovery Data Restoration demo

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DPM 2010 – Enterprise Ready

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DPM 2010 Best for Windows document and application servers – from Microsoft Built for Microsoft Virtualization conditions Designed for Windows Clients Enterprise-Ready versatility and unwavering quality

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Enterprise DPML – " Application Agent " – per secured server Unified support of Microsoft applications SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, & Virtualization – and records Protect DPM 2 DPM 4 DR – fiasco recuperation Bare Metal Recovery Active Directory ® System State DPM Server DPM Server with incorporated Disk & Tape Also accessible as a DPM OEM Appliance running on Windows Storage Server record shares and registries Standard DPML = " File operator " per ensured Windows Server No extra "Open File" or extra modules Client DPML " Desktop operator " XP Pro & Vista & W7 Pricing direction posted on

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System Center ENTERPRISE System Management Suite SMSE SMSD MIDMARKET Essentials Plus SCE+ 500 PCs & 50 Servers

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System Center ENTERPRISE System Management Suite MIDMARKET Essentials Plus 500 PCs & 50 Servers Backup & Recovery Monitoring Using Management Packs Deployment & Updates Virtualization Management

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System Center IT Management Products Do It Yourselfer (DIY ) IT Specialist IT staff IT Generalist Manages servers as optional part Specialists per workload 1-5 full time IT " Jack of all Trades " Generalists MS Segment Small Business Midsized Organization Enterprise 10 25 50 100 250 500 # of PCs Platforms System Center Products +

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DPM 2010 DPM 2010 Unified circle, tape and cloud/DR Advanced MS workloads Windows Client insurance Enterprise Scalability DPM 2007 Seamless Disk-and Tape-assurance Windows Application and File Servers System State, BMR and Cluster-bolster DPM 2006 Disk-based replication of documents End-client Restore without Help Desk Centralized Backup of Branch Office

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DPM 2010 Enterprise Scenarios & Advanced workloads Core Windows Servers to Disk & Tape Branch Files to circle Windows Clients

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Management Track Resources Don't neglect to visit the Management TLC range ( Red Section ) to see item demos and talk with specialists about the System Center arrangements You can likewise locate the most recent data about the System Center items at the accompanying connections System Center Site – Center Community – TechNet Home Page – Community –

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Required Slide Resources Learning Sessions On-Demand & Community Microsoft Certification & Training Resources Resources for IT Professionals Resources for Developers

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Required Slide Complete an assessment on CommNet and enter to win!

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Sign up for Tech·Ed 2011 and spare $500 beginning June 8 – June 31 st You can likewise enlist at the North America 2011 booth situated at enrollment Join us in Atlanta one year from now

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