Miami-Dade County Health Department Drowning Prevention Campaign

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Outline. Swimming pool related suffocating studyReview of swimming pool legislation2006 suffocating aversion campaign2007 suffocating counteractive action crusade. Swimming Pool Related Drowning: Background. Pools76,900 private pools3,300 open and business poolsUnknown number of over the ground poolsCurrently pools manufactured after 2000 are required to have a barrierDuring 2000-2005 an aggregate 332 occupants almost

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´╗┐Miami-Dade County Health Department Drowning Prevention Campaign Maria Bustamante, MPH Injury Epidemiologist Office of Epidemiology and Disease Control Miami-Dade County Health Department

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Overview Swimming pool related suffocating Review of swimming pool enactment 2006 suffocating avoidance battle 2007 suffocating counteractive action crusade

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Swimming Pool Related Drowning: Background Pools 76,900 private pools 3,300 open and business pools Unknown number of over the ground pools Currently pools worked after 2000 are required to have a hindrance During 2000-2005 an aggregate 332 occupants almost suffocated and 299 inhabitants suffocated in Miami-Dade County 44% of close drownings and 15% of drownings were among newborn children and youngsters 0-4 years old

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Swimming Pool Related Drowning: Methods Medical analyst record audits were led Drowning occurrences happening between 2000-2005 among kids 0-4 years old in Miami-Dade County Reviewed restorative inspector records for a sum of 40 babies and kids 0-4 years of age 29 were swimming pool related suffocating

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Swimming Pool Related Drowning: Results Demographics 38% were babies 1 year of age 2/3 were male 1/3 were Black Seasonality May had the most astounding number of suffocating occasions took after by August Location Most kids suffocate in their own particular family private pool Barriers 8 pools had some sort of fence or entryway around pool Of these 2 were opened and 2 others were unkempt with gaps or holes Supervision 35% kids were left under the care of other kids Time slipped by before being found in pool 2/5 kids were absent for <15 minutes 1/5 kids were lost for > 2 hours

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Swimming Pool Related Drowning: Discussion Two resonating issues: Swimming pool boundaries Barriers not present or in decay Direct grown-up supervision Large number of kids left under obligation of other kids Caregivers did not keep tyke inside their sight Some were diverted (at a gathering, on the telephone, washing dishes, in the lavatory, or on the PC) Some expected tyke was being viewed by other relative

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Legislation: Florida Statutes 515.27 (1) so as to pass last investigation private swimming pool must one of the accompanying (a) pool must be confined from access to home by and nook that meets the pool boundary prerequisites (515.29) (b) pool must be furnished with an affirmed wellbeing pool cover (c) all entryways and windows giving direct access from the home to the pool must be outfitted with a leave alert that has a base sound weight rating of 85 dB An at 10 feet (d) all entryways giving direct access from the home to pool must be outfitted with a self-shutting, self-locking gadget with a discharge instrument set no lower than 54 creeps over the floor 515.27 (2) A man who neglects to take after subsection (1) submits a crime of the second degree

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Legislation: Florida Statutes 515.29 (1) a private swimming pool obstruction must be A minimum four feet high on the outside May not have any holes, openings, spaces, bulges, or basic segments that could permit a youthful kid to slither under, crush through, or move over it Placed around the edge of pool and should be separate from any fence, divider, or other walled in area encompassing yard, unless fence, divider, or other nook or segment thereof is arranged on the border of the pool is being utilized as a component of hindrance Must be put adequately far from the water's edge to keep a youthful tyke or medicinally fragile elderly individual who may have figured out how to enter hindrance from quickly falling into water

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Legislation: Miami-Dade County Miami-Dade County Ordinance 33-12 (b) The pool obstruction might appear as a screened-in porch, a wooden fence, a wire fence, a stone divider, a solid piece divider, or different materials, in order to empower the proprietor to mix the same with the style of design arranged or in presence 33-12 (c) The tallness of the pool obstruction must be no less than four feet tall

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2006 Drowning Prevention Campaign: Activities Distributed water watcher labels, agendas, 20 bingo cards and pamphlets Community Health Fairs Norte-Dame Church Health Fair May 2006 West Perrine Health Fair Partnerships Women Infants and Children Distribution to centers all through county Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Miami Distribution to guardians going to security transport Miami-Dade County Injury Prevention Coalition Distribution to guardians in doctor's facility Barry University School of Nursing Student extend with guardians Publications Drowning and close suffocating to kids 0-18 years old, Miami-Dade County 2000-2004 May 2006 version of Epi Monthly Report

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2007 Drowning Prevention Campaign: Overview Goal To decrease suffocating passings to kids 0-4 years old in a Miami-Dade County target group Objective Launch a suffocating aversion crusade in chose group this late spring

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2007 Drowning Prevention Campaign: Target Community Zip code: 33157 Communities: Perrine, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, and South Miami Heights Highest number of suffocating and close suffocating occasions jumping out at 0-4 year olds Highest number of private swimming pools (6,352) 2 nd biggest populace of 0-4 year olds (4,913)

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2007 Drowning Prevention Campaign: Activities Nova Southeastern University is right now leading an open mindfulness examine in target group Mail study to private pool proprietors Florida International University School of Public Health will direct suffocating anticipation crusade in target group this late spring