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Mission . To return understudies to their individual schools and give positive early mediations to guarantee the understudy is re-occupied with school life.. Objectives of M-SAC . I. To diminish the frequencies of adolescent reprobate acts amid school hours;II. To proactively address participation issues at the most punctual stages before examples of misconduct develop;III.To sway the methodical reasons for unending

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Metro Student Attendance Center (M-SAC)

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Mission To return understudies to their particular schools and give positive early mediations to guarantee the understudy is re-occupied with school life.

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Goals of M-SAC I. To diminish the occurrences of adolescent reprobate acts amid school hours; II. To proactively address participation issues at the soonest arranges before examples of wrongdoing create; III. To affect the orderly reasons for interminable truancy and high non-attendance through a planned, vital mediation prepare including government and group youth and family specialist organizations; and IV. To improve and reinforce the positive long haul standpoint for school age youth and their instructive, social and monetary open doors.

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Program Oversight and Staffing Partners Metro Nashville Juvenile Court (Lead Agency) Metro Nashville Public Schools Metro Nashville Police Department of Children Service Department of Human Services

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Metro Nashville Juvenile Court • 1 Full Time Program Coordinator • 2 Full Time Probation Officers • 1 Full Time Office Support Representative III • 1 Full Time Security Services Officer

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Metro Nashville Public Schools • 1 Full Time Social Worker • 1 Full Time Family & Youth Services Assistant • 1 Full Time Instructional Specialist

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Other Agencies Metro Nashville Police Department 2 Part Time Youth Services Counselors STARS 1 Full Time Assessment & Outreach Coordinator Department of Children Services accessible as needs be DCS Liaison Public Health Department available to come back to work Nurse

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Overall Center Data

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721 understudies (both sauntering and focused on truancy) have been alluded as well as overhauled by M-SAC since it opened on August 11, 2008. 61% for Loitering amid school hours (LDSH) 39% for Targeted Truancy (TT)

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Demographic Data African-American males 31% African-American females 23% Caucasian males 16% Caucasian females 14% Hispanic males 7% Hispanic females 5% Other males 2% Other females 2%

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M-SAC Programs Loitering During School Hours (LDSH) Targeted Truancy Attendance Intervention Management (AIM) Educational Neglect

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LDSH Breakdown M-SAC - Transported to the inside by PD 161 PD - Divert-Referred by the PD Youth Services Division 120 JC - Divert-Referred by Juvenile Court 9 Denied After - Denied after transport for different reasons 13 Denied - Did not meet M-SAC Criteria 90 Record Checks - Verify records only 42 DCS - In DCS custody 6 Total 441

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As the graph underneath reflects, M-SAC started the school year off at a moderate, yet relentless pace; however amid December the dallying amid school hour referrals from the Police Department dropped fundamentally, yet referrals started to increment again in March.

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Targeted Truancy Breakdown AIM-M-SAC Pilot Program 249 Ed Neglect-Cases got from JC (age 13 & under) 31 Total 280 * Note: M-SAC yields a 3% rehash guilty party/recidivism rate

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Expansion The A.I.M. Pilot Project (Attendance Intervention Management ) This is an activity to forcefully address truancy at focused schools. McGavock High School, the biggest secondary school inside MNPS was chosen as the first test site. As of June 10, 2009, M-SAC Summer Initiative has yielded the accompanying outcomes: 53% Successfully joined for the program 41% Pending recruits 3% School remedied days after assist examination 3% Referred to Juvenile Court All of these understudies were elevated to their next review level!

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Attendance Intervention Management

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Dispositional Breakdown 249 Completers 43% 142 Unsuccessful 25% 8 other 1% 117 open cases 20% 59 pending 10% *1% is added to copy cases Dispositional Breakdown of the 80% (575) that were alluded to M-SAC and really handled through the middle. This breakdown will incorporate those understudies who effectively finished the program; the individuals who were unsuccessful, cases that were shut for different reasons, and so forth

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DCS 14 Family & Crisis Intervention Team Health 4 accessible as needs be Nurse STARS 60 Referrals Social Worker 5 Referrals Total 163 understudies alluded for administrations

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Social Work Breakdown 35% Referred to Community Agencies 65% Referred to School Social Worker Of those Referred to a Community Provider or School Social Worker: 72% used the administrations 9% denied the administrations 11% were not able get administrations 8% were alluded to other school staff

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Student/Parent Satisfaction M-SAC gives every understudy/parent with a leave overview to screen their fulfillment with the program with a progression of inquiries and a rating scale from 1 to 10. On a size of 1 to 10 with 1 being the most noticeably awful and 10 the best, the general fulfillment with the M-SAC program is 8.9!