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Meet Workshop Alpha Chi Chapter

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Outline Finding Job/Internship in Current Environment Before the Interview The Why's Behavioral Interviews Technical Interviews Other Interviews Finding Company Information

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Internship Application Process Learn what is out there and for you Submit resume and introductory letter Interview Super Day Get an offer Celebrate!!! WORK YOUR BUTT OFF!! Get the full time offer 

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The Current Job Market Know Yourself Thoroughly Think and Plan Strategically Prepare and Act Tactically Network Relentlessly Apply Everywherely Try Persistently

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What is a Good Interview? "A prospective employee meet-up is for the most part thought to be the snapshot of truth, for both candidate and boss. In all actuality, it's frequently the slightest legit, reasonable or uncovering discussion you'll ever have at work." – Page 73 GQ, Feb 08 Interview is a Performance Your resume can be just so great, yet you can simply enhance your meeting

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Acing the Interview Pre-Interview During Interview General Behavioral Interview Technical Interview Stress Interview Lunch/Dinner Interview Other Interview After Interview

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Before Interview Keep up with the news, read WSJ, FT and so on. Get YOUR Work done: RESEARCH See "Where to Find Company Info" on slide 38 Know all that you can about the organization The organization, history, structure, culture, individuals, work, and your temporary job Don't overlook the ebb and flow stock cost and name of CEO and other vital individuals Find out about your questioner if conceivable

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Getting Ready for Interview Mock meetings Finding any contact from the objective firm and ask every one of the inquiries you can Attend organizations' data sessions Go through your resume to ensure you can discuss any thing on the resume Prepare for all the normal inquiries questions Come to however many meeting workshops as could be expected under the circumstances

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Appearance – General Nothing emerge yet will make a decent initial introduction Neatly prepped Wear a clean squeezed matching suit Dress conservatively Get a decent dark/chestnut padfolio and metal pen Wear your glasses, relies on upon the individual Check your breath Turn off your mobile phone Do NOT bring your ipod/mp3 player

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Tips for Guys Dark suit: strong dim naval force or charcoal suits Pinstripes are alright, yet ought not be intense Suits ought to fit, custom fitted if important White/blue DRESS shirts (No adolescent brands), no Oxford No flaring, logo or printed ties (Hermes) Everything you wear ought to be facilitated No white socks Designer marks are not assume to be left on the suit's left sleeve Choose a tuned down belt, no glimmering logos No French Cuffs or sparkling sleeve fasteners Not a lot after spare Iron the shirt Proper dress shoes run with tailored suit are strong dark/cocoa oxford bind up dress shoes (get it with cowhide soles)

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Ladies Please don't wear fragrance No substantial make up No enticing wear, be CONSERVATIVE No satchels with fashioner name on top of it (LV, Coach, Gucci and so forth.) No open toe shoes Tuck in your shirt No mold belts or anything gaudy DO NOT over-embellish Wear skin conditioned tights if wearing Skirt ought to associate with knee level No cleavage, spare it

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Places to Get Your Business Wardrobe Personal suggestions TJ. Maxx – Buckhead Filene's Basement – Buckhead Off 5TH Saks, Neiman Markus Last Call – Discover Mills Brooks Brothers NO Cheap Suits from Men's WearHouse

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Interview Time When does your meeting begin? The minute you drive onto the parking area or venture into the workplace Arrive no less than 15 minutes early Turn off your PDA Watch your manner and dialect at record-breaking Be decent to the assistant

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First Impression Warm up before go in, get the vitality streaming SMILE Walk with great motion FIRM HAND SHAKE Remember the questioner's name when he/she says it and utilize it amid your meeting Professional trade between associates Lean forward amid meeting with an open motion Do not talk with peppy, makes you sound inconfident

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Before We Officially Begin Interviews are to test your capacity to impart Bring in great state of mind Learn when to SHUT UP Smile and listen deliberately Answer the inquiries just, don't burrow a gap for yourself When the questioner quits tuning in, quit conversing with stand out enough to be noticed back, then begin again Do Not alter your tie Look at the questioner, just may not in the eyes Interview is the best chance to take in more about the organization. So Ask Questions! Not inept inquiries however Have a wonderful discussion

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More tips 30 minute attempt to make the deal Pitch 3 focuses for why they ought to contract you and consolidate them into the answers Things you could offer to the organization: Education, Potential, Drive, and Eagerness Help the organization to see how you can tackle issues Emphasize capability, preparing, and enthusiasm

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And more tips Answer the inquiries in visual cues of 3 with all around verbalized and succinct dialect Do the Homework and read the Vault Guide! Get some information about the following stride Ask questions! Act naturally!

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The STAR to your Success S ituation – what was the foundation T ask – what was should have been done A ction – what did you do R esult – evaluated

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Behavioral Interview Tell me about yourself – 3 principle focuses that make you uncommon Walk me through your resume The Why's: Why profession, industry, firm, division, area, and position Everything on the resume Leadership, collaboration, and systematic abilities Greatest Strength & Weakness One Minute attempt to make the deal Airport Test

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Behavioral Interview Think Strategically, consolidate the offering focuses into answers and stories Organize the stories Stick to the positive and put positive twists Be Yourself!

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Tell me about yourself Almost ensured first question DO NOT give long lasting story Be brief, just a friendly exchange Five sentences or less, inside 30 – 60 seconds Do not make it sound scripted Highlight the advantages you will convey to the business Disclose individual data mindfully

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Possible Topics Describe your qualities Emphasize if like the association's qualities Describe proficient recognize Describe zones of quality/abilities Name the sorts and brand names of associations where you have worked Describe the open doors you are searching for to advance your experience and construct your vocation Building an individual brand, once more, you are SELLING

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Sample I have faith in respectability, reasonableness, beating the opposition by working harder and being more creative as opposed to bowing the guidelines. I profoundly esteem my critical thinking aptitudes, utilizing inventive ways to deal with handle troublesome circumstances, and my capacity to function admirably on a group and coexist with a vast assortment of individuals. I need to utilize these qualities to create myself as a more unmistakable and compelling pioneer.

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Walk Me Through Your Resume Do not take over 60 seconds Highlight things on the resume that would underscore the offering focuses Do not read the whole resume Incorporate the why's into the answers

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WHY? What's more, WHY?! Why this profession? Speculation Banker, Consultant, Accountant, and so on Why Industry? Fund, Accounting, Marketing, Operations Why the firm? Know how the organizations separate themselves Why the division? Corporate Finance versus Deals & Trading Why the position?

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Know Resume Know everything on the resume all around Have stories arranged for every action At minimum one story for administration, collaboration, and strong expository aptitudes Know most loved and slightest most loved classes and why Know class extends that would exhibit explanatory aptitudes or different aptitudes and capacities

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Greatest Strength & Weakness Strength: abilities that can add to your work Love to work with individuals, great audience, logical, mindful, solid relational abilities, diligent employee, never surrender, dependable, multitasking, composed, work under weight, time administration, and so forth. Try not to say flawlessness Weakness: "shortcoming" that you can put a constructive turn on, how you are enhancing Don't say any of the above

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One Minute Sales Pitch Often solicited toward the end from meeting Great chance to restate your offering focuses and make a decisive final push Make beyond any doubt it is intense and succinct Remember the shots Under 60 seconds consequently the one moment 

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Airport Test Not a different segment of meeting Incorporated all through the meeting to check whether the questioner can stand you for quite a long time nightfall Testing your capacity to interface with others and how likely do you coexist with individuals People with arrogant, know it all demeanor, and dishonesty regularly are killed via airplane terminal test

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Technical Questions Know what's happening in the market and industry Know the fundamental vocab, their significance, and how they identify with each other Do not say anything that you don't have a decent learning of You can dive yourself in a profound opening instantly For Finance/Accounting – know your budgetary bookkeeping all around (the three proclamations and how they identify with each other in past, present, and future)

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Stress Interview During meetings, a few questioners will attempt to make you uncomfortable to test how you can perform under stretch Brain Teasers – fiendish, yet conquerable, consider Vault Time confine Hard specialized inquiries Interviews not paying consideration on you Rapid shooting of inquiries

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Brain Teasers/Thinking Problems Not just to check whether you can take care of the issue, yet how you approach the issue Walk through the issue so everyone can hear, stand up he supposing process what number McDonald's fast food outlets are in the U.S.? What number of corner stores are in the U.S. What number of golf balls can top off Boeing 747? What's 1/32? Know it in case you're going to fund Know your essential math like have the capacity to a