Medicare Part D Implementation North Dakota s Efforts

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Medicare Part D Usage North Dakota's Endeavors. Organizations Cooperating. Protection Division Lead organization in endeavors to illuminate the overall population about Medicare Part D Usage. Bureau OF HUMAN Administrations

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Medicare Part D Implementation North Dakota's Efforts

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Agencies Working Together INSURANCE DEPARTMENT Lead organization in endeavors to illuminate the overall population about Medicare Part D Implementation. Branch OF HUMAN SERVICES Focus has been to help the double eligibles with move to Medicare Part D.

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Medicare Part D North Dakota's Efforts Insurance Department Efforts

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Insurance Department Efforts Established a STRATEGIC PLANNING GROUP A key segment in the usage endeavors. More than 30 differing bunches, involved legislative organizations, affiliations, establishments, and key intrigue and exchange bunches have met up over the previous year to recognize issues that are basic to the execution of Medicare Part D.

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Insurance Department Efforts The Strategic Planning Group is an immaculate case of cooperation and community oriented considering, viably joining to complete a basic employment exceptionally constrained assets. This gathering has not just effectively recognized the extraordinary difficulties before us, additionally conceptualized the arrangements.

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Insurance Department Efforts The Strategic Planning Group was made by Bill Lardy, SHIC program Director, and Janis Cheney, statewide Director of AARP. The Strategic Planning Group is presently being utilized by CMS for instance for other states' usage endeavors.

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Insurance Department Efforts Aggressive OUTREACH & PROMOTIONAL EFFORTS actualized To date, program staff has led more than 100 introductions over the state, achieving more than 20,000 individuals. What's more, the program has been forceful with its media endeavors, collecting more than 2 million media impressions.

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Insurance Department Efforts Seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries get numerous messages from a bunch of sources in regards to the 2006 Medicare changes. There has most likely been disarray and many inquiries. To improve the circumstance, Insurance Department has kept their message straightforward and steady. Concentrated endeavors on publicizing toll free number which is 1-888-575-6611

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Insurance Department Efforts Volunteers composed and assembled. The SHIC program at present has around 150 volunteers over the state, contained the current SHIC and Prescription Connection for ND volunteers, and also volunteers from different gatherings, including Social Services, Community Resource Coordinators, and the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP).

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Medicare Part D North Dakota's Efforts Department of Human Service Efforts

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Dual Eligibles State and County Staff Pharmacies Long-Term Care Mental Health ICFs/MR Advocates Indian Health Services Department of Veteran's Affairs Public Employees Retirement System Governor's office AARP State Legislators Congressional Delegation DHS Partners/Audiences

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Medicare Part D Implementation North Dakota's Efforts DHS Training Efforts

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DHS Training Efforts Training County qualification staff to help with the fulfillment of the Low-Income endowment application. Preparing Human Service Center representatives and County Case Managers to help beneficiaries in finding Medicare Part D assets. Enlistment and instruction to people beyond 60 years old; gave by Aging Services contract workers.

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DHS Training Efforts On-line gatherings with staff in Long-Term Care offices with the end goal of guaranteeing occupants have the fundamental scope. Letter sent to all double eligibles informing them of the adjustment in scope and what they have to do to guarantee they are doled out to an arrangement that addresses their issues.

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DHS Training Efforts Multiple introductions to Senior Health Insurance Counselors (SHIC). Introduction to Long Term Care Association. Joined forces introductions with Insurance Department for different groups of onlookers.

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DHS Training Efforts Presentation at Aging Services Convention. Introduction to ND Disabilities Advocacy Consortium and Mental Health Association. Introduction at ND Medical Managers Association Meeting.

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DHS Training Efforts Presentation to ND Association of Counties, White House Conference on Aging, and ND Health Dare Access Summit. On-running correspondence with Pharmacies through email and ND Pharmacy Association bulletins.

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Medicare Part D Implementation North Dakota's Efforts DHS Dual Eligible Outreach Efforts

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DHS Dual Eligible Outreach Efforts Department of Human Services site has included a connection for Medicare Part D Implementation. Accessible from the site: Part D Implementation Plan Medicare Fact Sheets Links to CMS Resources

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DHS Dual Eligible Outreach Efforts Developed a phone tree to be utilized by DHS, Insurance Department, Governor's office, and Legislator's with the end goal of fittingly steering calls. Created cross-reference letter to distinguish the Prescription Drug Plans to which Long-Term Care office occupants are allocated.

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DHS Dual Eligible Outreach Efforts Partnered with the North Dakota State Library to achieve outwardly disabled beneficiaries. An article was incorporated into their Fall bulletin, which is disseminated by means of substantial print media, and also through book recording media. The organization likewise included utilizing Dakota Radio Information Service to peruse the Medicare Part D Fact Sheets to audience members over a two-week time frame.

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DHS Dual Eligible Outreach Efforts Mapped Prescription Drug Plans when contrasted with Pharmacies that have chosen the different arrangements. Coordination with Mental Health Association to guarantee predictable messages to beneficiaries. Built up a cross-reference Pharmacy list which demonstrated what arrange their patients were auto-enlisted into by Medicare.

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Medicare Part D Implementation North Dakota's Efforts DHS Other Activities

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DHS – Other Activities Established methods for utilization of Legislative crisis specialist (House Bill 1465), if necessary to cover physician endorsed drugs. From House Bill 1465 "… until February 15, 2006, the division may pay for the medication in a crisis to guarantee that a medicinal help beneficiary who is additionally a Medicare recipient may keep on receiving proper pharmaceuticals after the usage of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003."