Meat Cattle Selection Selecting Feeder Cattle, Breeding Heifers, and Bulls

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´╗┐Meat Cattle Selection Selecting Feeder Cattle, Breeding Heifers, and Bulls

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Overview Primary Considerations Feeder Cattle Breeding Heifers Bulls Expected Progeny Differences Keep/Cull Heifers

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Primary Considerations What are your objectives? Environment Weather Feed Resources Labor Resources Basic Selection Criteria Breed Age Sex (feeder dairy cattle) Weight and Condition

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Phenotypic Priorities Muscle Condition (largeness versus trimness) Capacity and Frame Size Structural Correctness Performance Traits Weight every Day of Age Feed Efficiency Feeder Cattle Selection

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Breeding Heifers Structural Correctness Volume and Capacity Balance and Femininity Condition and Udder Development Muscle EPDs

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Bulls Structural Correctness Muscle Balance Capacity and Condition Testicular Size and Masculinity EPDs

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Expected Progeny Differences "the distinctions in execution anticipated from the posterity of one individual contrasted with the posterity of another person, inside a similar breed" Ensminger and Perry, 1997 Prediction of how the posterity will perform, NOT the individual Largest qualities are not generally best Accuracy is imperative Not tantamount between breeds, use breed midpoints

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Common attributes BW=Birth Weight WW=Weaning Weight YW=Yearling Weight MA, MM=Milking Ability, Maternal Milk TM=Total Maternal SC=Scrotal Circumference Others (not all breeds) CE=Calving ease GL=Gestation length STAY=Stayability DOC=Docility REA=Rib eye territory MS=Marbling Score BF, BFT=Backfat, backfat thickness HCW=Hot remains weight Expected Progeny Differences

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Keep/Cull Limousin Heifers #1 EPDs :

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#2 EPDs:

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#3 EPDs :

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#4 EPDs:

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#5 EPDs:

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#6 EPDs:

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#7 EPDs :

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#8 EPDs :

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