MBA 517: Session 5 Your organization does not have a place in business sectors where it can t be the best. Philip Kotle

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MBA 517: Session #5 "Your organization does not have a place in business sectors where it can't be the best." – Philip Kotler Your host: David Perry October 21, 1999

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Recap from a week ago… Competition: Porter's strengths 6 positions – overwhelming to nonviable Reactions – laid-back to stochastic Strategies – showcase pioneer to advertise nicher Segmentation – Niche > Local > Individual > Bases Differentiation – Product > Services > Personnel-Positioning – 4 procedures; 4 blunders; USP; Statement Product Lifecycle – Intro through Decline; systems Ben Keylin –Promo Triangle (he returns 11/18)

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Today >>> Next Week Today: Launch PharmaSim Starting & Using PharmaSim (freebee plates) Team Evaluation segments Case Discussion Today: Microsoft Works case Guest: Libby Nuttal (previous MS Works Product Mgr) Next Week: Guests – Mike Fulton & Chris Ireland Topics: Global Marketing + Products People Love Reading: Lecture will address Kotler (Chap 11&12)

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PharmaSim Everyone needs a circle (give coupon) Starting and utilizing PharmaSim (gift) Schedule for choices Team Evaluation Case Discussion

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PharmaSim Schedule Note: Administrative Reports due on 11/4; 11/8; 12/2

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Team Evaluation Administrative Reports Turn in with choice 2, 4, 8 PharmaSim Team Strategy Memo Due when you turn in choice 2 (5 pages max) PharmaSim Strategy Plan Due when you turn in choice 4 (5 pages max) PharmaSim Team Presentation Presented on 12/2 PharmaSim Team Performance Turn in floppy plate on 12/2 with choices through 8

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PharmaSim Case Qs Who are the present and potential clients for Allround? How does the buy procedure for these purchasers work? What advertise does Allround contend in? What points of interest does the Allround mark offer versus rivalry? Who do you consider Allround's rivals to be? Why? How does the exchange fragment the market? What are the most critical issues to go to in anticipating one year from now?

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Microsoft Works Case Discussion