Material science 10: Concepts in Physics

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Material science 10: Concepts in Physics Newton Einstein The Rules of the Universe Tom Murphy

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Course Objectives Explore the approach that material science offers as a powerful influence for our general surroundings Reductionism Scientific Method Gravitation and General Relativity as a contextual investigation Empiricism & Skepticism Quantitative Models

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Course Objectives, proceeded with Appreciate the impact physical science has on all of us Begin to see material science in your general surroundings Develop your normal instinct, invigorate interest Think into the obscure (ooh that is startling!) Understand fundamental laws of physical science Newton's laws of movement, attractive energy (even relativity) Concepts of mass, constrain, increasing speed, vitality, force, control, and so on. Electromagnetism Quantum Mechanics Light and optics

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Course Objectives, proceeded with Map out the chain of command of the Universe The universe Earth, Moon, Sun, Solar framework Stars, our Galaxy, different worlds Cosmological scales: bunching, quickening Universe The microcosmos Molecules, mixes, iotas Subatomic particles, key strengths Exposing the cutoff points of our understanding Complexity: mayhem, organic frameworks, financial aspects Unification plans: string hypothesis, supersymmetry 6. Enhance your logical education know the contrast amongst science and the extraordinary feel urged to peruse mainstream science articles/books

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Course Structure Full class meets 3 times each week in WLH 2005 MWF 2:00 –2:50 PM Lectures PowerPoint presentations Lecture materials will be made accessible on the web Demonstrations (loads of these!) Exams: Midterm May. 2; Final Friday, June 13, 3PM Discussion area meets once every week W 4:00 –4:50 PM: Warren Lecture Hall 2111; Jim Wilson Opportunity for exchanges on course material, exam prep, and so on. Work out case issues and inquiries Mock Quizzes Problem sessions once every week Th 8:00 9:50 PM, Center Hall 212; Jim Wilson Primary concentrate on homework, some exam prep/audit

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Resources Your Fellow Students! Urged to cooperate on homework, works out (yet not on exams!) Professor : Tom Murphy Office in SERF building, Room 336, available time Th 1:30 –2:30 PM, or by arrangement, 858.534.1844, Teaching Assistant: Jim Wilson Office in SERF 434, available time Th 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM Web: WebCT for assignments, transmitter enrollment, and so forth. Content Conceptual Physics , Ninth Edition, Paul G. Hewitt utilized content to spare you folks $$

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Grading * Midterm and Final may consider for little as 15% or 20%, separately, given degree of classroom interest. Illustration: on the off chance that you have 6/10 focuses for classroom support, you can deduct 9% from either the midterm or the last weight (whichever review is more awful).

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What's with these inquiries/perceptions? Science is as much about inquiries as answers . Each and every other week , you'll present a question or perception about the physical world around you. Something you've generally pondered about Something you as of late saw Something that class provoked you to consider Will post some from every accommodation on site with answers (when conceivable) or examination Goal is to expand your mindfulness, observational aptitudes We're submerged in material science: not entirely obvious, additionally simple to see! You'll start to think all the more profoundly before pushing issue aside Allow your characteristic interest to wake up

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Questions/Observations, proceeded with Examples: Questions What makes velcro stick? Why do my cheerios pull in each other into little flotillas? Where do trees get their mass? Out of earth? Why aren't there gaps in the ground around trees if so? Why is the sky blue? Why not purple? Perceptions I've seen little rainbow fixes in the sky way off to the sides of the sun on murky winter days. What are those? I've heard that toilets flush the other path around in the southern side of the equator, however on my trek to New Zealand, they flushed an indistinguishable route from they do here! What's up with that?!

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Topics to be Covered What constitutes material science The BIG picture: full scale and smaller scale universe Newton's laws of movement, vitality, energy, and so on. Gravity and Relativity: from Newton to Einstein Electromagnetism and Light Quantum Mechanics and related unusual quality The wildernesses of material science The part of physical science in our general public

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Transmitter Logistics We will utilize infrared transmitters in each address As a keep an eye on comprehension To give hone on test like inquiries Instant criticism (for me and for you) Surveys/conclusion gathering Class Participation!!! Accessible at Bookstore new 13-catch ones for $34 (may purchase back at end) $26 utilized; additionally search out companions who may have one more seasoned 6-catch units won't work! You'll enlist your transmitter through WebCT webpage guidelines are posted on the class site

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How Much !? Math This course will to a great extent concentrate on subjective, calculated substance That does not mean the thoughts are insignificant! We will utilize Simple diagrams Occasional essential polynomial math Averages Don't let it psych you out when you see it…

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Expectations Attend addresses and discourse area Participate! In the event that it doesn't bode well, ask ! Everybody discovers that way. Try not to be shy about noting questions postured. In-class voting framework ought to make this fun Do the work: It's the main way this stuff will truly soak in exams get to be simpler Explore, think, ask, hypothesize, respect, appreciate ! Material science can be fun, enhancing, excellent

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Does it Pay to Come to Lecture? Nobody who came more than 80% of time did ineffectively Few who came occasionally got more than a low B

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Any Questions on Course Structure?

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Digression: Why are you here?! "Since I was conceived." "My folks made me come." "It's exactly what you do after secondary school… " "I need to land a position, man" "I'm here to learn — to think—to manufacture my mind." College is an open door: do your best to seize it! What I wish for each of you to turn out with: Ability to think basically (not reluctant to think indep.) Skepticism about data given to you (plan?) Willingness to see unpredictability/different sides of issue

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What Is Science? Which of the accompanying best depicts "science"? An abstract of answers An arrangement of principles about the regular world An approach Exploration, interest; an abridgment of inquiries Observation, experimentation Boring folks in white coats with geeky faculties of cleverness Science has bits of all these (esp. center four)

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Science = A Process for Change! Disclosure Experiment/Observation Hypothesis Prediction Test Theory A continuous cycle – the "logical strategy" Scientific Method: The dynamic transaction amongst hypothesis and analysis

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Science additionally brings an Attitude Scientists must acknowledge their trial discoveries notwithstanding when they might want them to appear as something else. They should endeavor to recognize what they see and what they wish to see, for researchers, as a great many people, have an incomprehensible limit with respect to tricking themselves. Individuals have constantly had a tendency to receive general tenets, convictions, ideologies, thoughts, and theories without altogether scrutinizing their legitimacy and to hold them long after they have been appeared to be good for nothing, false, or if nothing else faulty. The most across the board presumptions are frequently the minimum addressed. Frequently, when a thought is received, specific consideration is given to cases that appear to bolster it, while cases that appear to discredit it are mutilated, put down, or disregarded.

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What is "Material science" An endeavor to legitimize the watched Universe regarding irreducible essential constituents, associating by means of fundamental powers. Reductionism! An advancing arrangement of (once in a while opposing!) sorting out standards, speculations, that are subjected to trial tests. This has been continuing for a long time.... with impressive achievement

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Kepler's laws of planetary movement Falling apples Universal Gravitation "Unification" of powers Reductionism Attempt to discover binding together standards and properties e.g., attractive energy:

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All the stuff you see around you Chemical mixes Elements (Atoms) e,n,p Superstrings? Reductionism, proceeded with Many thousands Many hundreds Tens 3 A continuous endeavor to conclude the fundamental building squares

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Kepler's laws of planetary movement Falling apples General Relativity Universal Gravitation An Evolving World View As our comprehension develops, speculations are supplanted (or subsumed)

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Should we even focus, then? Science is dependably moving speculations that long faced trial are shot down But generally old hypothesis is adequate to portray all investigations originating before the new inconvenience making test else it could never have been received as a hypothesis Ever higher accuracy pushes deficient hypotheses to their limits Result is improved comprehension more profound gratefulness/knowledge

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Mathematics: the regular dialect of Physics Engineering Biology Geology Chemistry Astronomy Physics Physical Reality Our Universe Abstraction Mathematics Logic, Numbers, Operators

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Subdisciplines of Physics Astrophysics Condensed matter material science Atomic/Optical Physics Nuclear Physics Particle Physics Plasma Physics Biophysics .... Test versus Hypothetical

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Mapping the Intellectual Frontier One (yet in no way, shape or form the main) approach to sort out our numbness is regarding length scales Our instinct and regular experience traverses just a little scope of this scale Really little "normal" Really enormous Subatomic you Observable Particles Universe .:t