Master Kelvin s Water-drop Electrostatic Generator

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Ruler Kelvin's Water-drop Electrostatic Generator. Ruler Kelvin's Generator, On a Self-Acting Contraption for Duplicating and Keeping up Electric Charges, with Applications to Represent the Voltaic Hypothesis By Sir William Thomson (Master Kelvin) Procedures of the Regal Society , June 20, 1867.

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Ruler Kelvin's Water-drop Electrostatic Generator Lord Kelvin's Generator, On a Self-Acting Apparatus for Multiplying and Maintaining Electric Charges, with Applications to Illustrate the Voltaic Theory By Sir William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) Proceedings of the Royal Society , June 20, 1867

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What is Lord Kelvin's Generator? Water Inducers Collecting can

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How it Works

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What is Lord Kelvin's Generator? Electrostatic charges are created The framework appears to self-assertively choose which side is certain and which is negative Water drops can buoy or move against gravity

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William Thompson (Baron Kelvin of Largs) Born June 26 th 1824 in Belfast, Ireland Matriculated at the University of Glasgow at age 10 where his dad was an educator Graduated with a BA from Cambridge Returned to fill the seat of normal reasoning (material science) at Glasgow Source: Institute of Physics, Belgrade

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Work Towards Unifying Physics Discussed with Joule the ramifications of warmth being a type of movement (vitality), and later supported Joule's thought Was coach to James Clerk Maxwell, who recognized his obligation to Thompson Advanced the thoughts of Michael Faraday

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Other Accomplisments Contributed to the outline of the transoceanic link Was against AC flow until the Chicago Exposition, after which he requested that Westinghouse utilize AC to outfit the force of Niagara Fall Ibid Tesla – Master of Lightning – Harnessing Niagara

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Back to the Generator One use of the generator is to show the voltaic hypothesis Stored charges of various voltages can be utilized to deliver an ebb and flow

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Possible Applications Water ionizers can cost from $300 on up, I fabricated my generator for under $5 Negatively charged water is said to decrease maturing, be an effective hostile to oxidant, expel plaque from teeth, and considerably help plant development

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Self Ionization of Water? H 2 O( l ) <=> H + ( aq ) + OH - ( aq ) How much would we say we are talking? K w = 10 - 14 M particles/55.5 M @ 25 o C

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What's an Ion Anyway? Particle = Molecule with a proton/electron lopsidedness K w = 10 - 14 Moles Ions for every 55.5 Mol H 2 O In an unbiased arrangement [H] = 10 - 7 M & [OH] = 10 - 7 M pH = - log 10 - 7 = 7

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So in the event that I input a liter water… 1 liter H 2 O = 55.5 M So we have 10 - 14 M basic charges 10 - 14 M * (6.02 * 10 23 atoms/mole) = 6.02 * 10 9 particles (6.02 * 10 9 atoms) * (1.60 * 10 - 19 C/particle) = 9.63 * 10 - 10 C

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asbestos glass human hair nylon fleece lead silk aluminum paper cotton steel hard elastic nickel & copper metal & silver engineered elastic orlon saran wrap polyethylene teflon silicone elastic Some triboelectic arrangement repudiate others Triboelectric Series + -