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MAKING SOCIAL WORK TRAINING COMMUNITY BASED Lessons from Kerala, India Palakkappillil J.

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CRITIQUE OF SOCIAL WORK TRAINING & PRACTICE 'Social Work' is frequently compared to 'willful work', 'social administration' or the sort of mediations made by a government official. Social Work Training in India – since 1936 More or less American in intuition and contributions Past 70 years of expert Social Work

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CRITIQUE OF SOCIAL WORK TRAINING & PRACTICE - 2 Copying the American Model Training in view of a "clinical" and "leftover" way to deal with critical thinking The whole approach accepted a urban or urbanizing group. The truth of the country India negligibly tended to.

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CRITIQUE OF SOCIAL WORK TRAINING & PRACTICE - 3 Opportunities for Social Workers in the state welfare plans – exceptionally negligible Very least impact on arrangement detailing A sizeable segment relocates to nations like – UK, US, Ireland, Australia and Newzeland. A battle between 'extremist vision' and 'laborer practicality'

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EXPERIMENTS IN MAKING COMMUNITY THE BASE Premise: Community and its needs ought to shape the premise of preparing and practice rather than learning "strategies" out of group settings

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EXPERIMENT 1 – A PPP in Poverty Alleviation Mission Context – Kerala, the most educated state, said to be an 'advancement show' State Government's Poverty Alleviation Mission. Kutumbasree Mission (actually 'Family Prosperity) A MoU with the Mission for understudy student investment

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Kutumbasree Mission Identification of the poor – 9 point index* Organizing the poor in their neighborhoods (NHG) Women of the area as the concentration of group association Training for starting IGPs through SHGs

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The Role of Social Work Trainees Designation: Voluntary Executives of Kutumbasree (VEK) Access to groups and records in a semi-official limit Upgradation of units lingering behind Improvement in execution through preparing Identifying preparing needs.

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The Role of Social Work Trainees - 2 Sorting out clashes Liaising with the Local Administration in the usage of different plans

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Implications for Social Work Training Making preparing greater group based Direct access to group – its needs, and assets Direct access to an administration program Practice of the different strategies for Social Work - Work with Individuals, Groups and Communities inside a given group Possibilities for auxilliary techniques

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Implications for Social Work Training - 2 Familiarization with strategy suggestions Understanding the requirement for political activity Remarkable change in the effectiveness of the program Replicated everywhere throughout the state.

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EXPERIMENT 2 Premise: Social Workers are to be change specialists. Hone Experience: Social Workers work as framework support specialists

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Involvement in People's Struggles The New Development Scenario Development instigated relocations Dams, High Ways, Speed ways, SEZ

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Involvement in People's Struggles - 2 Visits to the influenced groups Interaction with the pioneers of the battles Providing the general population in battle a space for expression. Articulations of solidarity – joining a sit in, quick, or challenge walk (intentional)

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Impact on Training Getting to know the seamy side of advancement Awareness about rights – rights past the system of customer rights in administrations. Potential outcomes of Social Action for change

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EXPERIMENT 3: Livelabs Concept of live labs Field activity extends in youngster insurance & tyke rights; ladies' strengthening and improvement; group based tests being taken care of by the maturing; common assets administration and preservation

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Impact on Training The development of the school from an instructing focus to a focal point of educating and practice. Conceivable outcomes of direct connection with numerous specialists Association with different practice units Involvement in different group based projects (particularly through camps)

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Impact on Social Work Training Help in acquainting the students with the genuine setting of practice. Adjusting the built up techniques to group setting with a considerable measure of progress.

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Implications for Social Work Practice Immense conceivable outcomes of research Need for hypothesis building Need for advancing new strategies for an advancement setting Need for more noteworthy concentrate on social arrangement – a greatly ignored territory by SW calling.

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9 Point Poverty Index : Urban Revised 2000 onwards Dilapidated House/No house Less than 5 pennies of Land/No Land No Sanitary Latrine No entrance to safe drinking water inside 150 meters Women headed house hold No normal utilized individual in the family Socially Disadvantaged Groups SC/ST Mentally impeded/Disabled/Chronically sick part in the family Families without shading TV A family having no less than four of the above components is named a 'Family at Risk' or a 'Poor Family'

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9 Point Poverty Index (Revised - Rural) No Land/Less than 10 pennies of Land No house/Dilapidated House No Sanitary Latrine No entrance to safe drinking water inside 300 meters Women headed house hold/Presence of a dowager, divorced person/surrendered woman/unwed mother No consistently utilized individual in the family Socially Disadvantaged Groups(SC/ST) Presence of Mentally or physically tested individual/Chronically sick part in the family Families with an uneducated grown-up part A family having no less than four of the above variables is named a 'Family at Risk' or a 'Poor Family'