Main 10 Issues in MSN

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22 February 2012. The MSN Top 10. gLite. gLiteMuch late discussionSee Stephen Burke\'s discussion later onIs gLite adequate ?LCFGng/QuattorSRM, dCacheOGSA-DAI

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Beat 10 Issues in MSN (A fairly abnormal state see)

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gLite Much late dialog See Stephen Burke's discussion later on Is gLite adequate ? LCFGng/Quattor SRM, dCache OGSA-DAI … The MSN Top 10

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Life on the Grid Being gainful in a not as much as flawless Grid Site arrangement blunders, dark openings, and so forth. Defective middleware (adaptation to non-critical failure, errors,..) Imperfect matrix data Cycle time to settle bugs on the network Sysadmins wish to limit upgrades Users need bugs settled rapidly (and legitimately) Fixing/testing/affirmation/arrangement cycle The MSN Top 10

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Engagement Between engineers, suppliers, clients Can we improve ? Correspondence Between engineers, suppliers, clients Can we improve ? Duplication "Incremental change", OR Natural choice & development, OR Wasted exertion Security Do we comprehend what kind of arrangements we have to bolster in M/W Sociology The MSN Top 10

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Life after GridPP2 Middleware Support Operational support, new discharges, redesigns (security), and so forth. Middleware Development New usefulness : will we have all necessities comprehended and met by 2007 ? The MSN Top 10

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We're not the only one "As indicated by the most recent Web administrations "hype cycle" from Gartner, both Web administrations security measures and the arrangement of Web administrations with security are hurrying headlong into the feared "Trough of Disillusionment." This implies the best levels of buildup in these zones are probably behind us and the truth of exactly what should and can't be possible is all in all occurring to us. Fully trusted, this news could be either great or terrible. The uplifting news could be that now that the buildup is over and we have passed the grandiose "Peak of Inflated Expectations," we can all get down to the genuine work of assembling workable security arrangements and strong security gauges to encourage bring Web administrations to where they should be. The awful news could be the security segments of Web administrations getting buried in the "Trough of Disillusionment" for a really long time and losing their allure for the venture." Michael Mosher, Web Services Journal, Oct 2004. The MSN Top 10

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Hype ? Where you sit relies on upon your part ! (Gartner) Hype Curve for some new advances ~2001 The MSN Top 10

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Issues/Questions What can GridPP2 enhance in MSN to attempt to make a (major) distinction ? gLite Is gLite enough ? How might you be gainful in a not as much as impeccable Grid ? Is the process duration to settle bugs extremely long ? Are clients, suppliers and designers truly drew in ? Are clients, suppliers and engineers conveying successfully ? Is duplication important/avoidable ? Do we truly comprehend security arrangement suggestions on middleware ? After GridPP2, what shape ought to middleware bolster take ? After GridPP2, what shape ought to middleware improvement take ? The MSN Top 10

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The End Not generally 10 focuses, since gLite is truly the greater part of numerous MSN issues !! The MSN Top 10