Mailer s Technical Advisory Committee October 27, 2004

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Coordinations Systems Mailer's Technical Advisory Committee October 27, 2004 Surface Visibility

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Mission Statement Collect end-to-end information by connecting numerous outputs of a solitary resource for make perceivability information to bolster arranging, administration, and enhancement of the surface transportation organize.

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Overview Surface Visibility Components: Uniquely Identifying Assets (sacks, plate, mail transport gear, trailers) Tracking Assets at key handoff focuses (landing, takeoff, break focuses) Quality Checks (counteracting mis-burdens and mis-routings continuously) Electronic Forms (mechanize information gathering) Decision Support (enhanced dock administration and propel notices)

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Deployment Schedule Deployment exercises have started Activation starts in March, 2005 and goes through October 13 HASPs and 116 P&DC Facilities (78% of Surface Volume)

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Uniquely Identifying Assets Containers Permanent 'tag' scanner tags for all mail transport hardware New bar coded bulletin for mail holders encode goal and steering data Handling Units Enhanced Distribution Label Unique 24-Digit standardized identification Trailers Permanent 'tag' scanner tags for all postal claimed and rented trailers/freight vans

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Container Load Trailer Load Trailer Depart Trailer Unload Trailer Arrive Tracking Assets

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Quality Checks Quality registers are worked with the filtering procedure As outputs are gathered, the goals are confirmed Handling unit to compartment Container to trailer The worker is told of potential mis-loads Reduces missent mail

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Electronic Forms Electronic Forms will computerize a considerable lot of the manual methodology on the dock Many qualities pre-populated % stacked is ascertained in light of holder sweeps Arrival and flight times in light of sweeps Security seal is examined; not entered in Electronic Forms dispense with excess information passage – sparing time and lessening mistakes

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Decision Support Visibility data upgrades operational basic leadership Facilities have constant perspective of compartment status on the dock: Destination offices get propelled warning of inbound trailer status: Containers by Type Handling unit numbers via mail class and sort Actual flight times, assessed time of entry Red Boxes = Containers in process Yellow Boxes = Staged Containers Green Boxes = Loaded Containers

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Areas of Opportunity Improve benefit execution Track mail volume between preparing plants Enable advancement of the system More productive administration of stage operations Reduce transportation costs

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Mailer Participation Placard standardized identification Enhanced Distribution Label Trailer scanner tag Induction Manifest (pre-shipment notice) Appointments in FAST