Lower Leg Injury in High School Football Player

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Lower Leg Harm in Secondary School Football Player. Brooke Sallee, Andrew Respectable, Danielle Doggett, Robert Give, Edward Farrar, MD, Dale Blair, ATC Wenatchee Secondary School Wenatchee,WA. History.

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´╗┐Bring down Leg Injury in High School Football Player Brooke Sallee, Andrew Noble, Danielle Doggett, Robert Confer, Edward Farrar, MD, Dale Blair, ATC Wenatchee High School Wenatchee,WA

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History This 16 y/o football player had beforehand cracked tibia and fibula while snowboarding on December 27, 1998 (at age 14).

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Snowboarding tib/lie fx 12/98

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Signs and Symptoms He got a hit to the anteromedial part of distal lower leg while playing in a Friday night football game on September 22, 2000. He could bear full weight, however was not able run and perform utilitarian exercises.

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History The next Monday, 9/25, he could take part in low effect practical activities. He was for all intents and purposes torment free and useful on Tuesday, 9/26 and was cleared for "go as can go" rehearse. As he ran to the practice field, he felt a snap in his lower leg.

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Signs and Symptoms Immediate incapacity and agony. Critical distortion four inches proximal to average malleolus. Transported to crisis stay with a vacuum brace

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Differential Diagnosis Osteogenic sarcoma

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Diagnostic Imaging/lab tests X-beam uncovered a slanted crack of the tibia around 2 inches distal to past break site

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Deviation from the Expected Some radiolucency (sp) was noted on x-beam on the past x-beam (3/99) 4 months post fx at what turned into the new crack site

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Discussion Wolff's law (weight urges issue that remains to be worked out) Fibula was bearing more than share not permitting the tibia to take full weight.

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Discussion The sideways fx happened due to an undectected stretch fx (no agony in first month of season) The lower leg "wound" in the amusement on Friday night may have brought on a slight cortical "bothering."

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Treatment Open decrease, inner obsession with an intramedullary bar in the tibia Fibular osteotomy (Wolff's law)

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Conclusions Tibia push break did not completely mend because of absence of weight on the bone. Tibia additionally has a poor blood supply in the center 1/3 of the bone Implications: absence of weight bearing debilitates bones (e.g. osteoporosis).

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