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Long haul DISABILITY AND SURVIVOR BENEFIT PLAN Presented By: Tammy Usher Chief Executive Office Risk Management Branch Long-Term Disability County of Los Angeles "To Enrich Lives Through Effective and Caring Service"

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Long-Term Disability The Long-Term Disability (LTD) Benefit gives a month to month pay substitution to qualified members when they are wiped out or crippled from work for over six months.

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Long-Term Disability A qualified County representative must be a General Member of Retirement Plan A, B, C, D, or E of the County of Los Angeles Employees Retirement Association (LACERA), and selected to a County thing as takes after: "A," "L," "N," or "D (with limitations)," and "M (with confinements)".

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Authority, Eligibility & Benefit Non-MegaFlex Choices, Options and Flex (barring Safety Retirement individuals) The Non-MegaFlex LTD Plan is represented by area 5.38 of the County Code. Representatives must have five years of nonstop County benefit or have a conceded specialist's remuneration assert. Representatives are offered LTD benefits at 60% of their normal essential month to month remuneration (for the 12 months preceding the qualifying handicap).

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Authority, Eligibility & Benefit MegaFlex Non-Represented and certain Management level Safety Classification Employees The MegaFlex LTD Plan is administered by segments 5.27and 5.28 of the County Code. Prior to the qualifying handicap starts, a MegaFlex representative more likely than not bought LTD benefits at 40% or 60% of their normal fundamental month to month remuneration for the 12 months preceding the qualifying incapacity. MegaFlex representatives in Retirement Plan E with five years of ceaseless County benefit or a conceded specialist's pay guarantee meet all requirements for a 40% LTD center advantage.

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LTD Application Process A qualified worker must be handicapped for six months or more with the qualifying incapacity endorsed by the County's outsider overseer for LTD benefits. The six month holding up period is not stretched out if the representative comes back to work for a total of 29 days or less amid the holding up period. Be that as it may, the six month holding up period will need to begin once again if the representative comes back to work for a total of 30 days or more.

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LTD Application Process Employees truant from work for over four months will get a LTD Application frame to apply for LTD profits by Sedgwick CMS (Sedgwick), the County's Third Party Administrator. A representative must finish the "Worker's Statement of Claim" shape, and their doctor must finish the "Going to Physician's Statement" frame. The finished LTD application shapes must be come back to Sedgwick inside one year from the main day of nonattendance, generally, no advantages should be paid under the LTD Plan.

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LTD Application Process Within 30 days of documenting a LTD application for advantages, workers should likewise apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits under the Federal Social Security Act (FSSA), to finish the application procedure. LTD Plan requires that representatives furnish Sedgwick with verification of their application for SSD benefits under the FSSA, paying little heed to regardless of whether they were discovered qualified to get FSSA benefits.

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Duration of LTD Benefits The initial 24 months of advantage qualification, a worker must be impaired and not able to play out the obligations of their County position. Following 24 months of qualification, a worker must be regarded completely crippled and not able to play out the obligations of any occupation.

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Coordination of LTD Benefits If a worker is qualified for other wage substitution benefits as an aftereffect of their inability, their LTD advantage will be facilitated with these different advantages. Workers who choose to utilize debilitated leave, excursion, yearly leave, or other collected time in lieu of LTD advantages, "Facilitated" implies LTD advantages will be substituted on a day-for-day premise (not dollar-for-dollar premise), bringing about one day's loss of LTD advantages for every day of substituted time. Note: Employees on LTD can't utilize paid leave or gave leave on an once-a-month recurrence to keep up medicinal services commitments or other cafeteria benefits.

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Long-Term Disability Health Eligibility & Benefit A worker must be affirmed for LTD advantages, furthermore be selected in a County-supported therapeutic arrangement to take part in the LTDH Plan. The County LTDH Plan gives a "center" scope of 75% County-supported medicinal premium while accepting LTD benefits. The representative will pay 25% of the month to month premium. In the event that a worker chooses to "purchase up" with LTDH before the begin of their handicap, they will be secured for 100% of their medical advantage while accepting LTD benefits.

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Long-Term Disability Health Eligibility & Benefit The LTDH program is given by the Department of Human Resources (DHR), Employee Benefits Division. If you don't mind contact DHR specifically at (213) 388-9982 on the off chance that you have addresses about LTDH.

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Survivor Benefit & Eligibility Non-MegaFlex Choices, Options and Flex (barring Safety Retirement individuals) Survivors of Non-MegaFlex expired representatives who had five years or a greater amount of County Service meet all requirements for Survivor Benefits (SB). For the life of the surviving mate or household accomplice, SB pays 55% of the 60% LTD advantage, regardless of whether the worker was accepting LTD on the date of death.

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Survivor Benefit & Eligibility MegaFlex Non-Represented and certain Management level Safety Classification Employees MegaFlex representatives don't get SB benefits, yet MegaFlex Retirement Plan E workers may choose a different Survivor Income Benefit (SIB) Plan. More data about SIB scope might be found in the MegaFlex Summary Plan Description from the Department of Human Resources, Employee Benefits Division.

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Other Resources Additional LTD data is accessible on the County Medical Provider Network site at: http://ceo.lacounty.gov/rtw/rtw_default.htm (click on the Return-To-Work Unit) At the site you will discover: The LTD Booklets for MegaFlex, and Non-MegaFlex (Choices, Options, and Flex) The LTD Pamphlet Excerpt from the County Code that identifies with LTD

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Other Resources Contact Sedgwick @: (800) 786-8600 Fax – (818) 591-7644 Sedgwick CMS PO Box 9830 Calabasas, CA. 91372-0830

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LTD & Survivor Benefits This video is expected just as a review of the LTD Plan. If there are any disparities or irregularities between the data gave in this video and the arrangements of the County Code, the County Code should administer.