Lodging Our City

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´╗┐Lodging Our City Presentation to Congress of Neighborhood Councils September 16, 2006

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A Housing Crisis in our City? There are around 48,000 vagrants, ladies and youngsters in the City of Los Angeles on any given night. Under 2% of the homes sold in Los Angeles amid the previous three months were moderate to middle pay workers. 65% of Los Angeles tenants can't manage the cost of lease on a 2-room flat at Fair Market Rent. (A pay of $47,560 is expected to manage the cost of $1,189/month.) Many working families live in stuffed and dangerous structures which strain foundation and add to neighborhood scourge. Angelenos who need to possess homes are compelled to live long separations from their occupations with a specific end goal to manage the cost of homeownership. Longer drives increment movement and contamination.

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Housing Production Not Keeping Pace with Population Growth + 209,422 3.7 Million 35,600 Total Housing Permits Approved 1990-2000 Los Angeles Population Increase 1990-2000

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National Overcrowding Rates

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Not Just A Housing Shortage Overcrowding Long Commutes Rising Home Prices Higher Rents

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Who Can Afford Housing in Our City? Los Angeles Housing Wage: Renters in City of LA $27.42/hour $57,040/year Homebuyers in City of LA $70.68/hour $147,018/year Source: "Out of Reach 2006", SCANPH Report

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Rents Out of Reach Waiters $17,216/year Office Clerk $26,311/year Social Workers $39,346/year Electricians $49,829/year Clergy $52,237/year

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Homeownership Out of Reach High School Teacher $60,537/year Firefighters $66,307/year Patrol Officers $67,693/year Registered Nurses $67,775/year Pharmacists $95,280/year

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Living Paycheck to Paycheck Pay Check to Pay Check: Los Angeles Rental Market 2005 Fair Market Rent: 1BR $900, 2BR $1124 Copyright 2000-2006 Center for Housing Policy

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What is Affordable Housing? What makes lodging "reasonable" is a sound proportion of lodging expense to family unit salary, for the most part acknowledged as 30%. In any case, 65% of L.A. tenants spend more than half of their salary on lease.

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What is Affordable Housing? The Fair Market Rent for a two-room loft in Los Angeles is $1189. At current leases, a family gaining the lowest pay permitted by law would need to work a 135-hour week to take care of everything for a mean-estimated two-room rental.

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What is Affordable Housing? Moderate Housing not just enhances individuals' lives, it likewise enhances neighborhoods.

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St. Andrew Bungalow Court 1514-44 N. St Andrews in Council District 13. BEFORE

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St. Andrew Bungalow Court 1514-44 N. St Andrews in Council District 13. AFTER

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Views at 270 Views at 270 is a 56 unit Large Family blended utilize improvement extend situated at Sunset Blvd. what's more, Western Avenue in Council District 13.

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Palomar Apartments Palomar is a 27 unit Senior & Family moderate lodging recovery extend, situated at 5473 Santa Monica Blvd. in Council District 13.

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Skyline Village Apartments Skyline Village Apts. is a 73 unit new development reasonable lodging venture , situated at 420 Lucas Avenue, in Council District 1.

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Skyline Village Apartments Courtyard

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The Asbury Apartments The Asbury Apts. is a 97 unit Senior & Family a ffordable lodging restoration extend , situated at 2500-25 04 W. 6 th S t. in Council District 01.

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The Asbury Apartments Lobby

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Allesandro Apartments The Allesandro is another development venture of 1 8 Special Needs units situated at 1934 Alessandro St. in Council District 13.

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Taking a Closer Look

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Step 2: Think About Pedestrians

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Step 3: Fill In The Gaps

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Which neighborhood do you favor?

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Next Steps How can Neighborhood Councils be included in explaining the lodging emergency in Our City?