Little Label UID Format for Part Tracking Applications

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´╗┐Little Label UID Format for Part Tracking Applications Presented BY APTEC International, Inc. Robert Rylander and Associates

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Agenda What is UID Data, Application Text Identifiers UID Structure UID Training Small Label Marking Benefits Specifications Applications Live Demonstration

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What is UID gives the capacity to recognize one thing from another. UID is Globally Unique Data uprightness for the duration of the life of an Item Data Quality

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What is UID Set of Data Elements for substantial resources Enterprise Identifier, Serial Number Enterprise Identifier, Part Number, Serial Number Assigned by an Enterprise Business association or firm Commercial organization (at least two people) Enterprise Identifier Assigned by enrollment or controlling power Dun & Bradstreet's (DUNS) Uniform Code Council (UCC)/International (EAN) Defense Logistics Information Service (CAGE)

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What is UID Two Methods (Construct #1 and #2) Serialization inside the Enterprise Identifier Issuing office code Enterprise Identifier Unique Serial Number (numbers/letters) Assigned by the producer/seller

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What is UID Serialization inside a Part Number Issuing office code Enterprise Identifier Original Part Number (numbers/letters) Same frame, fit, capacity, and interface Unique Serial Number (numbers/letters) Assigned by the maker/merchant

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What is UID Acceptable Alternatives Must meet information prerequisites for exceptional recognizable proof EAN.UCC Global Individual Asset Identifier (GIAI) EAN.UCC Returnable Asset Identifier (GRIA) ISO Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Electronic Serial Number (ESN) for phones just EPC Electronic Product Code For further comprehension go as well:

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Data, Application, Text Identifiers A DI is characterized as a predetermined character (or series of characters) that characterizes the general classification or indicated utilization of the information that takes after. P 1P 12P 123P

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Data, Application, Text Identifiers

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Data, Application, Text Identifiers Sample Categories (6 of 27) D = Date H= Human assets K= Trading Partner Transaction L= Location P= Item Q= Measurement

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Data, Application, Text Identifiers Category 16 P = Item ID (client alloted) 1P = Item ID (provider doled out) 2P = Rev Level, Eng. Change 30P = Current Part Number 20P-24P= Extension of P 30P-34P = Extension of IP ... In addition Others

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Data, Application, Text Identifiers Category 22 (Party to the Transaction) 12V= DUNS number recognizing the producer 17V= U.S. DOD CAGE Number

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Data, Application, Text Identifiers Category 19 Traceability number for a passage S = Serial Number relegated by provider 25S = Unique Identifier Including Issuing office code 18S = Unique Identifier not Including Issuing office code

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Data, Application, Text Identifiers Application Identifiers AI Content Format 00 Serial Shipping Container Code N2+N18 01 Shipping Container Code N2+N14 30 Quantity Each N2+N...8 420 Ship to (convey to) postal code N3+AN...9 421 Ship to postal code with 3-digit ISO N3+N3+AN...9 ... Besides Others

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Data, Application, Text Identifiers Text Elements Air Line Industry Spec 2000 Data Directory CAGE CAG * MFR/SPL ** DUNs DUN * EAN.UCC EUC * SN inside EID SER/UCN ** SN inside PN SEQ * Original PN PNO * Current PN PNR * = Cannot be utilized as a part of UID Construct 2 ** = Enterprise other then Manufacturer Text Elements are three characters.

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Data, Application, Text Identifiers DI/AI and Text Elements Equivalent Enterprise ID DI AI Text Elements Cage/NCAGE 17V CAG * MFR/SPL DUNS 12V DUN * EAN . UCC 3V EUC * Other Agencies 18V 95 SN inside EID SER/UCN SN inside PN S 21 SEQ * Original PN 1P 01 PNO * Current PN 30P 240 PNR UID with IAC 25S 8004 UID no IAC 18S USN/UST * Cannot be utilized until endorsed via Air Transport Association

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Data, Application, Text Identifiers

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End Of Transmission Part Number DI Record Separator CAGE Code Data Serial Number DI ISO 15434 Start String Serial Number Data Format Code (DIs) Group Separator Part Number Data CAGE Code DI Data, Application, Text Identifiers E o T S 19453 1P 1234 786950 [)> 06 17V G S R S G S R S MILSTD 130L Format

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UID Structure Issuing Agency Codes (IACs) Issuing Agency Issuing Agency Enterprise ID Code 0-9 EAN-International EAN.UCC LB Telcordia Technologies ANSI T1.220 UN Dun & Bradstreet DUNS D Allied Committee 135 CAGE LH European Health Industry EHIBCC Business Communications Council

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UID Structure Creating and Generating a UID Only the Enterprise Identifier that doled out the SN can be utilized as a part of the UID Other information components must be discrete (information qualifier) and be set toward the end in a check UID Data Elements might be contained in: Data Matrix ECC200 image Contact memory catches 1D standardized identifications InfoDot (preprinted names) RFID Marks must stay clear for the life of the Item If space accessible Human Readable UID data ought to be set apart on the thing.

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UID Structure Metadata Requirements UID not to surpass 78 characters IAC not to surpass 3 characters Enterprise Identifier not to surpass 13 characters * Original Part Number not to surpass 32 characters * Serial Number not to surpass 30 characters * Possible 78 UID characters however the utilization of shorter field lengths is supported. * = Excluding Data Qualifiers

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UID Structure Metadata Requirements UID string of information must have overall uniqueness Spaces ought to be erased from UID information No extraordinary characters in the EI Only dashes (- ) and forward slice (/) all other exceptional characters are erased from PN and SN UID must contain capitalized A-Z 0-9 and (- ) (/)

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UID Structure Special Rules for Existing Inventory Enterprise Identifier missing Use Activity for the EI Part Number missing Obtain PN from in-administration design Serial Number missing Assign SN locally alongside Activity as EI Material Unidentifiable UID ought not be utilized Program Manager could utilize Lot/Batch as a prefix to the serial number (weapons)

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UID Structure Structuring Data Elements for Uniqueness Data Identifiers (ISO/IEC 15434 Format 06) Application Identifiers (ISO/IEC 15434 Format 05) Text Element Identifiers (ISO/IEC TS 21849)

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UID Structure Data Identifiers Format 06 Data Elements DI Data Value Encoded Data EI DUNS 12V 077991289 12V 077991289 SN with IAC 25S UN077991289 25S UN077991289 674A36458 674A36458 SN inside PN S 10936 S 10936 Original PN 1P 4202435 1P 4202435 Current PN 30P 4202435-01 30P4202435-01 UID no IAC 18S 0CVA5674A3 18S 0CVA5674A3 Construct #1 [)> R S 06 G S 25S UN077991289674A36458 R S E O T Reader Output: UN077991289674A36458 [)> R S 06 G S 18S 0CVA5674A36458 R S E O T Reader Output: D0CVA5674A36458 Construct # 2 [)> R S 06 G S 12V 077991289 G S 1P 4202435 G S 10936 R S E O T Reader Output: UN077991289420243510936

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UID Structure Application Identifier Format 05 Data Elements AI Data Value Encoded Data Other Agencies 95 12345 9512345 SN inside EID 8004 06141411A0B9C3D6 8004 06141411A0B9C3D6 SN inside PN 21 1A0B9C3D6 21 1A0B9C3D6 Original PN 01 00061414199999 01 00061414199999 Current PN 240 4202435-01 2404202435-01 Construct #1 [)> R S 05 G S 8004 06141411A0B9C3D6 R S E O T Reader Output: 06141411A0B9C3D6 Construct #2 [)> R S 05 G S 01 00061414199999 G S 21 1A0B9C3D6 R S E O T Reader Output: 000614141999991A0B9C3D6

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UID Structure Data Elements TEIs Data Value Encoded Data CAGE MFR 0CVA5 MFR 0CVA5 SN inside EID SER 674A36458 SER 674A36458 CAGE (EID not MFG) SPL 0F3N5 SPL 0F3N5 SN (EDI not MFG) UCN 10936 UCN 10936 Current PN PNR 4202435-01 PNR 4202435-01 Construct #1 [)> R S DD G S MFR 0CVA5 G S SER 674A36458 R S E O T Reader Output: D0CVA5674A36458 [)> R S DD G S SPL 0F3N5 G S UCN 10936 R S E O T Reader Output: D0F3N510936 TEIs = 3 Alpha characters DD = Special, between time DOD - determined arrangement header Cannot utilize build #2 until CAG, SEQ, PNO, have been affirmed via Air Transport Association.

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UID Structure Data Identifiers 18S Add IAC for Cage (D) for finish UID 25S Constructed UID Has IAC S 17V (enclosure)/12V (Duns) UID= IAC+17V/12V+1P+S 18V (Other Agencies) UID=18V+1P+S I Constructed UID Equivalent (VIN) ISO: Vehicle ID 22S Constructed UID Equivalent (ESN) Electronic SN 1B Constructed UID Equivalent (GIAI/GRAI) UCC/EAN: Global Individual Asset ID/Global Returnable Asset ID 5B Constructed UID Equivalent (GRIA) UCC/EAN: Global Returnable Individual Asset ID

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UID Structure Application Identifiers 21 UID=01+21 (01=14 characters) 8004 Constructed UID Equivalent (GIAI) 8003 Constructed UID Equivalent (GRAI) 8002 Constructed UID Equivalent (ESN) Text Elements SER UID=IAC+MFR+SER (confine code) USN/UST Add IAC for pen (D) for Complete UID (Universal SN/Universal Serial Tracking #) UCN UID=IAC+SPL+UCN (SPL=cage other then MFG/ UCN=Unique Component # other then MFG)

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UID Training Seminars Webinar Self Paced Training CDs Free less delivering and taking care of $50 Upon Registration UID Updates Provided for 1 year

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Small Label Marking (InfoDot) Benefits Radial shape figure accommodates the most information in the littlest region Non prominent little spiral arrangement Orientation not basic Is human & machine clear Easy to field apply Provides a review trail for entered things

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Small Label Marking (InfoDot) Specifications Size ┬╝" Data Amount Construct #1 Up to 40 Chars 3/8" Data