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LEV – Levant Service

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Introduction CSAV NORASIA now is prepared to more extensive our topographical scope and give a superior support of our clients with the incorporation of a devoted feeder benefit from Port Said to East Mediterranean ports of Mersin, Lattakia and Beirut

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The scope of Levant administration The Levant benefit gives consistent and solid feeder benefit from Port Said to the accompanying goals Mersin, Turkey Lattakia, Syria Beirut, Lebanon

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Market Growth of Levant locale Statistics of Levant market development: 2006-2007-21% 1 st Quarter of 2007-2008 – 16% 1 st Quarter of 2006-2007 – 16% Source: FEFC Statistics

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Fixed day call – Berthing windows

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Levant Service's Transit Times Port Said to Mersin-1 Days Port Said to Lattakia – 2 Days Port Said to Beirut-4 Days

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Transit times (CHINA & SE Asia) CSAV NORASIA Proposed Transit times from China & SE Asia (Connected by ABS WB benefit):

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Transit times (Indian Sub-Continents and Europe) CSAV NORASIA Proposed Transit times from Indian Sub-Continent and Europe (Connected by IMEX Service):

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Commercial Advantage CSAV Operates a committed vessel with limit of 1200 TEUs, totally adjusted to the market requests and development way. Altered berthing windows in a Weekly-pivoted benefit with more dependable and relentless calendars bringing about better travel times Comprehensive association for cargoes from/to China, South East Asia, Indian sub-mainland and North Europe.

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