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A boat. . Fundamental vocabulary 1 . Compose definitions for the words beneath: Radar Pilot house (wheelhouse) Upper deck Capstan . Essential vocabulary 1. Radar: mechanical assembly that distinguishes objects through the utilization of microwaves. Pilot house: a room in the superstructure containing route and directing hardware. Upper deck: higher deck on a boat. Capstan: vertical

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Lesson 1 Types of Merchant Ships - Introduction-

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A ship

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Basic vocabulary 1 Write definitions for the words underneath: Radar Pilot house (wheelhouse) Upper deck Capstan

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Basic vocabulary 1 Radar : mechanical assembly that recognizes questions using microwaves. Pilot house : a room in the superstructure containing route and controlling gear. Upper deck : higher deck on a ship. Capstan : vertical – axled winch that can be utilized to apply constrain to a cabl e, rope , and so on .

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Basic vocabulary 2 Write definitions for the words underneath: Hawsehole (hawsepipe) Anchor Bow Bulwark Flagpole B oom

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Basic vocabulary 2 Hawsehole (hawsepipe) : opening in the front of a ship for grapple links. Stay : a mechanical device that keeps a vessel from moving . Bow : part at the front of a vessel that cuts the water. Defense : defensive edge of the upper deck. Flagpole : present utilized on derrick banners. B oom : present utilized on load and empty products.

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Classification of boats as per what they convey or occupations they perform PEOPLE Cruise liner Passenger liner Hydrofoil Hovercraft

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Passenger Liner

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Cruise Liner

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Basic Vocabulary 3 Write definitions for the words underneath : Hydrofoil pontoon Stern Stack Windlass

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Basic Vocabulary 3 Hydrofoil vessel : rapid ship which lifts over the water surface at speed . Stern: the back some portion of a ship Stack (pipe): cone shaped formed structure comprising of a pole for ventilation and the section of smoke . Windlass : horizontal– axled winch that is utilized to raise a stay.

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Basic vocabulary 4 Write definitions for the words beneath : Hovercraft Rudder Gearbox

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Basic vocabulary 4 Hovercraft : transport vehicle that proceeds onward a pad of air. Rudder : mechanical assembly to turn the pontoon. Gearbox: gadget which decreases or duplicates rakish speed.

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Combined/blended sorts Passenger – Car ship General payload dispatch Ro-Ro traveler send

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Special reason deliver Oil tanker (ULCC, VLCC) Chemical transporter LPG bearer LNG bearer FPSO (F loating creation stockpiling and offloading )

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Oil tanker (side view)

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Oil tanker 1 oil tanker = petroleum tanker intended for the mass transport of oil Basic sorts: Crude tanker (conveys huge amounts of grungy oil from its purpose of extraction to refineries) Product tanker (littler/conveys petrochemicals from refineries to focuses close devouring markets)

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Oil tanker 2 VLC – huge rough transporter (200,000 – 300,000 dwt) ULCC – ultra vast unrefined transporter (> 300,000 dwt)

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Chemical bearer = kind of tanker intended to transport chemicals in mass has isolate freight tanks - covered

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LPG bearer

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LNG transporter

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FPSO = gliding generation, stockpiling and offloading utilized by the seaward business for handling hydrocarbons and capacity of oil hydrocarbons created from nearyby stages are gotten, prepared, put away, offloaded

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Special reason send Container send Ro-Ro deliver Car transporter Bulk transporter

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Container transport

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Container transport fast development ofcontainer transport payload can be transported from client to client TEU (twenty feet identical unit) FEU (forty feet proportional unit)

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Ro – Ro dispatch

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Ro-Ro deliver move on/move off wheeled freight (vehicles, trucks, and so.) entrance ramps

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Bulk transporter

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Bulk bearer conveys unpackaged mass freight (grain, coal, mineral, bond) in payload holds mass payload can be thick, destructive and grating - > load moving ; sudden ignition

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Basic vocabulary 5 Write definitions for the words beneath : Navigation connect Container Loading crane Bulbous bow

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Basic vocabulary 5 Navigation connect : raised stage from which a vessel is controlled . Compartment : standard measured boxlike protest utilized for transporting merchandise. Stacking crane : mechanical assembly used to lift and work payload ( holders ) . Bulbous bow : a projecting globule at the bow of a ship just underneath the waterline .

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Special reason vessels Harbor pull Ocean - going pull Supplier Dredger LASH send Heavy-lift vessel

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Tugboat exceptionally manoeuverable effective for their size/unequivocally constructed

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Supplier = supply deliver d esigned to supply seaward oil stages t ransport s products and faculty to and from seaward oil stages

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Grab dredger

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Grab dredger used to keep up or develop stations and fairways

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LASH SHIP Lighter on board transport Loading of freight ships (lighters)

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Heavy-lift vessel

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Heavy-lift vessel moves shift expansive burdens that can't be dealt with by ordinarily prepared boats semi-submersible

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Special reason vessels Cablelayer Icebreaker Oil penetrating vessel Research dispatch

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Icebreaker frames which are fortified for route in ice strengthened stem

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Fishing vessels Trawler Freezer trawler Fishery plant deliver Whale deliver Whale manufacturing plant transport

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Trawler occupied with all-the-year-round angling must along these lines be a solid, tough vessel ready to work in the most exceedingly awful of climate

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Freezer trawler can stay adrift for a long time longer than this as the catch is sorted, washed, gutted and after that solidified into around 40 kg-pieces and held at a temperature of about - 28°C, until port is come to.

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Fish manufacturing plant the catch is cleaned and gutted, as well as fileted, cleaned and handled prepared for the market