Learning Styles Inventory

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Learning Styles. Energetic Learners

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Learning Styles Inventory

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Enthusiastic Learners "Feel It and Do It" Learn by doing Think experimentation is a fine approach Ask: When would we be able to begin Dislikes an excessive amount of detail Likes hazard & change to purpose of lack of caution Need the chance to be included Imaginative Learners "Feel It and See It" Learn by reflection It can be correct the first run through Ask: What's the master plan Dislike moving too quick Look for approaches to fit current circumstance into existing speculations & models Need the chance to assemble information Learning Styles

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Practical Learners "Think and Act" Learn by testing Looks for briefest course between two focuses Ask: What will work Dislike anything silly Need chance to demonstrate hypothesis through activity Logical Learners "Think and Plan" Learn by plotting the course Think about cause & impact Ask: What's the objective Dislike deficient information Need the chance to substance out the points of interest Learning Styles

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Discussion Questions For Small Groups Do you discover your style a shock or it an affirmation of what you had beforehand detected to be valid? What 1 or 2 qualities are related with your style? What do individuals of different styles find testing in your style How would you feel and carry on when you are in a circumstance with other people who share your style How would you feel and act when a circumstance obliges you to utilize a style not the same as your own or work with others whose style is distinctive

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How would you think your style impacts your work life cooperations: with your boss and additionally supervisees with your companions with your clients How would you think your style impacts your family and fellowships?

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Discussion Questions For Entire Group What do these distinctive styles say in regards to the qualities and shortcomings of your present work assemble? When dealing with an undertaking, what does each style convey to an errand? Pick a present or past venture and distinguish the blend of styles for a successful work assemble.

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Implementation Questions Linked to Group Member Styles Enthusiastics – What thoughts, worksheets, and so forth may be put to quick utilize? Imaginatives – How does what we are doing fit with other hierarchical advancement (or teambuilding or extend administration or ?) speculations and practices? Is there anything we neglected to consider in the assignment? Practicals – For what kind of hierarchical (or correspondence or venture administration or ?)difficulties is the thing that we are doing most appropriate? Logicals – What additional data do you have to feel more great with our course? Are objectives clear & convincing

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How Enthusiastics Interact With Other Styles

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How Imaginatives Interact With Other Styles

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How Practicals Interact With Other Styles

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How Logicals Interact With Other Styles