? Learning and sharing information on group driven improvement Territorial WORKSHOP 14-17 Walk 2006 New Coco Shoreline R

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New Coco Beach Resort - Accra, Ghana. Anna Manikowska. Data and ... http://www.ruralpovertyportal.org/english/subjects/cdd. What are the learning holes? ...

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 Learning and sharing information on group driven advancement REGIONAL WORKSHOP 14-17 March 2006 New Coco Beach Resort - Accra, Ghana Anna Manikowska Information and Communication Division, IFAD

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Stocktaking What is out there? Online sources World Bank http://www.worldbank.org/cdd UNCDF http://www.uncdf.org/english/local_development FIDAFRIQUE http://fidafrique.net/rubrique282.html Online people group – Ecomlink http://www.ecomlink.org/e_Incubator/Category_Home.asp?CategoryID=909 Rural destitution gateway http://www.ruralpovertyportal.org/english/themes/cdd What are the learning holes?

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Proposed reason for a learning space It could be utilized to Share data Learn new methodologies and find out about what others are doing Provide space for discourse on issues of premium or a space for determining issues aggregately Provide toolboxs, manuals, potential "solutions" for the individuals who require them

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Audiences Who are the intended interest groups? Staff in benefactor associations Consultants and staff planning ventures Project staff Communities Governments

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Food for thought Some essential inquiries What do every gathering of people gathering need? In what frame? How rapidly? In what dialect? What is the specificity of your association, and in what capacity would you be able to add to the stage?

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Success calculates The space should Be a common obligation Not IFAD-driven Sufficient time and assets

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The route forward Proposals for next strides Identify potential gatherings of people and their caracteristics Conduct a necessities evaluation consider Link every one of the assets on a space, for example, the entryway and empower individuals to contribute by submitting content Create topical index of specialists where individuals would direct discourses and serve as a center gathering Define parts and duties of the center gathering Identify conceivable learning catching components

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Decisions for now Is there a will to make this space? For whom? Is it accurate to say that you are ready to effectively take an interest in the group of practice and constitute the center gathering of specialists? How would you want to contribute?