Learner-Centered Training Student-focused execution based instructing

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Learner-Centered Training " Student-focused execution based educating" RISC Foundation Introduction by every moderator to entire gathering

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General Agenda for BET

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Bet SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) Direct Instruction Prompt (Attention) Active listening Encourage Those Around You Computers at Half Mast Active cooperation Breaks – planned and as you discover vital Parking Lot Feedback Tools Used Sheet Word Wall for Clarification Material at Tables

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Ice Breaker Interview an elbow accomplice What is your brush with popularity? Share out to entire gathering

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What is RISC? Shared Vision Leadership Continuous Improvement Standards Based Instruction Assessments Instruction Recording and Reporting

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"Why isn't RISC simply one more Education Flavor of the Month?"

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Shared Vision 5 WHY's Individually, compose answers to a 5 why… . Crucial Question: "What are we doing here?" *answer #1 *Why #2 - (answer #1) *answer #2 *Why #3 (answer #2) *answer #3 *cont. to answer #5 Share Final reply with gathering

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5 WHY's "What are we doing here?"

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Goals: 1) move learning of gathering to a point that all are alright with 1 st Implementation 2) bolster formation of instruments/arranges so execution is prepared for 1 st week of school So, what are we doing the following 4 days?

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Bubble #1 ISAT Standards # 1 & 4

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Self Assess utilizing the isat Read the continuum and portrayals for every level for benchmarks # 1 and # 4 Talk to your table for 2 mins. about elucidation of terms Circle the crate on the ISAT where you think you are at right now

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You are grasping change Elbow Partner… .. - Is this change "simply one more one of those passing thoughts… .?" - What are we planning to change about business as usual? - Why might we need to change from what we are at present doing?

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Collegiality Continuum

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Consens-o-gram Essential Question: How dedicated would you say you are to progressing in the direction of this level of progress? Prepare: Individually, consider your level of duty as a % 100% conferred – I feel no faltering, have the vitality and KNOW it's the proper thing. I'll help other people 80% conferred – I will work at it, have a little wavering, not certain I am prepared to lead and bolster others Place a sticky on the notice in the best possible line in light of your % of duty

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Am Break Go Over Feedback from instruments Place input on the parking area