LCA of imported rural items

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Sugar creation of sugar stick. agribusiness. Harvest manual/apparatus ... Sugar creation. Respiratory impacts, inorganic,Eco-pointer 99, (H,A) because of blazing of ...

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LCA of imported farming items – impacts because of deforestation and blazing of deposits Dr. Niels Jungbluth ESU-administrations Ltd., Uster, Switzerland International Life Cycle Assessment and Management 2007 Portland, Oregon - October 2 to 4

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Topics Goal and extent of the venture "Life cycle inventories of bioenergy" Methodology designation Specific territorial issues Soy beans Plant oils Sugar stick Conclusions

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Problem setting for the venture "LCI bioenergy" Diverging results for bioenergy in independent studies ecoinvent information v1.3 cover just a little piece of bioenergy chains. No regular database Aims to completely cover the of most critical bioenergy chains Support for vitality strategy (fuel assess decreases) Examination for GHG diminishment potential Investigation of a few ecological parts of "biofuels" supply chains

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Resources, transformation strategies and "bioenergy" items researched

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Goal and Scope Time outline 2005 or new future advances Investigation from well to Swiss wheel Products from multi-yield procedures are explored with allotment calculates that can be changed by the information client All immediate co-items are incorporated into the examination Consistent examination of vitality, sustenance and material items from biomass Clear separation of fossil and natural carbon Publication with ecoinvent information v2.0 late 2007 ( )

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Allocation Multi-yield procedures are put away in the database – BEFORE assignment Input-and yield particular designation elements, i.e. singular allotment consider permitted per toxin and info Allocation executed after import of dataset into database - > computation of distributed unit forms - > lattice gets to be invertible NO framework extension, NO credits Cut-off connected for yields without financial esteem and squanders for reusing

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Allocation: Example Biogas

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Soybean creation

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Increase of horticultural region This territory was cleared by soybean ranchers in Novo Progreso. Brazilian Government figures demonstrate that the rate of clearing has expanded.

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Annual backwoods misfortune in Brazilian Amazon almost 20'000km 2 = 600m 2 every second

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Clear cutting of essential timberlands Agricultural zone is expanded by clear slicing Land change prompts to CO 2 emanations Burning of deposits with further outflows Loss of biodiversity CO 2 from land change represents around 90% of Brazil CO 2 discharges Particles from buildup copying are a critical issue in South-East Asia

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Principle of examination What is the expansion in rural territory for the generation in the reference year? What is discharged per m 2 of obvious land? Assignment of outflows amongst wood and stubbed arrive Stubbed land is the primary driver New basic stream „CO 2 , arrive change" as utilized by IPCC for various conceivable outcomes of examination

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Inventory Clear Cutting

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Inventory farming item

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Soybean nursery gasses kg CO2-eq per kg at field

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Fires amid clear cutting Soybean (natural shortage 2006) Important contrasts in ecological profile

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Plant oil generation kg CO2-eq per kg oil at plant

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Sugar creation of sugar stick agribusiness Harvest manual/apparatus Sugar/Ethanol creation

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Sugar creation Respiratory impacts, inorganic,Eco-marker 99, (H,A) because of blazing of deposits

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Sugar creation Respiratory impacts, natural, Eco-pointer 99, (H,A) because of smoldering of buildups

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Conclusions Products demonstrate natural "Achilles' ligament" in various territories => Focus of examination relies on upon item investigated "Biofuels" case: - smoldering of buildups - CO 2 discharges because of land change => recognize and show local contrasts ecoinvent information give the vital data

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Thanks to partaking associations Financing: Swiss Federal Offices for Energy (BFE), Agriculture (BLW) and Environment, Forests and Landscape (SAEFL) Erdöl-Vereinigung, Zurich; Alcosuisse, Berne; Entsorgung und Recycling Zürich Experts: Carbotech AG, Basel Chudacoff Oekoscience, Zürich Doka Ökobilanzen ENERS Energy Concept, Lausanne INFRAS, Bern Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETHZ) ecoinvent director: Rolf Frischknecht, ecoinvent Center Project pioneer: Niels Jungbluth, ESU-administrations Ltd.

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A joint activity of the Swiss ETH inquire about space and Swiss Federal Offices ecoinvent Trust in Transparency!