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Travelog. The Facebook Advantage. fb! Fabricated in Photo Albums ... Travelog Database (mysql) User/Trip Data. Facebook. Client Data/Photos. PHP5. backend ...

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´╗┐Lahini Arunachalam Fred Kang Eric Peng Nan Yu

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Collaborate and Share The old methods for doing things Facebook Trip Photos Trip Photos Trip Photos Single Trip Planner Decentralized Photos

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Collaborate and Share Find a superior way! Facebook Trip Photos Trip Photos Trip Photos Travelog Collaborative Planning Centralized Sharing

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The Facebook Advantage fb ! Notices/News Feed Built in Photo Albums Accessibility/Visibility

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Implementation Facebook User Data/Photos Travelog Database ( mysql ) User/Trip Data PHP5 backend Translation FBML frontend HTML yield

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User Testing 9 clients add up to separated into 4 bunches Semi-organized meeting and direct perception What we were keen on User interface blemishes/purposes of disarray Missing/superfluous components

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User Testing What clients enjoyed Users loved the look and feel Main usefulness was generally welcomed What clients experienced difficulty with Some of the alternatives were excessively broad Users needed more ways, making it impossible to sort list style shows Our clients' conduct did not coordinate some of our suspicions

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Next Steps Near Future Security and protection Little consistency fixes Resolve purposes of client perplexity Long Term Souvenirs Location affiliation Public discourse strings

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Questions && Answers