Knowledge at the Interface Semantic Innovation and the Shopper Web Experience

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Maps. Photographs. Recordings. Music. Talk. Email. Cellular Phone. Smart Design ... get helpful learning from every one of those shrewd individuals on the Internet ...

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Knowledge at the Interface Semantic Technology and the Consumer Internet Experience picture by Tom Gruber

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What is the Killer App for Semantic Technology? Semantic Search? Incorporated Services? Aggregate Intelligence?

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Intelligent Design Where's the executioner application? Seek Maps Chat Music Videos Photos Email Multi-touch Mobile Phone (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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The Killer App for Semantic Technology is Your Life (on-line)

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Intelligence at the Interface applying the best of the Internet (astutely) to bolster your day by day life

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Intelligent Interface It's nearer than you might suspect. Dialect Understanding Semantic Search Machine Learning Integrated Services (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Intelligence at the Interface is a Paradigm Shift for collaboration on the Internet.

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Interaction Paradigms Breadcrumbs in the Forest Follow the Leader Magic Words At your Service (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Breadcrumbs in the timberland: The Hyperlink User Role Choose your way System Roles draw an obvious conclusion Technical achievement: general asset character (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber Illustration by Arthur Rackham, 1909

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Follow the pioneer: The Portal User Role pick your channels (and devour them) System Roles convey the substance Technical leap forward: frictionless telecom (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber Chevron Barracuda, Papua New Guinea

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Abracadabra: The Search Engine User Role express your question (and move through results) System Roles find important substance and channel on quality Technical achievement: web-scale ordering and positioning (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber Abracadabra as a spell to be utilized as a cure for fevers and aggravations, 2 nd Century AD

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At your Service: Intelligence @ the Interface User Role Live your life System Roles Tell me what I have to know. Help me take care of my issues. Help me address my issues. Work for me. Be proactive. Specialized leap forward: customized, setting mindful AI (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber Bathroom of The Ritz-Carlton Powerscourt, Ireland

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What can I@I accomplish for you? Help you remain educated Help you keep associated Help you find Help you learn Work for you (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Helps you compose, share, and find (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Helps you interface, find, remain in touch PARC's Magitti discover jewels from geotagged trips (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Helps you find things you think about (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber setting information interface discussion

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Put innovation to work for you (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Explore Collective Experience (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Learn from Collective Knowledge Travel Recommendation Engine Content from genuine voyagers Machine figuring out how to concentrate bunches and measurements Interview clients to inspire profile and premiums Recommend goals and excursions in light of multidimensional coordinating Output is intelligible encounters, chose by machine deduction (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber information systems.htm

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A right hand that gains from you 20 (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Put it all together Where would it be a good idea for me to take some time off? How is it there? Where would it be a good idea for me to remain? How would I get the best passage? What do I have to think about it? If it's not too much trouble orchestrate my travel plan. (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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What makes an Interface Intelligent? It knows a ton about you. It comprehends you in setting. It is proactive. It shows signs of improvement with experience. (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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my online life thinking & taking in my inquiries multidimensional sort my inclinations my connections database query chart traversal Knowledge and Reasoning Service to Humans Hyperlink Portal Search I@I (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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But shouldn't something be said about Semantic Technology?

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Where's the key innovation? (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Which is the imperative part? (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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What part of the stack is basic? (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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The Tower of Semantics (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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"Let them eat layer cake." Oops. We didn't imply that.

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The vital part isn't within. It's about how it functions on the planet. It's about how individuals encounter it. It's about changing our lives. (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Field of Dreamers "On the off chance that you fabricate it, they will come." "On the off chance that they utilize it, it will construct itself." (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Why won't they vote in favor of it? "It's the economy, inept." - James Carville Why won't they utilize it? "It's the interface dumb." That's the place insight will pay off. (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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The part of Semantic Web at the Interface Reasoning about human setting Harvesting Collective Knowledge (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Contexts worth thinking about Location: Geosemantics Identity: FOAF, PURLS, and past Community: Socially built significance Action: Services Integration (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Knowledge worth gathering Collective Experience Stories, photographs, audits Collective Attention Useful connections, articles, viewpoints Collective Creation Semantic wikis, information hall (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Inferences worth making The Gigantic Join Composing and incorporating information crosswise over applications Where would it be advisable for me to take some time off? How would I get the best charge? what is it like there? how Travel Services where Travel Interests who Places to go Where would it be advisable for me to remain? what People who have been there What do I have to think about it? Photographs, sites, news stories (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Ontologies for the Gigantic Join (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Learn from Collective Knowledge Share our experience thinking & learning multidimensional sort Share our data database query chart traversal Knowledge, Reasoning, Collective Intelligence our online lives our interests Service to Humans our lifestreams our substance Collected Aggregated Emergent (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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Last Word If we need our innovation to have world-evolving sway, convey it to the interface: get helpful information from each one of those insightful individuals on the Internet give the advantage of this information to everybody. (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

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For more data Tom Gruber Collective Knowledge Systems information systems.htm Intelligence at the Interface Rights: (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber Cover picture by