Keyboarding Final Exam

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Cover sheet. Cover sheet will express your BIG QUESTION.Your name focused underneath the questionCourse and date focused at the base.. Speculation Page. Place your speculation articulation here.Must be in if/then format.Complete sentence.This explanation tells the crowd the outcomes you were anticipating..

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´╗┐Keyboarding Final Exam PowerPoint Requirements for Survey Results

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Title Page Title page will express your BIG QUESTION. Your name focused underneath the question Course and date focused at the base.

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Hypothesis Page Place your speculation explanation here. Must be in if/then organization. Finish sentence. This announcement tells the gathering of people the outcomes you were anticipating.

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Graphs Use no less than one of the charts for each question that was made in your Excel count. Chart and Analysis proclamations will be put on the second slide taking after each question. (2 pages for each question) Graphs require marks, no "arrangement" names and values. Utilize distinctive chart styles to match address.

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Analysis Analysis articulations must be finished sentences Three proclamations for each question Clearly composed Comparative dialect

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PowerPoint Format Use move or shots to advance your introduction. Utilize straightforward, proper foundations. Avoid diverting pictures. (your review will be brought down by 1 review)

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Oral Presentation Clearly express the central issue of your overview. How did the outcomes vary from your theory? Perused your investigation explanations with your chart showed