Kenan-Flagler Business college Invites You Affirmations 2011 Data Session

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Business-Related Internships. Mrs. Leigh Babaian. Partner Director ... Paper entries to the business major and minor are presently out of date and no more ...

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Kenan-Flagler Business School Welcomes You Admissions 2011 Information Session Lee May BSBA Associate Director Advising & Admissions

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Academic Advisors Serving the Behavioral & Social Sciences Aylim Castro Lee May Melissa Edwards Ellen Rozan Lisa LaMantia Linwood Webster George Maitland Andre Wesson Alice Dawson Barbara Lucido

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Career Services Mr. Tim Stiles Associate Director UCS Business School Liaison Mr. Gary Miller Assistant Director UCS Business-Related Internships Mrs. Leigh Babaian Associate Director Kenan-Flagler Business School

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Information Session Agenda 2010 - 2011 Admissions Calendar The Application Admissions Decisions Your Questions Cover Letters & Résumés

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Resources Behavioral & Social Science Advisors University Career Services Resume Marathon – September 27 th 10am until 2pm Hanes Hall

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More Resources UNC Writing Center Two eye to eye visits or Online Tutor arrangements to exhort on drafts and updates; they don't alter, edit, or culminate papers Essay Writing Workshop September eighth, 7pm in 3575 McColl Essay Review September 23 & 24, 1 – 5pm in McColl Sign up starting September 20 th in McColl Third Floor Lobby

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GLOBE Resources Information Session Tomorrow: September second 4 – 5pm Student Union GLOBE Contact: Ellen Rozan

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Application Timing Application is accessible NOW on the web! All applications must be submitted online before October 1, 2010 at 5:00pm Apply for Spring on the off chance that you are a Junior Apply for Fall in the event that you are a Sophomore Apply for Spring or Fall in the event that you are a student from another school with 3 semesters exchanged

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Spring 2011 Admissions Decisions - On or about Friday, Nov. 10, 2010 Email warning of choice If conceded, acknowledgment is through gateway Academic Scheduling -Meetings the week of November fifteenth New Student Orientation is mid November

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GLOBE Admissions Finalist meetings are October 29 th email notice approximately October 18 th GLOBE Decisions on or about Friday, Nov. 10, 2010 BSBA confirmation choices on or about January 25, 2011

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Fall 2011 Admissions Decisions – On or about January 25, 2010 Email notice Orientation Meeting (required) - Late January/early February (TBD)

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To Access the Application

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MyUNC Portal To Apply or Edit Application My UNC Portal

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Spring or Fall?

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Application Directions

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Directions proceeded… Uploaded Documents

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Directions proceeded…

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Personal Information Section Very Important: Are you applying to the Major, Minor or Spring/GLOBE?

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Personal Information Section

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Personal Information proceeded with

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Personal Information proceeded with

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Personal Information proceeded with Click Save or Continue

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Community Standards If you select "No" to the Honor Code, you will get this appear cautioning. On the off chance that you select "Yes", you will get a content box for clarification. The content box constrains your reaction to 1,000 characters.

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Community Standards proceeded with Click Save or Continue

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Supplemental Documents Your last name and PID must be neat in the upper left corner of the header of every page

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Supplemental Documents proceeded Not holding a candle to the current situation to GLOBE Applying to GLOBE

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Supplemental Documents proceeded For simple transferring, kindly don't utilize images or dashes for the sake of your reports and submit to the acknowledged configuration rules. It is an awesome thought to take a gander at your report before transferring!!

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Submitting Your Application Very Important: After clicking "submit", you will no longer have entry to alter your application. To abstain from submitting, recall that you can close down anytime in the application procedure by utilizing the "close down" connection at the highest point of the page.

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Junior Transfer Applicants If this is your first semester at UNC-CH… Send an email to the week of October 25 th with all evaluations got to date in each of your scholastic classes.

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Paper entries to the business major and minor are presently old and didn't really got. Applications are just submitted on the web. Proposals are not required nor are they recommended.

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Admission Decisions When we assess What we assess Interviews Anticipated profile of Class Do you embody the KFBS Core Values?

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When we assess Begin exploring when finished application rec'd NOW → January 2010 Review scholastic records after Fall evaluations are posted Selected meetings in December

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Qualifications We Seek… Academic Excellence Extra-curricular Involvement Demonstrated Leadership Volunteerism Communication Competence Business Focus Integrity

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What we assess Cover letter R ésumé Essays Academic record (UNC; other) overall patterns, stack, advance, meticulousness, prerequisites Involvement in the group

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Interviews You may not ask for a meeting We will choose candidates for meetings and tell them by the 1 st week in December Interview with personnel/staff/graduated class Be on time Professional dress Follow up with a thank you Not all candidates are met

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Anticipated Class 330 majors (spring & fall joined) Minors = 360 understudies in 2011

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TOP TEN Hints for the Business School Applicant 10. Try not to request letters of proposal.

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TOP TEN Hints for the Business School Applicant 9. Try not to hold up until the latest possible time.

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TOP TEN Hints for the Business School Applicant 8. Do read guidelines and article addresses painstakingly and keep a duplicate of the directions for reference.

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TOP TEN Hints for the Business School Applicant 7. Do utilize the discretionary exposition to educate us regarding uncontrollable issues at hand.

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TOP TEN Hints for the Business School Applicant 6. Do see UCS ahead of schedule for help with your introductory letter and resume.

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TOP TEN Hints for the Business School Applicant 5. Try not to appear in the police blotting surface.

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TOP TEN Hints for the Business School Applicant 4. Try not to present a fragmented or late application.

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TOP TEN Hints for the Business School Applicant 3. Do alter your work.

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TOP TEN Hints for the Business School Applicant 2. Do give your work a moment look.

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TOP TEN Hints for the Business School Applicant 1. Do discover somebody who thinks about business composing to alter once again.

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Do you embody Kenan-Flagler's Core Values? Greatness Leadership Integrity Community Teamwork

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Taking Your Questions…

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Thank You for your enthusiasm for Kenan-Flagler Business School

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Prerequisites ENGL 101 and ENGL 102 (or Honors) Calculus based math AT UNC MATH 152 or MATH 231 or MATH 232 or STOR 112 or STOR 113 Unless you have credit for BOTH MATH 231 AND MATH 232 STOR 155 ECON 101 ECON 410 (not required for minors) BUSI 100 or 105* BUSI 101 or 107* C (not C short) or better Completed by end of spring *Business minor candidates for 2011 may finish EITHER BUSI 100 OR BUSI 101