Keeping Your Youngsters Safe

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Gaming Systems Playstation, Xbox live, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DSi, any online PC diversion. PDA or Palm Pilot or I-Pod Touch ...

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Protecting Your Children

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Devices That Can Be Used to Access the Internet Desktop/Laptop Computers Cell telephones Smart Phones Gaming Systems – Playstation, Xbox live, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DSi, any online PC diversion PDA or Palm Pilot or I-Pod Touch

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Cyberbullies Viruses or shrouded spyware imperils family security PC wellbeing Identity Theft influences youngsters and grown-ups Inappropriate data obscene and savage pictures abhor writing Sexual stalkers talk rooms sites message sheets email & Instant Messaging Potential Dangers and Pitfalls

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Cell Phones-4 out of 5 adolescents have a wireless Teens Post Negative Images Online "Sexting" – Sending naked or suggestive pics over the PDA. Wrong video utilizing video telephones Online Bullying Using Cell Phones Cheating on Tests Suggestions: Clarify kid's motivation for having telephone Check the telephone charge Set desires for utilize. Phones

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The utilization of electronic means by a minor to torment, debilitate, hassle, mortify, humiliate or generally focus on another minor. Cyberbullying is not the same as eye to eye tormenting on the grounds that the domineering jerk is expelled from the prompt and unmistakable criticism of the casualty.- Cyberbullying

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Social Networking

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Social Network destinations ought to be private Be mindful so as not to include a lot of data No road addresses No telephone numbers No full names on pics(especially kids' photos) Control who can see your data Don't acknowledge "friend invitation" from outsiders Know who can see what you post Parents watch out for your youngsters' page

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This is a case of a page that is not set to private. Data, Photos, and so on are obvious to anybody!

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This page is set to private. This permits the proprietor to just permit certain individuals access to their data.

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Privacy Settings

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Many utilize the Chat include in Facebook

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Keep PC in a family region Be mindful of the measure of time went through online Talk with kids Sit with your youngster while they're on the web. Give them a chance to show you. Try not to overcompensate Create tenets and understandings Post close PC No mystery passwords Stay educated of Internet dangers Create your own particular Social Network webpage Monitor Internet utilize What guardians can do…

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Know that destinations may have age limitations May be overlooked by kids May be gotten to coincidentally Check history, bookmarks , or top choices on all PCs consistently Recognize cautioning signs Children investing an excessive amount of energy online Mood changes Stay Up-To-Date on Internet issues "Friend" your Children on Social Network Sites Monitor however don't over do it Monitoring Tips

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Internet Filters Not trick verification, yet like nothing anyone's ever seen Teachers Monitor Have chosen locales to which youngsters are restricted. Educate from a territory with screen get to Integration of Internet Safety Lessons TRTs and SRO's cooperate with classroom instructors Provide Resources What does MCPS do to secure your youngster on the web

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MCPS Internet Safety Website National Center for Missing and Exploited Children