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Dynamic Manufacturing SummitConverged Network Solutions 2009. . . . . Innovation Issues Facing Manufacturing Companies. Scope (On Campus and Beyond)Financing, Implementing and Managing the Wireless Networks. Associating remote facilitiesImplementing PACS requiring more noteworthy bandwidthLeverage existing resources for practical relocation.

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Met Network Solutions Wireless interchanges for the assembling office and past Kamal Garg Manager of Business Development David Tuttle Regional Sales Manager

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Technology Issues Facing Manufacturing Companies Responsiveness to client requests Decrease gear downtime by enhancing upkeep reaction time Field Employees access to continuous stock and parts data Ensuring safe workplace – limiting working environment wounds Improve Productivity of Plant, Facility & Field Employees Coverage (On Campus and Beyond) Financing, Implementing and Managing the Wireless Networks Wireless – Coverage is King Tracking and overseeing stock amounts/accessibility Loss Prevention Inventory and Asset Management Connecting remote offices Implementing PACS requiring more prominent transmission capacity Leverage existing resources for financially savvy relocation Converging Networks to IP Services Progressive Manufacturing Summit Converged Network Solutions 2009

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The Manufacturing Market Business Needs… Reduce push time through constant cooperation between remote locales Lower stock expenses by enhancing correspondences with your store network Support undertaking & portability applications Control Costs Provide omnipresent scope inside plants and structures inside a solitary geographic range or around the nation Extend PBX ability to cell phones Access & refresh stock and also parts and administration information from purpose of action for a remote incorporated perspective of the business Increase Productivity Connect laborers flawlessly & effectively utilizing any blend of cell, private radio and Wi-Fi conventions Augment or supplant existing Land Mobile Radio Systems Mobilize Maintenance & Repair Operations, wellbeing alarms and offices administration for coherence of operations and generation line control Improving Efficiencies Progressive Manufacturing Summit Converged Network Solutions 2009

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Solutions that permit you to arrange and react auspicious to basic circumstances while utilizing the frameworks you as of now have set up. Sprint Manufacturing Solutions Facility Connectivity & Operations Enhance grounds and in-building scope Private radio frameworks (LMR) substitution Maximize plant profitability Securely share and store mission basic data Improves Productivity Business Communications & Continuity Maintenance, Repair & Ops Plant & Campus Coverage Asset Management & Optimization Monitor and oversee stock Track resources and vehicles Minimizes Costs Maximizes Efficiencies Shipping & Logistics Inventory Management Mobile Workforce Data accessible out and about Access to big business applications Remote basic leadership Step-by-step headings Improves Productivity Field Service Automation Sales Force Automation Progressive Manufacturing Summit Converged Network Solutions 2009

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Coverage & Capacity Sprint Converged Network Solutions Overview (CNS) CNS empowers the remote grounds by conveying scope and limit arrangements on voice and information systems to control the uses of the new grounds condition Voice and Data Capabilities CDMA and iDEN Push to Talk (PTT) Text/Multimedia Messaging Business Solutions Handsets and PDAs Mobile Applications Mobile Broadband For genuine adequacy a consultative approach is required. This brings proficient outline, arrangement administrations, post-execution support and preparing, and in addition a committed framework assemble and grounds applications Progressive Manufacturing Summit Converged Network Solutions 2009

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Sprint Converged Network Solutions Workplace Mobility Solutions notwithstanding upgraded in-building scope and limit, introducing a merged system arrangement empowers the open door for settled versatile union and a full suite of united work review interchanges and consistent portability arrangements. Private Radio Augmentation of current frameworks Interoperability with existing two-way radio Cost-compelling, high-limit, dependable PBX Integration Enterprise PBX joining Simultaneous or course ringing Single voice message account include Custom dial arrange WIMAX 4G Data Speeds Capacity to add WIMAX to iDEN/CDMA arrangement or as standalone Satellite Backup Enables proceeded with interchanges Comprehensive catastrophe recuperation for voice, push-to-talk and individual information administrations Ubiquitous remote voice scope Dual system work out (e.g., iDEN/CDMA) Full-scale arrangements offer extra work environment portability arrangements Multi-bearer arrangements Generator go down for power (discretionary) Redundant T1 with flop over exchanging (discretionary) Progressive Manufacturing Summit Converged Network Solutions 2009

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Private Radio Integration Solutions Land Mobile Radio Augmentation Replace or expand private radio frameworks with LMR Integration Interoperability with existing two-way radio Console Integration gives interoperability between Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Systems and Sprint's Nextel Direct Connect Network giving decision in gadgets and simple movement to a lower cost choice. Bolsters crisis readiness by coordinating with existing LMR innovation Cost compelling, scaleable, high limit, dependable Consolidate your present remote specialized gadgets into a solitary handset what's more, IT and versatile laborers get moment access to the data they have to carry out their employments - wherever they are Progressive Manufacturing Summit Converged Network Solutions 2009

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Console Interoperability LMR Fleet Nextel Direct Connect turns into a genuine expansion of a client's private radio frameworks Nextel Direct Connect supporters dispatched simply like Private Radio System Users Improved efficiencies through concentrated administration of field and portable work force Cost powerful method for upgrading scope and limit Nextel FLEETS Progressive Manufacturing Summit Converged Network Solutions 2009

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Two-Way Radio/Push-to-Talk Nextel Direct Connect Dispatch Interoperable with nearby specialists on call Economical approach to enlarge and improve your radio framework Private One-to-One Connect Private advanced discussion between two individuals (secret understudy information) Alert component for moment affirmed interchanges Group Connect Instantly associate a gathering of up to 25 individuals without a moment's delay on the fly – lockdowns, emergency, and so on. Talkgroups Instant association for the biggest gatherings (21 – hundreds clients) Managed by an executive Direct Talk Off-system coordinated radio Off-system station based radio Next Mail  Voice to email informing Progressive Manufacturing Summit Converged Network Solutions 2009

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Nextel Direct Connect's Unique Dual-Path Network Public Switched Telephone Network ALL phone and landline calls go through the PSTN. If there should arise an occurrence of a crisis or power outage, you can't rely on upon the PSTN to finish your call One handset Two system ways Proprietary Nextel Network During 9/11, Nextel Direct Connect was the main remote voice benefit working at Ground Zero. NDC gives you the capacity to talk in a split second to some other Nextel client Progressive Manufacturing Summit Converged Network Solutions 2009

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PBX Integration Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) Platform Whether getting to applications and data or remaining in contact with a solitary number and voice message, met arrange arrangements offer predictable, consistent correspondences for your workforce PBX Integration - Mobile Voice Service Custom dial arrange Simultaneous or course ringing of telephones Single voice message Reach-me anyplace for essential faculty Masking guest ID Notification Conference calling Disaster recuperation for basic interchanges Agency or venture controlled telephone number Reduced gear costs By giving consistent availability coupled augmented voice administrations, CNS FMC arrangements recreate an in-office condition offering remote or versatile staff a wealthier arrangement of customary voice elements and applications. IP benefit conveying nearby and long separation voice administrations, strong communication elements, and phone message over a solitary get to circuit. Dynamic Manufacturing Summit Converged Network Solutions 2009

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Sprint Converged Network Solutions Processes and People Custom remote system deals and arrangements building groups oversee everything to streamline union Sales and Solutions Engineers Process Professional Design and Deployment Process Project capability Requirements gathering Acct. group coordination Site study Customer introduction Network outline Proposal Creation Installation Terms and lawful arrangement Network improvement Contract execution Device preparing/setup Sales Execution Project Management CNS Sales facilitates with the Segment Sales, Solutions Engineers and Customer to drive ventures to fruition by dealing with all features of the CNS Sales handle which permits Customers to concentrate on general business administration. CNS deals with all phases of the client arrangement prepare, from the underlying prerequisites evaluation through establishment and organization with specialist grade techniques, systems and devices. Dynamic Manufacturing Summit Converged Network Solutions 2009

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Convergence and Connectivity Case Study: Major Automotive Manufacturer A Challenge Solution Bottom Line Product Development architects were dependably in a hurry and hard to achieve, backing off the advancement procedure Integrate an in-building scope arrangement with a Distributed Antennae System Replace wire-line based telephones with individual telemetry gadgets Expedite Product Development cycle Speed to showcase for items Workers & Suppliers the nation over are associated Progressive Manufacturing Summit Converged Network Solutions 2009

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Convergence and Connectivity Case Study: Major Automotive Manufacturer B Challenge Solution Bottom Line Client need to update existing radio framework in numerous plants Existing innovation was lim