John Carberry E. I. DuPont - CRD Wilmington, DE 14 September, 1999

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Mechanical VIEWS ON ESTABLISHING A "Gauge" Pew Center on Global Climate Change Early Action Conference Washington, DC John Carberry E. I. DuPont - CR&D Wilmington, DE 14 September, 1999

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BROAD RANGE OF ISSUES Process for setting up the tenets Content and methodology for the information Data quality Key adapting's so far

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PROCESS FOR THE RULES Multi-partner contribution Clarity of substance (gasses, dates, and so on.) Certainty of usage Adequate lead time Local and worldwide value Rational substance

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CONTENT AND PROCEDURES THE EASY ONES(!) Gasses Baseline year(s) Equivalency variables Business unit Geographical unit

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CONTENT AND PROCEDURES THE NOT SO EASY ONES(!) Finding "every one of" your sources Product transportation Business related use by workers (e.g. travel) Allocating carbon substance of purchased vitality

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CONTENT AND PROCEDURES THE HARD ONES(!) Why, what information, by whom, exactness, check • Joint endeavors Sales or buys of organizations International exchange of assembling base New or ceased organizations Abandoned items Backward coordination

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QUALITY OF THE DATA Measurement, insights, figurings and estimates Data is OK back to around '91. Open to "translation" Shifting work force and information prerequisites Large organization records likely better Compiled information will have shortcomings. Single undertakings will be better

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LEARNING'S THUS FAR Non-CO 2 benefactors offer open doors Create and support a "Ruler" Date distributions. Demonstrate amendment dates Adopt extensively predictable units Data enhances however advantage decreases

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THE LEARNING CURVE FOR A DATA SYSTEM 100% 90% Accounting Audit Accuracy Project 80% Planning Credible 70% Greatly expanded Strategic cost with no 60% Value increment in inner esteem Percent "Perfection" Achieved half Understanding Issues and 40% Problems 30% 20% 10% 0% 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Number of Cycles

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CLOSING CHALLENGES Establish base year, credit for early activity, and wicker container of gasses Clarity of utilization of baselines & inventories Including non-modern areas Running out of time Accept diminished utilization of fossil determined carbon #1! - Credit effect of utilization