Jobcoaching and accomplishment with dyslexia Hans van de Velde Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Jobcoaching and accomplishment with dyslexia Hans van de Velde Rotterdam, The Netherlands. CASE 1 Unique BRAINS CASE 2 DYSLEXIA Honing DYSLEXIA Instructing CASES 3

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Jobcoaching and accomplishment with dyslexia Hans van de Velde Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Case 1: dyslectic Dutchman (50+) Dyslexia + ADHD *) Son gifted+adhd Medicine (Aurorix) Daugther adhd+dyslexia Lawyer Always the director Secretary of Judge Gestalt Therapeutist University Docent Expert Systems Entrepeneur 2e Company officially 1980/81 Burnout Success *) Diagnosed 1995 (d) 2005 (adhd)

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Case 1: dyslectic Dutchman How did he prevail with his dyslexia? Change Primary school : emergency + "selection" Highschool : desolate untouchable + the attendant 13 yr : daily paper delivary and cleaning workplaces 17 yr: substituting the supervisor on his holliday 20-30 yr: studying law 30 yr: chief changes his employment  PC/law 34 yr: change occupation to college instructor 38 yr: a yin/yang business relate  achievement!

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Keeping up amusingness

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Every day a power rest

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Case 1: dyslectic Dutchman How did I prevail with my dyslexia? Insight (Estonia, 2007) Being tested forms character Capricorn 'as yet going solid up the mountain' (?) People supporting or notwithstanding "receiving" me Headmaster, Neighbors, Concierge, Boss, Manager, Partner, Associate : they have seen my qualities! Dedicated, Therapy, … .. Sublimate in Textprocessing and Expertsystems ! 

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exceptional brains

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uncommon brains

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extraordinary brains Giftedness/Higher Intelligence Verbal-Performal Gap AUTISM, ASPERGER, PDD-NOS NLD, Dyscalculia ADHD, Dyspraxia And Dyslexia 

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unique brains Why do we call this 'issue'? Proposition: Let's discussion about "uprooting" starting now and into the foreseeable future. " School-issue' : school doesn't know how to manage qualities 'Administration issue' : doesn't know how to utilize jumpers individuals

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brainstructure qualities ADHD Autism Etc … .. conduct learning feeling conduct-dyslexia nervousness issue dyscalculia melancholy Chemistry : noradrenaline, serotonine, and so forth

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In 2015 it will be ordinary to state: "My Amygdala is overheated"

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A notice for what's to come. About my duty About me settling on decisions The vanishing unrestrained choice

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qualities contemplations emotions learned history Environment Genen Me

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Genes Environment Me?

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Genes Environment Me

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Genes Environment

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Dyslexia qualities FISHER Simon E. e.a. 2006 "… subjective engineering of cluttered and typical perusing … . competitor qualities associate to dyslexia DYX1C1 *) , KIAA0319, DCDC2 and ROBO1 !! … . none of these qualities is particular to perusing related neuronal circuits, or even to the human mind! They have a parts in neuronal movement or availability." *) Finnish prof.Juha Kere (2003)

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case 2 Company surgeon (39) His Dyslexia rundown to take a shot at Text/email handling Authority Pre-informtation form Procratination I'll do it alone Priorities Bigger picture Fear to come up short Voice stammers Daring Hand/eye-coordination SWOT Stand up for my qualities Co-bleakness Communicate with managers/workers

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therapeutic specialists Nel Hofmeester (2007) *) Research 28 med.doctors All discovered their own particular arrangements, such as going to a congress in stead of perusing the book, perusing outlines, utilize spellingcorrector. They all observe characteristics of a dyslect: individual contact tolerant, work on, problemsolving, steadiness, symptomatic riddles, affiliated considering. *) collegue of Dutch Dyslexia Association

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dyslexia We talked about: Genes and brains Genes and condition Now we take a gander at: The individual procedure from identification to responsibelity Qualities

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dyslexia THE PROCESS FASES Detection Diagnoses Understanding Overcoming Taking Reaponsibility Learning Your Personal Medal

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dyslexia Detection How to identify dyslexia in a grown-up? Stalling Ask for school encounter Likes to peruse books? Arranging/timemanagement issues Communication signals Look at his/her messages

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dyslexia Detection How to identify dyslexia in a grown-up? The mentor does the screening Compares expenses and advantages of tests So just trial of essential

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dyslexia Detection Learning Gateway: European system instruments recognizing dyslexia/NLD Left/right Word discovering Map reading Tables (8 * 6 = 48) Read aloud Fill in structures Read speed Pronounciation Spelling Name all … .. Handwriting etc

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dyslexia discovery Visit your customer at home and in the workplace

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dyslexia Detection Symptoms Of Concentration Problems

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dyslexia Diagnoses Hire an expert clinician/therapist who can recognize for instance: "concentrational issues" Adhd -Burnout Dyslexie -PDD-NOS Gilles de la Tourette -Attachment Dis… Anxiety … .

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dyslexia Diagnoses Co-dismalness… Dyslexia never comes alone!

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dyslexia Understanding This is the pre-acknowledgment fase. You need to recognize what "it" is and implies, Before you can truly acknowledge it.

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dyslexia Overcoming Insecurity Fear to come up short Frustration Perfectionism Feelings of mediocrity, outcast, not have a place Depression Trauma (being dealt with as a nitwit)

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dyslexia Taking duty Tell them: This is your disable, it is your life! Clarify the endless triangle of Victim, Savior and Prosecutor You need to tackle your issues, discover arrangements, make something out of it.

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dyslexia Learning Client needs to realize: How to adapt to it How to give individuals a chance to help him/her How to make yin/yang participation To stop "I'll do only it once more." Learn better read/compose (or simply abandon it)? Or, on the other hand learn "shrewd" of "instinctive" perusing (skipping the poo)

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dyslexia Learning Client needs to learn: Train your cerebrum Develop propensities (everyday structure) Co-work: pass on the ball (tennis) Understand the distinction: Dysl.: comprehensive scholar (form a hasty opinion) Non-Dysl.: Reason/think well ordered

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dyslexia Personal Medal Frontside: "Succes with Dyslexia" Backside: "Trouble with letters"

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dyslexia Personal Medal Typical Dyslectic Qualities to find Visual, picture-keen, 3-dimensional Creative, imaginative, renewer Original, envisioning, dream Problem solver Out-of-the-container thinking Non-schedule, non-computerized specialist

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dyslexia Success Intelligence, Parents, Dyslexia ? Estonia : Intelligence+Motivation+Soc.Econ (Tarmo Strenze) Germany : Prisoners with dyslexia England : Entrepreneurs with dyslexia From a measurable perspective

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Dyslexia Personal Qualities 8 1/2 insights Linguistic Musical Logical-numerical Spatial Bodily-Kinaesthetic Intrapersonal Interpersonal Naturalistic (Spiritual/Existential)

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By the way: what number of you know Gardner?

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Gardner in Excel By the way: Gardner himself despised this kind of figuring!

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Dyslexia in the Netherlands

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Dyslexia in the Netherlands 4% of the Dutch individuals = 750.000 That's 525.000 grown-ups! 10 yr Research youngsters 1-10yr the V1 cerebrum territory Qaly's and Society cost Hakkaart e.a.(2007) + understudy 

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Dyslexia in the Netherlands Hakkaart e.a. Relative 'Quality Adjusted Life Years' Severe Hearing Impairness 0,81 Epilepsy 0,83 Severe dyslexia (4%) 0,83 ADHD 0,88 Eczema 0,93 Stammer/stutter 0,93

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Dyslexia in the Netherlands Hakkaart e.a. Society Costs and Benefits School youngsters treatment as indicated by Protocol € 4.500 Benefits: higher instructive level, higher begin and end at labormarket, higher salary, so higher National Income and National generation, less expenses of heathcare and unemployement

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Dyslexia in the Netherlands right now the affiliations "Woortblind" for grown-ups "Balans" for guardians are campaigning for installment of analyze and treatment by means of the National Health protection. Parliament … Ministery of Health … Newspapers … Television … and so on

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Dyslexia in the Netherlands Dutch meaning of dyslexia: Pervasive issues with (figuring out how to) peruse, compose and spell precise and familiar. = an indication definition!

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Dyslexia in the Netherlands DIVERSITY Divers learning = NLD + Dyslexia (Do you concur ?) Proposal : DLA = "Jumpers Learning Abilities" DWA = "Jumpers Working Abilities"

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Now we proceed onward to guiding Are there any mentors display?

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instructing THE COACHING "Supplication" Teach me to change what I can change Teach me to acknowledge what I can't change And show me the distinction

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training Key-Factor in SUCCESS Use the negative! Transform it into something positive. Offer your impair *) *) Like I did in textprocessing and expertsystems

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drilling Your present Your Future Your Past

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guiding The profound training philosophy "Frame weight to things" Your knapsack brimming with injury, hopelessness, guardians, educators. This is your extravagance! Each time you share your experience, it includes. (bread, mountain, book of scriptures)

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drilling The points of guiding 1.  Do what you are capable and willing to do 2.  Find your goal Seen "Billy Eliot" ? "Inside everybody of us is an extraordinary ability, waiti