JMSC0101: Standards of News coverage and the News Media

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United Media : Print, video, sound, Web, remote, email, cell phones ... Hong Kong is the media capital of the Chinese Diaspora around the globe ...

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JMSC0101: Principles of Journalism and the News Media Professor Ying Chan Journalism and Media Studies Center JMSC0101 Lecture Five, , 2008

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Traditional Media and customary stages Television Radio Newsapers

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The Future Convergence

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Technology is altering the media framework from news gathering administration, creation to dispersion

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Convergence the New World Convergent Media : Print, video, sound, Web, remote, email, cell phones Convergence of telecom and media

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Media Mega-patterns Conglomerate proprietorship supplanting Individual Non-media universal and local combinations Are significant players

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Media: Kinds of Ownership Government/state possession Private possession Market possession Market proprietorship with private control Non-benefit proprietorship "Free" proprietorship

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The Global Big Five Time Warner Disney Bertelsmann Viacom New Corporation (Rupert Murdoch)

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Media Ownership Trends in HK Going corporate Non-media ventures gaining media Going worldwide Acquisitions and mergers Greater mix with China

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Corporate and Global The Kerry Group : SCMP Rimbunan Hijau Group: Ming Pao Global China Technology Group (Charles Ho): Sing Tao Daily – HK, US (NYC, SF, LA, Chicago,) Canada ( Vancouver, Toronto) Australia, New Zealand; The Standard Hutchinson: Metro City Radio; HK Cable TV Richard Li, HK Economic Journal

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Forbes #9 Li Ka-Shing, Hutchison Wampoa/Cheung Kong Net worth: US$18.8B Real home designer, mobile phone supplier, retailer, real provider of power to Hong Kong world's biggest administrator of holder terminals. Tom Group, Metro Channel Radio, HK Cable TV

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Real bequest possessions in HK, China Well-known property incorporate Shangri-La lodging network and Kerry Beverages, one of the greatest Coca-Cola bottlers in China interests in sugar exchanging South China Morning Post, Robert Kuok Malaysia Kerry Holdings US$5.3 B

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Forbes #746 Tiong Hiew King Rimbunan Hijau Group, Malaysia Net worth: US1B Started in 1975 as a timber contractual worker in Sarawak, Malaysia. Operations traverse New Zealand, focal Africa, & Papua New Guinea Building a worldwide Chinese media gather, including Ming Pao Enterprises Sin Chew Jit Poh, the biggest coursing Chinese daily paper in Malaysia Ming Pao versions San Francisco, New York, Vancouver and Toronto.

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Acquisitions and Mergers 2008, Mingpao - >Media Chinese International in cross-outskirt merger 2007, ATV, Liu of Phoenix TV took real shares 2006, HKEC, Richard Li procured half through trust 2006, Phoenix TV; Extra Step venture gained 19.84% inTV (recorded 2000)

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Competition is Global Hong Kong is the media capital of the Chinese Diaspora around the globe Singtao: releases in North America, Europe and Australia TVB - taking off broadband substance in Shanghai; disseminates programs overall Apple charging for online substance Mingpao,

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Creating Global Alliances TVB accomplices with Thai TV, Malaysia, Taiwan financial specialists, connecting up with China Central Television

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New York Times: two levels of stock The voting class, claimed by the famil B-offers, possessed by outside speculators. The two-levels possession gives a layer of protection between the paper and market strengths

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Role of Reporters Role of correspondents has changed Electronic channels give purchasers guide access to crude data (stock quotes, insights, decision comes about, and so on.) Value is not in data conveyance

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Role of Reporters Journalists give: Context Analysis Fairness Balance

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The Purpose of Journalism " Journalism takes its name from the French word for day. It is our day book, our aggregate journal, which records our basic life..… For news-casting and for us, that reason for existing is the improvement and upgrade of open life , a typical life which we can all share as nationals. " Professor James W. Carey, Columbia University

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Other than the "Standard"

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Journalists bargains numerous contentions and compromises..... Columnists versus editors versus proprietors, managers proprietors versus stockholders journalists versus sources the media versus the legislature the media versus viewers, perusers and general society the media versus promoters singular versus the organization

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