Japan turns into a settler force

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Japan turns into a colonialist control Ms. Susan M. Pojer & Mrs. Lisbeth Rath Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY

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Japan Changes Direction During the Meiji Era: 1868 - 1912 Commodore Matthew Perry

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1853 – Commodore Matthew Perry "Opens Up" Japan to Western Trade!

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What Did the U. S. Need?? Coaling stations. Additional exchanging accomplices. A shelter for ship-destroyed mariners.

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Perry's "Dark Ships"

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The Treaty of Kanagawa - 1854

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Japan Learns a Lesson! I n 1862, just before the begin of the Meiji period, Tokugawa sent authorities and researchers to China to concentrate on the circumstance there. A Japanese recorded in his journal from Shanghai… The Chinese have gotten to be workers to the nonnatives. Sway may have a place with China yet in truth it's close to a settlement of Great Britain and France.

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China's "Unequal Treaties" After the Opium War of 1839-1842, Japan was persuaded that it needed to Open Up toward the West.

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The Shi-shi ("Men of High Purpose") Highly optimistic samurai who felt that the landing of Westerners was an assault on the customary estimations of Japan. They trusted that: Japan was sacrosanct ground. The sovereign, now a nonentity in Kyoto, was a God. Were enraged at the Shogun for marking settlements with the West without the Emperor's assent. Their motto ��  Revere the Emperor, Expel the Barbarians!

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The Meiji Revolt - 1868 An intense gathering of samurai oust the Shogun. Sakamoto Ryoma , the legend. He japaned rise up out of feudalism into a brought together advanced state.

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The Shogunate Is Overthrown! The last Shogun. Tokugawa Yoshinobu.

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The Emperor Is "Reestablished" to Power MEIJI ��  "Edified Rule"

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Newspaper Cartoon, 1870s? Edified Half-Enlightened Un-Enlightened

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Modernization by "Specific Borrowing" Popular prepackaged game. Begin by leaving Japan & concentrating on in different Western capitals. End by coming back to Japan and turning into a conspicuous government official.

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European Goods Europe started to "pose a potential threat" in the reasoning of numerous Japanese. New motto : Japanese Spirit; Western Technology!

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The Japanese Became Obsessed with Western Styles Civilization and Enlightenment!

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Everything Western Was Fashionable!

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Everything Western Was Fashionable! Japanese warriors with their spouses.

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The Rulers Set the Tone with Western Dress Emperor Meiji Empress Haruko (1868-1912)

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Changing Women's Fashions The First "Miss Japan" (1908) 1900 Styles

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Land Redistribution Westernize the School System (Fr. & Ger.) Abolition of the primitive framework Modern Banking System Modernize the Army (Prussian) Meiji Reforms Written Constitution (Germans) Build a Modern Navy (British) Human Rights & Religious Freedom Emperor Worship Intensified

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A Constitutional Government Copied from the Germans Satsuma & Choshu Families The Emperor of Japan The Diet (Legislative Body) 1889 Constitution of Japan House of Representatives House of Peers

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Expansionism & the Rise of Military Power New players on the piece?

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Sino-Japanese War: 1894-1895 The Meiji Emperor was in Hiroshima amid the Sino-Japanese War

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Soldiers on the Battlefield During the Sino-Japanese War The Treaty of Shimonoseki finished the war.

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Today—Tensions Between China & Japan Offshore gas field in the East China Sea uncovers as of late strained relations between China & Japan. Pressure over debated gas field on the ascent, intensifying shared question going back to the Sino-Japanese War. EEZ - Exclusive Economic Zone.

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The Russo-Japanese War: 1904-1905 The Battle of Tsushima : The outcomes startled the world!

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President Teddy Roosevelt Mediates the Peace The Treaty of Portsmouth , NH finished the Russo-Japanese War.

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Japan Annexes Korea

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Japan Is a Player in China

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Competition from Another "Pacific" Power Is on the Horizon

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The U. S. "Incredible White Fleet"

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But, Japanese Power Would Grow . . .