James Lubben, DSW, MPH Principal Investigator and National Director

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Jim Lubben . . . National Director of Hartford Doctoral Fellows. Hartford Doctoral Fellowship:. . . Paper awards: $50,000 more than 2 yearsTravel costs to go to GSA

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´╗┐Hartford Doctoral Fellows Program Recruitment Webinar May 20, 2010 James Lubben, DSW, MPH Principal Investigator and National Director

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Jim Lubben National Director of Hartford Doctoral Fellows

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Hartford Doctoral Fellowship: Dissertation stipends: $50,000 more than 2 years Travel costs to go to GSA & CSWE Supplemental scholastic vocation direction Pre-meeting workshops & occasional online classes to cultivate proficient advancement Cohort-building and associate systems administration NOTE: The Fellow's college must give a $20,000 coordinate. Accordingly the assessed estimation of a Hartford Doctoral Fellowship is over $84,000!

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HDF Dissertation Grants: (Additional Details) $25,000 every year for up to 2 years. Most extreme of $10,000 every year might be utilized for other paper investigate related costs. Stipend secures half of a Doctoral Fellow's chance $10,000 coordinate every year required from Fellow's college.

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WA-2 ME MT VT ND MN-2 OR NH ID WI-3 MA-4 SD NY-14 MI-13 RI WY CT IA-2 PA-4 NJ NE NV OH-1 DE IN IL-1 UT-1 AK MD-7 WV CO CA-11 VA-1 KS-4 MO-6 KY-2 NC-2 TN-1 OK AZ SC-1 AR NM MS GA AL-4 HI TX-2 LA FL 53 Hartford Doctoral Fellows Come From 31 Universities: 88 Hartford Doctoral Fellows From 22 States and 35 Universities Top Universities for HDF Michigan (12) Maryland (7) UC Los Angeles (6) Columbia (5) Alabama (4) Kansas (4) UC Berkeley (4) Washington (MO) (4) Boston College (3) NYU (3) Wisconsin (3) NOTE: Pink demonstrates states without doctoral projects 18 Hartford Doctoral Fellows have ended up Hartford Faculty Scholars

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History of Applications to Hartford Doctoral Fellows

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Criteria Considered in Selection of Hartford Doctoral Fellows Scholarly benefits of the proposed thesis Significance of exposition to enhancing the wellbeing and prosperity of more established people and their families Feasibility of paper to be finished inside 2 years Qualifications of candidate to complete proposed paper

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Criteria Considered in Selection of Hartford Doctoral Fellows (cont.) Applicant's dedication to and potential for a full-time social work workforce appointment  Applicant's dedication to geriatrics and gerontology Capacity of candidate's college for doctoral preparing in geriatric social work Nature and degree of the organization's support for candidate

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Characteristics of Successful HDF Dissertation Grant Applications Purpose of study plainly expressed Relevant social-behavioral hypothesis distinguished Conceptual models unequivocally depicted Significance of study is obvious Research configuration reflects great science Timeline is sensible Applicant is fit the bill to do proposition University can appropriately bolster understudy Shows guarantee to end up distinctly a decent instructor

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Application Procedure Applicant must submit one unique (unbound) paper application, and a whole application in (1) PDF record on a solitary conservative plate (CD) to GSA. Due dates: August 2, 2010 (choice cycle 2) February 1, 2011 (determination cycle 1)

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Application Packet Application Data Sheet One-page articulation of candidate's here and now and long haul profession arranges One-page outline of candidate's showing background (e.g., showing assistantships, visitor addresses, personnel arrangements, and so forth.) Summary of the paper proposition (most extreme 16 pages, single-separated, least 12 pt. sort size and 1 inch edges)

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Application Packet (proceeded with) Summary of the paper proposition including: Title and dynamic of the review: (1 page) Purpose of the review (2 pages) Theory and past reviews (3 pages) Discuss important foundation ponders including any preparatory research directed by the candidate. (3 pages) Significance of proposed study (2 pages) Study outline and techniques: (5 pages) Timeline for proposed contemplate. (1 page) References. (2 pages)

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Application Packet (proceeded with) Appendix. (up to 15 pages) Description of candidate's college doctoral program (1 page) Applicant's educational programs vita Transcripts of all graduate coursework Letter from seat of thesis board of trustees

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Application Packet (proceeded with) Letter from gerontological researcher (Not required if the paper seat is a gerontologist.) Letter from social work researcher (Not required if understudy is in a social work program.) Letter from seat of doctoral program A college endorsed spending Budget Narrative Example of candidate's academic work

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Selection Process Phase I: At slightest two individuals from the National Program Committee survey every application. Stage II: Semi-finalists chose from Phase I are displayed to the entire National Program Committee for extra survey and exchange. Hartford Doctoral Fellows chose. Colleagues told by telephone and letter.

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A Hartford Doctoral Fellowship "The Payoff"

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Hartford Doctoral Fellows Accomplishments of Cohorts I-VII