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Other Police Forces: commitment to the Traffic Services did on the national street framework. ... Coordination Center for the Information on the Road Security ...

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Traffic: "The enormous numbers" Inhabitants 57,8 millions Vehicles 49 millions 9,5 mil. motorvehicles 34 mil. autovehicles 4,2 mil. substantial vehicles 1,3 mil. different vehicles Highways 6.553,8 Km Road System Major Roads 20.286 Km Regional and Provincial Roads 149.000 Km Large Vehicles Density: 14 mechanical vehicles for every km 1 for each 71 m of street Major Municipal Roads 387.340 Km

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Traffic Police Services Ministry of the Interior: Coordination of all the Traffic Services did by all the National as well as Local Police Forces (art.11 Traffic Code) State Police : National Traffic Police has particular and elite fitness on Highways ( no other Police Forces have it ). Carabinieri : commitment to the Traffic Services did on the primary national streets Other Police Forces: commitment to the Traffic Services did on the national street framework. Regents : acknowledge concurrences with the political Authorities at common and metropolitan level so as to coordinate, with the Provincial and Local Police Forces, to the Traffic Services did on the commonplace and civil street framework. Service of the Interior, Decree April 28, 2006 "Orders for the re-association of specialistic branches of the Police Forces "

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NATIONAL TRAFFIC SERVICE 19 TRAFFIC DEPARTMENTS (on a territorial premise) 14 COA Highway Operative Centers 17 Sub-Sections 103 TRAFFIC SECTIONS (on a common premise) 187 Detachments Special Operative Unit ROS NATIONAL TRAFFIC POLICE approx. 12.000 Police Officers NATIONAL CENTER for TRAFFIC CRISIS MANAGEMENT CCISS Coordination Center for the Information on the Road Security 1 Special Section at the CAPS in Cesena 3 Traffic Police Quick Intervention Units-RIPS (Rome, Milan and Naples) 64 Highway Sub-Sections

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Traffic Police Services Prevention and keep an eye on the streets of the movement code infringement Managing auto collisions Organizing and carring out obligations to the activity control. Escort for the movement security Traffic Crimes Investigations Safeguard and control of the street uses Cooperation in case of a breakdown out and about Cooperation to the action of enrollment and examination of the activity streams National database and insights on car crashes

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"Undertakings" Checks and Controls Speed Controls Autovelox;Telelaser; Provida Alcohol Checks Alcohol breathanalyzer; arbitrary gadgets Overtaking Controls N. 32 "Sorpassometri" Medium speed Control on the Highways ( TUTOR ) mere than 200 initiate Systems

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"Assignments" Checks and Controls Checks of Vehicles Registration Plates - Special System of Vehicles Registration Plates check and communication with the National Data Base Checks of substantial vehicles - Cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports to joined checks to overwhelming vehicles transportin merchandise and people (trucks and transports) Cooperation with France Gendarmerie and Austrian Police for joined patrolling at Monte Bianco and Frejus Tunnels and on the Highways A/10 and A/22 - European Cooperation TISPOL Network

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"Errands" Manage auto collisions Escort administrations remarkable vehicles engine and bicycle races Collection of data for C.C.I.S.S action Collection and examination of informations for: National Observatory for Saturday Nights Traffic Accidents Collection of Traffic Daily Data (fatalities, attempt at manslaughter, ecc.) Operational action of Polizia di Stato and Carabinieri in activity Campaigns on movement security (Progetto ICARO - GUIDO con PRUDENZA - SMANIA di SICUREZZA European Project ICARUS)

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"Examinations" Stolen vehicles trafficking: Fake registarition plates and vehicles reports. Enrollment of vehicles with false decumentation. Deal to remote of stolen vehicles. "Clonation" of vehicles. Examination out and about : Theft of load Robbery with or without drivers grabbing Investigations on Insurances cheats: Fake burglary, fake mischances, fake protections reports and endorsements. Examinations on Highways Authorities cheats: Frauds to Highways Authorities. Fake corrections of vehicles. Illicit gets of drivers lecences. Investigation, strategical perspective, administration of results on the field of the battle against guiltiness connected to the movement and vehicles dissemination.

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The National Traffic Police on the Highways The National Traffic Police completes its obligations proritary on the Highways, where is the sole Police Force permitted to work on the lawful premise of particular Agreements with the 23 Highways Authorities and Societies. The National Traffic Police contributes on the Highways pretty much 6.250 units ( approx. the 55% of the whole HR) 7 days/24hr. shifts 40/60 km. scope 6 hrs. obligation – Approx. 150 km for each every obligation

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DECREE JANUARY 27, 2005 Creation of the National Center for Traffic Crisis Management Ministry of the Interior National Center Weather difficulty – Meteo issues Viability issues on the Highways and fundamental national streets which have repercussions at national level Arranges all the essential exercises to oversee movement emergencies because of: Other occasions (Also brought on by human exercises)

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National Center for Traffic Crisis Management Director of the National Traffic Service (Ministry of the Interior) Chairman: Department of Internal and Territorial Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior (to organize the activity of the Traffic Crisis Management Local Committees dictated by the workmanship 4 of the Decree) Department of Public Security of the Ministry of the Interior (National Traffic Service) Fire, Public Aid and Civilian Defense Department Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports Department of Civil Protection Carabinieri Headquarters National Railways Society National Roads Autority - ANAS National Association of Highways Autthorities and Societies - A.I.S.C.A.T. Individuals and Representatives: Deputy Chairmen: Representative of the Fire, Public Aid and Civilian Defense Department for the exercises of craftsmanship. 3 point 2 of the Decree. Illustrative of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports for the exercises of craftsmanship. 3 point 3 of the Decree Secretary: Senior Officer of the National Traffic Service

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A/3 Freeway Road Traffic Monitoring System Monitoring System along the entire A/3 Freeway and inside its 23 Service Areas utilizing cameras, expansive band remote correspondence systems and an accumulation point that changes every one of the "informations" originating from the cameras into advanced information and transmits them to the NOC in Naples. An optic fiber arrange interfacing every administration region with the NOC of Naples System has the target to understand a total street activity checking along the A/3 Freeway. The observing framework depends on more than 200 cameras, static and versatile, that communicate video streams to the NOC in Naples. Basicly the street activity observing framework is comprised of 2 incorporated subsystems. Number plate Reading and Recognition System. Picture Analysis System.

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A/3 Freeway Road Traffic Monitoring System The framework can guarantee: Automatic and continous perusing of vehicle number plates, in every single light condition. Prompt acknowledgment of the vehicles needed by police, defying the plates read against a boycott of 4 million number plate. Capacity, in the NOC, of the photos of the number plates read and of the movies of every circling vehicle

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A/3 Freeway Road Traffic Monitoring System

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Sistema attivo Operative Attivazioni secondo il piano2008 SAFETY TUTOR PROJECT

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SAFETY TUTOR PROJECT Partnership with the Italian Highways Authority AUTOSTRADE er l'Italia ASPI S.p.A. Begun on 2005 Medium speed on a Highway area Immediate speed in a particular point Check every one of the vehicles in any sort of climate conditions

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SAFETY TUTOR PROJECT Very adaptable System Start point/10-25 km. segment/end point. Speed tollerance 5% (not less that 5 km./h.) More than 200 Systems agent till now Approx. 2.000 km. of Highways (27% of ASPI Network)

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SAFETY TUTOR PROJECT Traffic mischance diminishing amid 1 year of TUTOR System work: Deceased people: – 51% Inyuries car crashes: - 27% Total number of auto collisions: - 19%

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Only on Motorways

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A COMMON UNDERSTANDING ON EUROPEAN ROAD SAFETY Common undertakings Common perspective The 3 killers:Alcool/Speed/Seatbelt European Cooperation TISPOL Network (26 European Countries) TISPOL Campaigns (7 every year/1 assignment/1 week) Cross Border Traffic Cooperation

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