Issue 16, August 2010

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Issue 16, August 2010 Happy Home Newsletter Happy Home Orphanage is a non-benefit association made in June 2006 by nationals of Kenya, Canada and Belgium. Upbeat Home is situated in Southwestern Kenya around 400 kilometers from Nairobi, in the region of Rongo close to the town of Migori. The initial 12 kids touched base in November 2006 . Today, Happy Home obliges 32 kids with space for additional. The venture is subsidized by individuals and associations from Kenya, Belgium, USA and Canada . Upbeat Home, as drawn by the children Our point is to help vagrants and powerless youngsters by giving them a supporting family air in which to develop. Every tyke gets access to safe asylum, great nourishment, fundamental wellbeing administrations and instruction. We trust it is imperative for the kids to experience childhood in their own particular culture inside their own group and to keep up contact with their more distant families. Keeping that in mind, we enroll staff from the range, send the youngsters to a nearby school and urge them to go on family visits for 1-2 weeks twice yearly amid school occasions. Substance —

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Page 2 Happy Home News Issue 16, August 2010 Happy Home Newsletters : another organization another face of the Happy Home News Dear companions of Happy Home. We changed the substance of the bulletins to make them more individual and to permit you to become acquainted with the kids better !!!! I'm certain you'll adore it. NEW: The volunteers' stories NEW: The children's stories Ongoing Projects and exercises in Happy Home Fundraising News We began requesting that the youngsters compose sytheses about their life . The pieces are a decent practice for their English !!! You'll hence discover in this news a considerable amount of decent stories about the children. We trust that we'll have the capacity to have persuaded volunteers to keep sending us such stories later on. Volunteers spend at least three months in Happy Home with the kids. The play, chuckle, hit the dance floor with them and along these lines figure out how to know the children extremely well. In a few pamphlets we'll accordingly give them space to enlighten you regarding their time with the children. (You'll locate the primary story in the following bulletin). Essentially, we'll keep our standard area on raising support news, at whatever point we have something fascinating to let you know. As usual, we'll keep on keeping you educated about the development of undertakings in Happy Home or of extraordinary exercises which occurred. —

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Page 3 Happy Home News Issue 16, August 2010 1) The youngsters' tale about the performers (July 2009) Globe note artists The children's story … A gathering of 10 French artists, called Globe Note, who were on a music world visit ( came to Happy Home in July 2009. They played music with the offspring of Happy Home and composed a few music workshops in a few elementary schools in the locale. We requested that the youngsters compose a little arrangement about their involvement with the Globe Note assemble. If it's not too much trouble remember that English is the children's third dialect. Since they went to the new school, their English is enhancing quick however is still frail. Appreciate !!! Stanley Ondiek: "It was on a splendid Monday when I was all the while dozing. When I woke up I dressed myself and went to class. When I returned from school, I discover a few guests at home. We invited them." Bentar Awino: "I originated from school. I was extremely upbeat to see guests. On the off chance that you welcome them, they are asking you your name. At that point I let them know my name. At that point I let them know this way: "even you let me know yours [your name]. In any case, that time [then] they asked us: "you need us to sing for you?" Then I said "yes" Then we saw numerous instruments. It was the principal day [the first time] I saw instruments this way". —

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Page 4 Happy Home News Issue 16, August 2010 Stanley Ondiek: "When they remained at home for three days, they demonstrated to us a few instruments which they were having. They sang for us a few tunes. There were originating from France and when they were still at home we could play with them." Bentar Awino: "They let us know we will meet on Saturday. At that point that morning, they instructed us to take a seat. We need to listen to the instruments. We were glad. At that point we were hopping on our bed since that day individuals were glad to see the way we are making the most of our instruments, and the way we are singing wonderfully." —

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Page 5 Happy Home News Issue 16, August 2010 Levis Moreka: "Consistently, they were going in the schools. They begin with Mukuyu [school] and after that Barry [school]. After Barry [school] they came in our school [Highlight academy]." Stanley Ondiek: "Monday they came at our school and understudies were upbeat to see them. They sang at our school and showed us other [new] melodies." When I heard they began beating their instruments with us, we began hitting the dance floor with them." Duncan Odongo: "Edward was playing tuba. Quentin was playing huge tuba. Mathew was playing clarinet. Antoine was playing trumpet. Manu and Nico were playing trombone. Remy was playing saxophone. Another Remy was playing drumset and Thibault was playing enormous drum." —

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Page 6 Happy Home News Issue 16, August 2010 Susan Awino: "They play with us. We appreciate the instruments. The understudy they are so content with the instrument. The French men they went to our school, they place individuals in a gathering. I was in gathering of a major drum." Ronald Ojwaya: "That morning, that guest [one of the French boys], when I beat the drumset, I beat the drumset uproariously. When I beat he [the visitor] bounced [dances]." Ronald Ojwaya: "They like us. When we play our drums, we [they] help us to play." The end … —

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Page 7 Happy Home News Issue 16, August 2010 2) The youngsters' stories to Aunty Giulliana (July 2010) Our school Our most recent volunteer, Giulliana, landed in Happy Home in late June. She wants to remain with the kids till the end of October 2010. She helps the chief with PC work when the youngsters are in school and when they return she plays with them, makes creates with them or helps them with homework. She requested that the youngsters compose a story and make drawings about their school. Here is a story composed by Ronald Ojwaya and a drawing of Jackeline Afandi. Ronald Ojwaya: "I learn at Highlight Baptist school. It is [a] stone building. In my school we have ten classes. In each class we have twenty students. I am in standard five, in that class we are twenty students. Ten are young ladies and ten are young men. In our school we have six subjects, yet I like maths and English in particular. I [am] not great in drawing. Each Friday we wipe [clean] our classes. In our school understudies go to gathering at eight A.M. [to begin classes]. The youngsters in our school are performing great. It is fenced with the blossoms and it looks exceptionally excellent." Jackline Afandi —

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Page 8 Happy Home News Issue 16, August 2010 Football Our young men cherish love football. They dream to be popular football players and take an interest to football challenges with school. Amriodo and Moses present to you their story and drawing about Messi. Edwin Veve demonstrates to you how great he is. Jotham Amriodo: "Messi [a popular Argentinian football player] was conceived in 1989 and he didn't join the school. He began his tallent when was 9 year old. He couldn't play well in the field. He was a short man like a mallet in the field. When he took the ball you could see her [the ball] in the field bit you could hear his name saying "Messi ! Messi ! Messi the young man with the ball". What's more, that is the manner by which Messi turned into a footaller and he was taken at Barcelona club. He was upbeat when he heard that his group was going to begin a match on that day. When they were in the field, Messi took position. Six individuals began griping that the kid is excessively youthful and can't run [through] the field, however when the ball began the kid took the ball on the privilege and on the left, on the mid-section and on the head, back to the ground, through his thigh. Individuals pondered with the kid [were amazed]. Wow the kid is excessively youthful yet he knows how, making it impossible to play." Moses Edwin Veve —

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Page 9 Happy Home News Issue 16, August 2010 Ongoing ventures in Happy Home Firewood proficient stove Biogas The kindling productive stove is at long last introduced. We gave the materials and our companions from GTZ built the stove for nothing. The stove holds the warmth thought under the cooking pot and obstructs the wind. The chief figured that this stove permits us to spare officially 25% of kindling. The development of the biogas extend has begun. The principal stage was to burrow two profound and tremendous openings in which huge gas tanks will be built. The chief additionally reserved two dairy cows from the creature cultivate (great bovines are not generally accessible). We'll keep you upgraded on the advance. After Before Field The director recognized a real estate parcel for lease near the halfway house. The kids, the staffs and volunteers will plant the land together to deliver maize, beans and soybeans for Happy Home. This won't just lessen our sustenance costs additionally be a preparation ground for the future ranchers among the children. We'll get ready (furrow) the land in August and plant the field around mid-September when the stormy season begins. www.