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Business knowledge frameworks can help organizations acquire complete ... Business Intelligence Analyst, Database Developer, SQL Programmer, Financial Analyst, ...

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ISQS 3358, Business Intelligence Introduction Zhangxi Lin Texas Tech University 1 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence

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Outline 2 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence Definitions of BI Categorizations of BI Trend BI devices

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What is Business Intelligence 3 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence A Simple Definition: The applications and advances changing Business Data without hesitation Business insight ( BI ) is a business administration term alludes to applications and advances which are utilized to accumulate, give access to, and examine information and data about their organization operations. Business insight frameworks can help organizations acquire extensive learning of the variables influencing their business, and help organizations to settle on better business choices.

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Data, data, and learning 4 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence Data – an accumulation of crude esteem components or actualities utilized for ascertaining, thinking, or measuring. Data – the consequence of gathering and sorting out information in a way that sets up relationship between information things, which in this manner gives setting and significance Knowledge – the idea of comprehension data in view of perceived examples in a way that gives understanding to data.

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The procedure of BI 5 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence Data - > data - > learning - > significant arrangements Data - > data: the way toward figuring out what information is to be gathered and oversaw and in what setting Information - > information: The procedure including the diagnostic parts, for example, information warehousing, online expository preparing, information quality, information profiling, business run investigation, and information mining Knowledge - > noteworthy arrangements: The most imperative viewpoint in a BI procedure

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Actionable Knowledge 6 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence A data resource holds its esteem on if the changed over information is noteworthy . Require a few strategies for separating esteem from learning This is not a specialized issue but rather an authoritative one – require engaged people in the association to make the move There is an issue of Return on Investment (ROI)

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BI Problems 7 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence Structured Detecting Credit card misrepresentation Setting Loan parameters Market division/Mass customization Deciding Marketing blend Customer Churn Reducing worker turnover Improving Quality/Efficiency … Unstructured Data investigation Utilization of assets (put away information) to most extreme adequacy …

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BI Applications 8 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence Customer Analytics Customer profiling Targeted promoting Personalization Collaborative sifting Customer fulfillment Customer lifetime esteem Customer dedication Sales Channel Analytics Marketing Sales execution and pipeline

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BI Applications (2) 9 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence Supply Chain Analytics Supplier and merchant administration Shipping Inventory control Distribution examination Behavior Analysis Purchasing patterns Web action Fraud and mishandle location Customer wearing down Social system investigation

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Why is BI getting hot? 10 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence Demands from preparing hazardous data MIS/ERP Internet Gartner Says Business Intelligence Software Market to Reach $3 Billion in 2009 Gartner's CIO Survey positioned BI as number one innovation need for 2006 London, UK, 7 February 2006 - New permit income in the overall business knowledge (BI) programming business sector is balanced for consistent development through 2009, when the market is anticipated to reach $3 billion in 2009, as indicated by the most recent conjectures by Gartner Inc. In 2006, the market is evaluated to achieve 2.5 billion, a six percent expansion from 2005.

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Explosion of digitally conceived information How much is 12 Exabytes ? 1,200,000 Libraries of Congress Emerging information sources Medical pictures: potential 1 EB/year Video screens: potential 100 EB/year Storage of new data New data made Magnetic Digital 64% 2003: 7.0 Magnetic Analog 28% Paper 1% Movies 7% 2002: 5.3 12 Exabytes 55% in individual PCs 16% in corporate information distribution centers Internet just 21 TB Email 500x more than Internet/year 2001: 3.8 2000: 2.9 1999: 2.2 Sources: 2003/execsum.htm , The Expanding Digital Universe, IDC white paper, March 2007 All data before 1999 to date ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence

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BI Job Description - BI Analyst (1) 12 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence Description: Looking for experts in Microsoft Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing who have a demonstrated reputation of accomplishment inside industry. The position requires an expansive scope of aptitudes and the capacity to venture into various parts relying upon the size and extent of an engagement both inside and at customer destinations. The qualified applicant would have demonstrated experience creating effective Microsoft-based Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse arrangements. Necessities: * 10+ years of experience creating Business Intelligence arrangements with Microsoft database, ETL and OLAP advances (SQL Server, SSIS, Analysis Services) * Demonstrated comprehension of multi-dimensional database outline and design. * Ability to create business prerequisites and make an interpretation of them into an information stockroom dimensional model. * Demonstrated capacity to create front-end reporting and systematic arrangements that meet the business needs. * Microsoft SQL Server information displaying and advancement (10 years) * Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services outline and improvement (5 years) * Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (2 years) * Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services plan and advancement * Understanding of Data Warehouse Methodologies, ideally utilizing Kimball Methodology * Demonstrated initiative bent and capacity to work viably inside a group domain

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BI Analyst (2) 13 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence Microsoft SQL Server (BI) Business Intelligence SetFocus is looking for experts with Analyst as well as Data Warehousing foundations for Business Intelligence counseling positions the nation over. Apply Today: Successful applicants have had foundations as: Business Intelligence Analyst, Database Developer, SQL Programmer, Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, System Analyst, Software Developer, Dir. of IT, VP of IT and/or involvement with Cognos, Siebel, SAP, Business Objects, SAS, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Microstrategy, Information Builders, ProClarity, CA, or Actuate.

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The Evolution of Business Intelligence 14 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence 1 st Generation – Traditional investigation (inquiry and reporting) 2 nd Generation – Traditional era (OLAP, information warehousing) 2.5 nd Generation – New customary era 3 rd Generation - Advanced examination Rules, prescient investigation and realtime information mining Stream examination

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Software Used in this Class 15 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SAS Enterprise Guide v4.1

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CAABI 16 ISQS 3358 Business Intelligence Center for Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence at first began in 2004 by Dr. Diminish Westfall, ISQS, Rawls College of Business. Hoping to offer support to organizations in creating BI capacities. Heaps of specialized aptitude.