IPCS For CICS Systems Programmers

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IPCS For CICS Frameworks Developers. Russ Evans russevans@evansgroupconsulting.com www.evansgroupconsulting.com. Targets. IPCS Nuts and bolts A supportive clue for ISPF Producing a dump* CICS Space Examination Issue Investigation S0C4 Exchange Abend Capacity Infringement SOS Condition #1

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´╗┐IPCS For CICS Systems Programmers Russ Evans russevans@evansgroupconsulting.com www.evansgroupconsulting.com Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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Objectives IPCS Basics An accommodating indication for ISPF Generating a dump* CICS Domain Analysis Problem Analysis S0C4 Transaction Abend Storage Violation SOS Condition #1 SOS Condition #2 Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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Acknowledgments Many because of Ed Addison (IBM) and Jim Grauel (IBM, resigned) for giving help in the generation of this introduction. Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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IPCS " The Interactive Problem Control System (IPCS) is an instrument gave as a component of the MVS working framework to help in diagnosing programming disappointments. IPCS gives designing and examination support to dumps and follows delivered by MVS, program items, and applications executing in a MVS situation ." Not CICS neighborly IBM CICS gives VERBEXIT to arrange CICS dump Not easy to use Cryptic orders Slow reaction Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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IPCS proceeded with - - z/OS 01.05.00 IPCS PRIMARY OPTION MENU - - OPTION ===> ******************** 0 DEFAULTS - Specify default dump and choices * USERID - T#RUSS2 1 BROWSE - Browse dump informational index * DATE - 05/08/07 2 ANALYSIS - Analyze dump substance * JULIAN - 05.219 3 UTILITY - Perform utility capacities * TIME - 15:50 4 INVENTORY - Inventory of issue information * PREFIX - T#RUSS2 5 SUBMIT - Submit issue examination occupation to clump * TERMINAL-3278 6 COMMAND - Enter subcommand, CLIST or REXX executive * PF KEYS - 24 T TUTORIAL - Learn how to utilize the IPCS discourse ******************** X EXIT - Terminate utilizing log and rundown defaults Enter END summon to end IPCS exchange Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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IPCS proceeded with Default Panel Tell IPCS which dump dataset to utilize Describe the landfill Always utilize SCOPE ==> BOTH Source must utilize linguistic structure DSNAME('dsn') IPCS will supply the ASID data Always utilize MACHINE in the Display controls Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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IPCS proceeded with - - IPCS Default Values - - - Command ===> You may change any of the defaults recorded beneath. The defaults appeared before any progressions are LOCAL. Change extension to GLOBAL to show worldwide defaults. Scope ==> both (LOCAL, GLOBAL, or BOTH) If you change the Source default, IPCS will show the present default Address Space for the new source and will disregard any information entered in the Address Space field. Source ==> DSNAME(' sys1.dump001 ') Address Space ==> ASID(X'0026') Message Routing ==> NOPRINT TERMINAL Message Control ==> CONFIRM VERIFY FLAG(WARNING) Display Content ==> MACHINE REMARK REQUEST NOSTORAGE SYMBOL Press ENTER to refresh defaults. Utilize the END charge to exit without a refresh. Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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IPCS proceeded When reusing dump dataset names IPCS gets confounded Use the stock board to erase data about the old dump Command DD Don't erase the landfill dataset in the event that it has another dump in it! Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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IPCS proceeded with IPCS INVENTORY - T#RUSS2.DDIR - - - - Command ===> SCROLL ===> CUR AC Dump Source Status dd DSNAME('T#RUSS.TEG1.D050218.T064841.S001') . . . . . . . . . . . Shut Title=Abend S0C7 in Job REE9DM2 at 06:48:41 on Friday , February 18, 20 No side effects DSNAME('T#RUSS.TEG1.D050309.T082716.S001') . . . . . . . . . . . Shut Title=Abend U3489 in Job REE9DM2 at 08:27:16 on Wednesday, March 09, 20 No indications DSNAME('T#RUSS.TEG1.D050314.T113540.S001') . . . . . . . . . . . Shut Title=Abend S0C7 in Job REE9DM2 at 11:35:40 on Monday , March 14, 20 No side effects ************************** END OF IPCS INVENTORY ************************** Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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IPCS proceeded with - - CONFIRM IPCS DROPDUMP and DELETE - - Command ===> You have asked for that IPCS erase data identified with an informational index: DSNAME ==> "T#RUSS.TEG1.D050218.T064841.S001" Please guarantee that both activities indicated mirror your desires. 1. Dump index records alluding to the informational collection might be eradicated. RECORDS ==> ANALYSIS (ALL, ANALYSIS, TRANSLATION, or NONE) 2. The informational index, itself, might be erased. Erase ==> NO (YES or NO) Press ENTER to proceed. Utilize the END summon to exit without erasure. Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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IPCS kept Entering IPCS Commands Enter from IPCS choice 6 Most charges identify with z/OS however some helpful: VERBX MTRACE: see framework reassure cushions ST SYS: fundamental information about dump from z/OS point of view LISTSYM: list all compared images IPLDATA (z/OS 1.3 or more) Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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Hint Setting up your ISPF session ISPF requires a vast district (I utilize 32000) Use SPLIT NEW/SWAP LIST orders Use SCRNAME to recognize split screens Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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Hint CONTINUED ISPF charge SWAP LIST gives the rundown of every open session: ID Name Panelid Applid . 1 JCLLIB ISREDDE2 ISR . 2 SDSF ISFPCU41 ISF . 4 - IPL BLSPNTRC BLSG . 3 KCB BLSPDISD BLSL . 5 * SOURCE ISREDM01 ISR . ISPF order SCRNAME <text> gives the data in the Name section. SWAP 1 or SWAP JCLLIB enacts the main session, or utilize SWAP LIST and cursor select. * Indicates the window saw when SWAP LIST was issued - Indicates the second to last window. SWAP (PF9) flips between the last two windows Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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Generating a dump Several strategies : CEMT P SNAP Console dump SLIP TRAP CICS created from abend or message Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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Generating a dump proceeded with CEMT P SNAP P SNAP STATUS: RESULTS Sna SDUMP SUPPRESSED System dumping set off in SIT. Utilize CEMT: CEMT S SYSTEM SYSDUMP And retry the SNAP Dump DSN is composed to the reassure: IEA611I COMPLETE DUMP ON SYS2.TEST.DMP00002 682 DUMPID=002 REQUESTED BY JOB ( CICSTEST ) Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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Generating a dump proceeded with Console Dump CICS VERBEXIT requires information ranges that are excluded in default! From the reassure (or SDSF) issue charge: DUMP COMM=('MY DUMP DONT DELETE') accordingly, message IEE094D will show up with a WTOR number: * nnn IEE094D SPECIFY OPERAND(S) FOR DUMP COMMAND Reply utilizing the greater part of the SDATA recorded here: R nnn ,JOBNAME=CICSPROD,SDATA=(ALLNUC,CSA,GRSQ,LSQA,NUC,PSA,RGN,SQA,SUM,SWA,TRT,WLM) Message IEA611I gives dump dataset name. Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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Viewing CICS Domains IBM supplies an IPCS VERBEXIT to design CICS: Enter VERBEXIT DFHPDxxx from IPCS alternative 6 Where xxx is the inward CICS discharge, not TS discharge CICS TS Release DFHPDxxx 2.1 610 2.2 620 2.3 630 3.1 640 3.2 650 Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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Viewing CICS Domains proceeded with VERBEXIT Syntax VERBEXIT DFHPDxxx " dd = n,dd2 = n " Where: xxx = your interior CICS discharge number dd = the area to be organized n = the level of detail to be introduced: 1 - Summary just 2 - Full Control Block designing 3 - Both 1 and 2 Note: If you exclude the level number, it defaults to level 3 for those segments that have a summary, and level 2 for those that don't. Take note of that various spaces can be entered on one order Copyright (c) 2009 The Evans Group, Inc.

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Viewing CICS Domains proceeded with VERBEXIT Problems System ABEND 0