Iowa Department of Economic Development Business and Regulatory Assistance Team

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Iowa Department of Economic Development Business and Regulatory Assistance Team Sherry Timmins Regulatory Assistance Coordinator 515.242.4901

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Business and Regulatory Assistance Principles Strategies Services Future Issues

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Principles Non-administrative and private All clients merit auspicious and exhaustive administration Enhances the capacity of a client to work proficiently, abstain from arranging botches, builds consistence adequacy Critical to fire up and independent venture whose assets are constrained Catalyst for natural maintainability - encouraging "best practices" and associations Help people group get to be indispensable and solid territories for business to extend and draw in talented work powers

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Strategies Partnerships - influence assets, expands information, validity, and administrations Communication - "win-win" for administrative organizations, help suppliers and clients Challenge - ask "why" or "why not" to separate discernment and process boundaries Anticipate - key client, accomplice and partner needs

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Questions! We are taking a gander at Iowa for a development, natural allows the accompanying: Is a taking care of time of 3 months from turning in the application to definite endorsement conceivable? Is it conceivable to have outflows from our paint shop/curing offices with the accompanying qualities without treatment?

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Questions! Our waste water treatment allow has terminated. The application is confounding! Our little group will need to fix our control limits! Is there anybody that can offer assistance?

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Questions! We are considering obtaining a brownfield property, what to know about before buying? Thoughts on in what manner would we be able to decrease our administrative expenses and secure the earth?

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Questions! Where do I discover confirmation of a business name? How would I apply for another state withholding charge account...we don't have a business in your state, however we are enlisting representatives in Iowa and will likewise work in Iowa

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Small Business Environmental Liaison 1990 U.S. Clean Air Act Amendments Small Business Environmental Liaison Assist independent venture with comprehension controls Ensure access to specialized help assets Outreach and correspondence to the private venture group Ombudsman amongst IDNR and independent company

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EPA Blue Skyways Collaborative Clipper Wind Turbine Facility Institute for Environmental Research and Education at the Iowa Waste Reduction Center Des Moines Energy and Environment Task Force Sundance Summit on Climate Protection Des Moines Capacity Center of International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) Ethanol's Impact on Iowa's Groundwater, Watershed and Air Quality. Confirmed Environmental Management Systems for Agriculture Evolving World of Renewable Fuels Business Assistance Council for Environmental Sustainability (BACES)

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"Apparatuses" of Success 2008 Construction and Demolition (C&D) workshops Sustainability Educators Roundtable County Grain Elevators Workshops IDED & DNR Environmental Resources "Lunch and Learn"

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Contact Jan Loyson, Small Business Environmental Liaison Environmental Business Assistance 1-800-351-4668 515.242.4761

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Water Quality Advocate 2006 Iowa Acts, House File 2540, Sec.27 Funding to IDED for an Environmental Advocate to give specialized help to NPDES allow holders Point of contact between administrative offices, organizations and groups on water quality issues Outreach and help, including allowing and consistence necessities Connect organizations and groups with water quality projects and master assets

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Water Quality Advocate

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Water Quality Advocate November 20 Mason City , Iowa Lime Creek Nature Center 9 a.m. to twelve November 28 Atlantic, Iowa Western Community College 9 a.m. to twelve 2007 NPDES 101 Assistance Workshops Assist - squander water treatment administrators and city representatives Understand Clean Water Act necessities, answer questions, finish an exact allow recharging structure

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Contact Jessica Montana, Water Quality Advocate Environmental Business Assistance 1-800-351-4668 515.242.4871

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Brownfield Redevelopment Recycling Assistance 15.292 BROWNFIELD REDEVELOPMENT PROGRAM IDED should control a brownfield redevelopment program to give budgetary and specialized help to the procurement, remediation, or redevelopment of brownfield locales 455E.11 GROUNDWATER PROTECTION FUND ESTABLISHED Three percent (of the strong waste tonnage expense) to IDED to help the reusing business

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Brownfield Redevelopment Reuse existing foundation Reinvest in underutilized properties Conserve green space Sustainable land and building outline RESOURCES Information and assets for planned buyers Technical evaluation for groups FY 07 Brownfield Funding Round

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Recycling Iowa Waste Exchange Matches side effects and waste to bunches ready to re-utilize or reuse materials Online database of materials Avoids stockpiling, transportation and capacity charges Materials Testing Service Replacing standard materials with inventive composites Testing administrations - concoction, mechanical, and physical property tests

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Contact Matt Rasmussen, Program Manager Environmental Business Assistance 1-800-351-4668 515.242.4906

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Business License Information Center Iowa Code, 15E.17 Enable an individual or business keen on setting up a business office or action to get data about any enrollment, permit or other endorsement required under state law

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Business License Information Center On-line information base of professionally authorized occupations, enlistments, affirmations, and grants required by the state to legitimately direct business in Iowa does not have a "general" business permit Search motor moves over all office prerequisites to recognize consistence needs

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Business License Information Center

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Contact Christine Cavil, Program Manager Business License Information Center 1-800-532-1216 515.242.4755

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Business and Regulatory Assistance Team 2005 Acts, ch 150, §7 15E.19 REGULATORY ASSISTANCE IDED might arrange all administrative help for the condition of Iowa Regulatory offices might keep up a facilitator inside the administrative office

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Business and Regulatory Assistance Team Regulatory offices should keep up an organizer inside the office to: 1. Give an essential contact to IDED 2. Show administrative necessities and speak to the office to business 3. Screen allow applications and allow status to IDED 4. Require administrative staff to take part in discourses with organizations 5. Tell IDED of rulemaking exercises affecting business

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Business and Regulatory Assistance Team

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Administrative Services – IT, Mark Uhrin Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Margaret Thomson Human Services – Child Support , Doris Taylor Iowa Utilities Board, Joan Conrad Iowa Workforce Development, Kathleen Uehling Professional Licensing Bureau, Glenda Loving Public Health, Dean Austin Natural Resources, Christine Spackman Public Safety, Mike Coveyou Revenue, Paul Benson Transportation, Bruce Schuck Business and Regulatory Assistance Team

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Business and Regulatory Assistance Team Enterprise thinking & approach Quick reaction to email & telephone request Permit counsels help monetary advancement ventures meet courses of events More complete & precise data Facilitate composed effort by numerous associations

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Web Portals 1. Business Coordinators Business Awareness Guide 3. Plain Speak on Administrative Rules Natural Business Assistance

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Assistance Fact Sheets Structuring Your New Business Licensing Biodiesel Facility Regulatory Assistance Guide Ethanol Facility Regulatory Assistance Guide Site Development and Expansion Iowa Environmental Regulatory Guide for Industries Small Business Environmental Assistance Program Water Quality Advocacy Air Quality - Compliance Information for Economic Developers Recycling Technical Assistance and Tax Exemptions

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Contact Sherry Timmins, Regulatory Assistance Coordinator 1-800-532-1216 515.242.4901

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New York Times, May 17, 2006 If legislative issues make for unusual partners, an unnatural weather change, jeopardized backwoods, decreasing water supplies and frightening new advancements have made for significantly more interesting ones. Earthy people and companies are taking part in another soul of collaboration. The possibility that it's "none of their doomed business with regards to ecological dangers has vanished," said Ian W. Fowler, a previous official at BP and now an expert to charitable gatherings.

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Wall Street Journal, March 1, 2007 It's an approach that Mr. Krupp, CEO, Environmental Defense Fund, says in the mitigating words that are his style, "perceives the substances of the world and manages them. It outfits showcase powers and impetuses so organizations are compensated in the courts of popular conclusion or in the discharges exchanging framework… "

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Future Issues Global USCAP – compulsory decreases & promoting exchanging "REGGI" - NE & Mid Atl. Carbon exchanging Chicago Clima