Investigations of the Universe Address I

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The Cosmic Calendar. Packs the historical backdrop of the Universe into a ... Grandiose Calendar: when universe frames, Milky Way, Solar System, life and people show up. ...

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´╗┐Investigations of the Universe Lecture I Steven Dutch LS-116 Phone:465-2246 email: landing page:

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Some Issues in Cosmos Carl Sagan! Power and Limits of Science and Religion Science and Irrationalism

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Cosmos #1 - Shores of the Cosmic Ocean Personal Voyage "The Cosmos is all that ever is, was or will be." "Stars of precious stone - molecules as enormous as stars." "We are made of star stuff"

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Survey of the Universe "Ship of the Imagination" "The examples of nature and the laws of nature are the same all over." "Rare types of matter"

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The Library at Alexandria First genuine research establishment in history Start of Western science? Image Loss of Achievements Dangers of Anti-Intellectualism Need to Relate to Society

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The Cosmic Calendar Compresses the historical backdrop of the Universe into a year. On this scale: One year = 15 billion years One month = 1.25 billion years One day = 40 million years One hour = 1.7 million years One moment = 30,000 years One second = 500 years

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Essential Points What a light year is What universes are: the means by which enormous, what number of stars (closest force of ten) Role of Library of Alexandria in history and as an image in Cosmos Who Eratosthenes might have been, what he did and how he did it. Inestimable Calendar: when universe shapes, Milky Way, Solar System, life and people show up.