Investigate! Ten Patterns that are Changing the Future By what means will these patterns influence me? By what means wou

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Ten Trends. that are. Changing the Future. In what capacity will these patterns influence me? By what method if I ... 3 billion Google looks every month. Specialized data multiplying ...

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´╗┐Investigate! Ten Trends that are Changing the Future How will these patterns influence me? In what capacity would it be a good idea for me to react?

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1. Greening Climate change Energy utilize Recycling What are we accomplishing for environment?

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2. Turning gray Life anticipation was 58 in 1909 Life hope is 80 in 2009 Lowest demise rate Global time of increased birth rates Sandwich era What are we accomplishing for our older folks?

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3. Mixing Hispanics are biggest minority bunch Asian-Americans are quickest developing minority Caucasians have most reduced birth rate More multicultural relational unions What are we accomplishing for minority bunches?

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4. Associating Billions of instant messages every day More than 300 million clients of Facebook 1 out of 8 wedded couples met online What are we doing with social innovation?

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5. Educating 3000 books distributed every day 3 billion Google seeks every month Technical data multiplying every year What are we doing with online data?

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6. Globalizing Offshoring Multinational organizations Global inventory network What are we doing universally?

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7. Publicly releasing Red Hat Linux Apache Super Bowl business Canadian mining investigation Who are we teaming up with?

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8. Mechanizing TurboTax Web MD What are we making?

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9. Developing India has 1.1 billion individuals 2,740 infants for each hour China has 1.3 billion individuals 1,860 children for each hour USA has 300 million individuals 465 infants for every hour What part would we be able to play in this populace blast?

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10. Quickening Time to 50 Million Users Radio 38 years Television 13 years Internet 4 years What are we doing to keep up?

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Now What? Look to the past Observe the present Predict the future

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Resources The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink Shift Happens by Karl Fisch David Rendall