Introduction to pharmaceutical Medicine versus over-the-counter Naming Pharmaceutical abuse Medication Wellbeing

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4 Written or oral medicine required* 5 OTC or by remedy ... Utilizing medication as a part of a route other than the one planned. giving your professionally prescribed prescription to ...

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´╗┐Utilizing Medicines Wisely Intro to solution Prescription versus over-the-counter Labeling Medicine abuse Medicine Safety

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What is Medicine? Forestalls or cures an infection or medicinal issue Classified by on body a. Avert sickness b. Battle pathogens c. Alleviate torment d. Direct circulatory strain

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Medicine Safety Food and Drug Administration -ensures general wellbeing -security and security of medications -testing and endorsement of new medications

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Testing and Approval 1. pre-clinical testing 2. support submits investigational new medication application 3. clinical trials 4. support submits new medication application 5. FDA surveys 6. Discharged a. solution b. over-the-counter

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Prescription Medicine Strength and potential to hurt Prescribed by doctor, administered by authorized drug specialist Schedules/Categories

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Drug Scheduals 1 Illegal and not prescribable 2 Written remedy required 3 Written or oral solution required 4 Written or oral solution required* 5 OTC or by medicine depending on state law

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Over-the-counter meds Can purchase without a specialists medicine Safe when utilized as coordinated Warning: capability of being unsafe if not utilized as coordinated

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Labeling Certain data required by FDA 1. Name of item 2. Fixings 3. Correct estimation of bundle substance 4. Name and address of maker 5. Motivation behind prescription 6. Alerts on utilize 7. Headings for safe utilize 8. Termination date

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Medicine Misuse Using solution in a route other than the one proposed giving your physician endorsed medication to another person taking an excessive amount of or too little of a prescription taking another person's pharmaceutical ending utilization of pharmaceutical without educating one's specialist taking solution for a more drawn out timeframe than was recommended blending drug

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Help for Abuse Urge individual to talk quickly with social insurance proficient Discuss circumstance with dependable grown-up 1-800-662-HELP

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Medicine Safety Proper capacity protect in unique bundle put never cripple kid safe top dispose of lapsed meds

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Responsible Decisions Ask Questions Read the Label Practice Safety Become an accomplice in your human services

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Poison Control -24 hour hotline 1-800-222-1222 -be set up to give data about casualty and ingested medication

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Food and Drug Administration Manufactures must supply data reguarding medicine's synthetic composition intended utilize effects possible side effects

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Responsible Decisions 1. Express the circumstance 2. List the alternatives 3. Measure the conceivable results 4. Consider your qualities 5. Settle on a choice and act 6. Assess the choice