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Experiential film trailers. Immersive publicizing. Wireless excitement and advancement ... you use to position and elevate the motion picture to a national crowd? ...

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´╗┐Interceded Entertainment Chapter 14

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Movie Audience Segments Gender Ethnic Age Special conditions Genre Special premium

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Selling Films Roles of advertising methodologies of: Trailers Tie-ins and marketing Stars Screenings, sneaks, audits Ratings The Internet Oscars

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Geisha authorizing outperformed motion picture incomes

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Reviews and Thumbs Up

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More Strategy Roles Niche gatherings of people Venues Aftermarket deals Film celebrations Global film showcase

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Creating a Promotion Budget Potential gross Audience cosmetics Gross of comparable sorts Anticipated incomes from outside or video deals Number of screens utilized for discharge Number of business sectors incorporated into discharge

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Movie Economics Seasonal request designs Local cost of motion picture tickets Market share application irrelevant Cultural rebates low Licensing expenses dominate dramatic discharges

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Licensing Sponge Bob

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Revenue Generators Conventions Financial establishments Labor unions Distributors Revenue acknowledgment considers Big picture bookkeeping

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Movie Industry Threats Piracy Pricing

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Marketing TV Programs Audience fragments: Ethnic bunches Age and way of life partners -Teens -Boomers -Kids -Gays

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Seinfeld and companions get grants

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What do crowds watch? Unscripted television Docu-cleansers Celeb-reality Game shows Sports demonstrates Multiple blends

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Survivor Success Factors Co-marking with travel goals Creating buildup amid tryouts Maintaining occasional mystery Promoting by removed individuals Spot advertisements for sneak peaks Active Web nearness Finales and reunions

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Other Genres Sitcoms - gaming used to advance and hold gatherings of people Miniseries - Sci-fi hits with 18 to 49 bunch

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TV Show Promotion Placement situating techniques Stable Complementary Competitive

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Promoting to religious groups of onlookers

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Threats to the TV Industry Podcasting Audience-produced content

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Product Placement Branded amusement Products put in movies Products set on TV Plot arrangement Product advancements for TV Placement assessment strategies

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Evaluation Criteria How will indicate create high appraisals? How likely is show to be acquired by another system? In what capacity will demonstrate increment deals? In what capacity will mark combination work into the story line? By what method will the system advertising augmentations increment mark deals and show appraisals?

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Ratings take off for Desperate Housewives

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Advertising Strategies Product movies Engagement-on-request video Experiential showcasing Experiential motion picture trailers Immersive publicizing Cell telephone stimulation and advancement

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Questions When advertising a film that has no top star charging, what methodologies would you use to position and elevate the motion picture to a national group of onlookers? Worldwide group of onlookers? What are the different ways advertisers utilize the Internet to advance a TV show or motion picture? Which medium is most dependent on the Internet? Why?