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The Context. Advance Illinois, The Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago , The Illinois Business Roundtable, and Stand for Children have banded together to propose enactment called

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Instructive Reform Webinar January 2011 Illinois Education Association

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The Context Advance Illinois, The Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago , The Illinois Business Roundtable, and Stand for Children have banded together to propose enactment called "Execution Counts". They are pushing to embrace their plan in the intermediary session the primary week of January.

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About the advocates Advance Illinois: A promotion/strategy not-revenue driven gathering co-led by Governor Edgar and Bill Daley. Its central goal is to advance a government funded training framework that readies all understudies to be prepared for work, school, & vote based citizenship. Municipal Committee is a private, not-revenue driven association speaking to the business, proficient, instructive and social pioneers of the Chicago area. Its main goal is to fortify and empower the development of the range's economy and its capacity to accommodate its kin.

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More about the Proponents Illinois Business Roundtable: joins together and intensifies the assorted business points of view and voices of our individuals on answers for some of Illinois' most troublesome difficulties. Remain for Children: An Oregon based not-revenue driven association that simply moved into Illinois. Mission: to utilize the force of grassroots activity to help all kids get the fantastic state funded training and solid bolster they have to flourish.

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Their proposition Links Effective Performance to Tenure. Improves Dismissal Process for Teachers with Unsatisfactory Ratings. Requires Performance as a Criterion in Layoffs (alongside Seniority ). Expels Certification from those with various Unsatisfactory Evaluations. Obliges Principals to Consent to Teacher Placement Based on Merit. Limits Bargaining Subjects in CHI; Right to Strike Statewide .

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Their Proposal Linking Effective Performance to Tenure. Awards residency to instructors after four capable or brilliant summative assessments. Boundless era keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the four capable or incredible summative assessments.

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Their Proposal Dismissal of Tenured Teachers Rated Unsatisfactory If 90 day remediation prepare not fruitful, proposa l enables three man board to figure out if or not rejection is justified. The board can choose to reject the instructor, completely restore the educator, or reestablish the educator with a necessities change assessment and expel residency. The board is contained a school board delegate, a director agent, and a union delegate.

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Their Proposal Performance as a Criterion alongside Seniority for RIF and Placements Mandates that execution be the significant criteria in deciding RIF's and Placements. Choices are made by the primary and the director.

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Their Proposal Bargaining Law Changes Essentially restricts the privilege to strike. Proposes a convoluted actuality discovering process before the leading body of training choosing whether union could strike.

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How it Unfolded "Execution Counts" was discharged to instructive partners late on Saturday, December 11 th . Both the Illinois House and Senate shaped Educational Reform Committees. House Co-Chairs: Rep. Roger Eddy and Rep. Linda Chapa-LaVia Senate Co-Chairs: Sen. Kimberly Lightford and Sen. Burzynski The House set up topic hearings in Aurora on December 16 th and 17 th . IEA, IFT, and CTU displayed facilitated declaration on both days.

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The Hearings December 17 th – Educational Reform Issues. December 18 th – Collective Bargaining Issues.

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Our Testimony on Day 1 These recommendations were created without educator input. Instructors have thoughts regarding change so back off and permit their voices to be listened. Annice Brave, IEA part and Illinois Teacher of the Year affirmed. IEA has an archived history of advancing instructive changes that puts understudies' prosperity up front. Illinois Priority One report.

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Our Testimony – Day 2 Collective Bargaining works. The Right to Strike isn't broken and the IEA is unequivocally restricted to any progressions to aggregate haggling rights. Exhibited information from under the steady gaze of the aggregate dealing law and after the aggregate bartering law that demonstrated the reduction of strikes. Declaration from Ed Shock: current chairman of Elgin and previous ETA President. Was imprisoned for going on strike.

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The Following Week The advocates welcomed all partners to a meeting in Chicago on Wednesday, December 22 nd to give information and response to the recommendations. All partners were available and IEA had discussions with the Management Alliance, IFT, CTU, ISBE, and different partners. It turned out to be certain that accord enactment would not be a choice. The Management Alliance chose to submit enactment all alone.

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The IEA Executive Committee The IEA Executive Committee met on December 18 th and 19 th . Assessed Priority One. Explored the Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA). Checked on SB 2288. Investigated Legislative Platform. They coordinated the IEA Management Team required all the while and the officers to lead the pack as far as creating far reaching instructive change recommendations. IEA worked intimately with the IFT and the CTU to build up an endless supply of proposition.

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Highlights: Performance Evaluation Reform Act Parameters for all new proposed enactment: Successful execution of new methodology for assessment including: The pre-confirmation of all evaluators. Fruition of research study with recommended changes executed.

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Member Poll on Ed Reform Issues Interviews were led December 27–28, 2010. 400 IEA individuals who are dynamic K-12 educators. Speaking to all zones of the state. Speaking to all times of involvement. Speaking to all classroom encounter.

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Highlights from the Poll 70% support making a speedier and less costly process for evacuating instructors with poor execution assessments. 67% support deciding "Diminishments in Force," or cutbacks, in light of instructor assessments combined with rank, as opposed to simply status. 69% support disavowing showing confirmation for educators who have incessantly been discovered inadmissible. 86% restrict constraining the capacity of educators and other school workers to go on strike.

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Accountability for All: by IEA, IFT, AND CTU Summary: Establish an ISBE housed best practice clearinghouse. Set up that each region outline an extensive expert advancement arrange with the union to be supported. Require school board part preparing.

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Tenure Obtaining residency – joins execution to assessments – after PERA happens. Lessens time for residency for instructors with three back to back capable or brilliant assessments. Permits instructors who get residency in another locale to pick up it again in two years with capable or superb assessments. Restricts locale from non-restoring educators with great appraisals. Obliges locale to give composed reason(s) when non-reestablishing instructors with capable appraisals.

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Dismissal of Tenured Teacher Keeps the due procedure and worthy motivation arrangements at present in statute however: Tightens courses of events for hearing. Requires hearing consummation w/i 120 days. Requires instructor/region to share prove preceding hearing. Limits educator/locale to 4 days to present cases. These recommendations would resolve the rejection quicker, compel the gatherings to all the more reasonably evaluate and present their cases and cut down on the expenses of the expulsion procedure.

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More Requires principals to acquire a moment qualification in light of execution. Incorporates into principals' assessments information on the quantity of educators who have gotten inadmissible or needs change assessments whose ensuing assessments were better. Sets up joint team to figure out whether and when suspension or denial of endorsements for constantly inadmissible instructors ought to happen. Supports excellent enlistment and coaching programs. Requires RIF and opening filling systems to be mutually created by locale and union. Must consider execution as a huge element after accreditation and capabilities.

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District Level Administrator Evaluation and Working Conditions Survey Requires that all region level overseers be assessed by similar gauges received through the Performance Evaluation Reform Act, including that all evaluators of region level executives pass a pre-accreditation appraisal before assessing. Orders a yearly working conditions study to give criticism to principals on the instructional condition inside a school. Results to be imparted to educators and guardians.

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Medicaid Reform, Worker's Compensation, TABOR All acquainted as they relate with expanding income. Senator's Plan: Extensive obligation lessening to reserve annuities for a long time and to pay bills. Salary impose increment. Dynamic pay charge. Madigan's Plan: TABOR. Diminished acquiring arrangement. Brief salary impose rate.

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TABOR – The Taxpayer Bill of Rights House Joint Resolution – Constitutional Amendment 60 is a radical measure, phenomenal in Illinois. On the off chance that passed, would put revision on Nov. 2012 tickets. It would revise the State Constitution: as far as possible the measure of general assets assignments and exchanges to the earlier year's level, balanced upwards or downwards by changes in per capita pay.

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TABOR Would Lock-in spending at falsely low levels and not change adequately for populace development and expanded expenses in giving indispensable state administrations. Swarm out spending on everything other than expensive things whose expenses are rising speedier than expansion, compelling ever-more profound yearly cuts in administrations. Lead regions to considerably expand nearby property charges. Mak