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Mac: Jobs versus Sculley versus Amelio versus Jobs. Where Did CEO Come From? ... Mac: STEVE JOBS. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Harry Potter and the Chamber of ...

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OBJECTIVES 1. Comprehend CEOs of Major High-Tech Companies CEOs of Companies Dependant on High-Tech 2. Figure out How to Be a Better CEO How to Deal with CEOs 3. Acknowledge High-Tech CEOs are People Too CEO Mythology is Just That

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THE CEO PERSONALITY CEO Drives Company Style & Culture Apple: Jobs versus Sculley versus Amelio versus Jobs Where Did CEO Come From? Author Sales & Marketing Engineering Finance Legal

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THE CEO PERSONALITY What is CEO's Agenda? First Time CEO Merger Survivor Designated Adult Hired Gun Disciplinarian Feel Good The Company is the CEO !

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AMAZON.COM PURCHASE CIRCLES Oracle - Larry Ellison Microsoft - Bill Gates IBM - Lou Gerstner Apple - Steve Jobs

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E-Business or Out of Business: Oracle's New Economy Roadmap The Oracle Edge: Take No Prisoners Strategy Made a $8 Million Software Powerhouse Oracle Applications Performance Tuning Handbook Implementing Oracle Financial Analyzer by John Cunningham Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Programming Manual The Difference Between God and Larry Ellison: Inside Oracle THE CEO PERSONALITY ORACLE: LARRY ELLISON

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Yookoso! An Invitation to Contemporary Japanese Workbook/Lab Manual to Yookoso Contemporary Japanese All I Really Need to Know in Business I Learned at Microsoft The Microsoft Edge: Insider Strategies for Building Success Trust on Trial: How the Microsoft Case is Reframing Competition Proudly Serving My Corporate Master: What I Learned in Ten Years at Microsoft THE CEO PERSONALITY MICROSOFT: BILL GATES

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Complete Baseball Record Book: 2002 Edition Learning How to Learn: Psychology and Spirituality the Sufi Way The Quantum Brain: The Search for Freedom and the Next Generation of Man The Constant Gardener Time Lord: The Creation of Standard Time Schaum's Guide to Advanced Calculus IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation THE CEO PERSONALITY IBM: LOU GERSTNER

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Harry Potter: Quidditch Through the Ages The Second Coming of Steve Jobs THE CEO PERSONALITY APPLE: STEVE JOBS

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THE CEO PERSONALITY Top CEO Drivers Survival Image of Leadership Maintaining Control however Delegating Loyalty of Staff Growing the Business Fending off Competitors Dealing with Crises

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THE CEO PERSONALITY Top CEO Concerns Do I truly know what's happening inside my organization? In what manner would I be able to handle abnormal state assignments while as yet remaining in contact with the trenches? Am I being caught unaware – what have I neglected to consider? How would I remain mainstream while as yet seeking after long haul objectives?

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THE CEO PERSONALITY Dominant Characteristic of the CEO? Unreliable Paranoid Bi-Polar Key Insight into CEO Personality? What Sport Did CEO Play? What Position Did CEO Play?

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Greg Priest Smart Force Football Lineman Kathy Levinson E-Trade Basketball & Soccer George Bell , Excite@Home Triathlete Tony Ridder Knight-Ridder Skier Eric Spivey NetCom Cross Country Cyclist Steve Jurvetson Fisher, Draper, Jurvetson Ultimate Frisbee Kim Polese Marimba Ballet Dancer Steve Young Found NFL Quarterback THE CEO PERSONALITY

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CEO CHALLENGES THE Vision What Does Company Stand For ? Benefits and What Else? The most effective method to Maintain Corporate Vision ? Requirement for Constant Strategy Change What Business Are We In ? Fabricating, Services, Internet

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CEO CHALLENGES EXECUTING THE VISION Execution Competitive Strategy Offensive versus Defensive Innovation versus Barriers Control versus Delegation The Gurus Say "Surrender it" Authority versus Power "I've never had such a variety of supervisors!"

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CEO CHALLENGES THE BALANCING ACT Vision & Execution Cannibalization Ability to Redefine the Company DEC IBM Apple Hewlett Packard "You may need to eat your own particular youngsters in light of the fact that on the off chance that you don't rethink yourself, another person will do it for you."

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CEO CHALLENGES ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Regions versus Products Proctor & Gamble Country Units to Business Units Big versus Small Nokia From 28 Product Lines to 4 Product Lines "On the off chance that you are in a wide breadth of organizations you tend to fall into a fair method for running things and you don't and can't see every one of the organizations you're in."

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CEO CHALLENGES ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Centralized versus Localized Coca Cola's "New Coke" "The world was requesting more noteworthy adaptability, responsiveness and neighborhood affectability while we were further bringing together basic leadership and institutionalizing our practices."

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CEO CHALLENGES TECHNOLOGY Dealing with New Technology Era of "Frictionless" Commerce But There is Profit in Friction Internet Enabled Direct Distribution Hurting Long-Term Partners Balance between Sales Force & Web Direct Encyclopedia Britannica Hewlett Packard & Dell Tower Records

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CEO CHALLENGES MANAGING CHANGE The Rate of Change & Managing Change People Change Jobs Faster Customers Change Vendors Faster Shareholders Churn Portfolios Faster From Linear to Multi-Tasking The Car Wash versus the Pit Stop Balancing versus Juggling Taking Risks without All the Facts

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CEO CHALLENGES MANAGING THE NUMBERS The Numbers Budget Issues Reducing Waste & Lowering Costs Increasing Revenue CRM & ERP Setting Priorities when Resource Restrained Defining & Using Appropriate Metrics Self Performance Analysis

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CONFLICTING GOALS LONG TERM versus SHORT TERM Setting Goals Realistic or Rosy Look Good Now versus Look Good Later The Right Business Model Amid Change "This is not a place for five-year arranges. We don't recognize what will happen 9 months from now." "You can't have a long haul procedure any longer on the grounds that with it will be restricted and you won't have the capacity to move sufficiently quick."

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CONFLICTING GOALS LONG TERM versus SHORT TERM Major Goal Conflicts: Shareholder Value versus Other Values CEO Looking over Shoulder toward Board Differing Stakeholder Interests Shareholders, Customers, Employees, Partners, Suppliers, Communities Need for Speed versus Approval Layers

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CONFLICTING GOALS LONG TERM versus SHORT TERM Good Data versus Necessary Speed "I don't know how will profit over the Internet yet in the event that I hold up to have a plan of action set up I'll be the last person in the market." "will need to settle on choices with 75% of the truths. On the off chance that you sit tight for 95% you will be a devotee."

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CONFLICTING GOALS LONG TERM versus SHORT TERM Good Data versus Necessary Speed "The push to make a 100% precise arrangement safeguards that a choice will come past the point of no return in light of the fact that the market will change when you're set." "A terrible choice on Monday is superior to a decent choice on Friday."

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GLOBAL PRESSURES Opportunity versus Competition Opportunity Goldman Sachs 1980: 3 % Employees Overseas 3 Overseas Offices 2000: 50 % Employees Overseas 25 Overseas Offices Competition Automobiles, Aerospace, Entertainment, Electronics Internet and Web Fed Ex Buys New Planes from Czech Republic

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GLOBAL PRESSURES Management Challenges Travel John D. Rockefeller – United States Today's CEO – U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America Corporate Culture Diversity of Talent versus Cohesive Corporate Culture Multinational Supervision International Team versus Closely Knit Team National Differences & Management Styles

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GLOBAL PRESSURES Globalism versus Localism - Marketing "Everything is nearby." "Worldwide mergers are key." Globalism versus Localism - Managing "We should be sufficiently adaptable to move with quickly evolving streams." "We should have solid focal controls to be a trustworthy worldwide player."

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GLOBAL PRESSURES Globalism versus Localism - Customers "Companies are moving all inclusive however the client propensity is moving locally." "Organizations are moving to a worldwide scale while clients are moving to a neighborhood scale, driven by dialect and culture." "There is a renaissance of patriotism and localism which is becoming speedier than globalism."

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GLOBAL PRESSURES Globalism versus Localism – Strategic Location Philips California: Set Top Boxes Hong Kong: Audio Equipment Amsterdam: Headquarters Sony New York: Music California: Movies Japan: Headquarters

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MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS The Urge to Merge 19 of the 20 Largest Mergers in History Occurred in 1998 - 2001 "Can a minor ten billion dollar organization make due in this decade?" Daimler & Chrysler Boeing & McDonnell Douglas Exxon & Mobile

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MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS Offensive versus Defensive M&A Most Mergers Fail! Diversion … of Post Merger Consolidation Issues from Main Business Issues Aetna Tension … between Centralized Management and Need for Decentralized Specialization Cultural Compatibility Integration of Systems & Philosophies

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MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS Challenges Leverage Size While Maintaining Flexibility and Responsiveness "Like Turning Around an Aircraft Carrier" How Much is Too Much for a CEO to Effectively Manage Fear of New Government Regulation Burden of Social Responsibility

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MERGERS & ACQUISTIONS Alternatives to M & An Organic Growth Internal Growth Small Acquisitions GE Merrill Lynch Nokia Maintains Corporate Culture But Slower Growth

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TECHNOLOGY & THE INTERNET Pace of Technology Change Radio: 50 Years to Reach 50 Million Users TV: 40 Years to Reac